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  1. Coil whine after dropping my PC

    the coils probably moved a bit when you dropped your PC; hence the coil whine. No, your PC won't stop working it would've done that way before if it was going to. Try running heaven for a while and it might get rid of the whine.
  2. GTX 1080 bad coil whine

    it is coming from the card itself. It's just because I herd that running heaven for a few hours could stop the whine.
  3. GTX 1080 bad coil whine

    I hope he is not, but I guess it is possible. He did say he had a lot of fans in his PC though so they could've drowned it out. I have already tried a different PSU, no difference. I had coil whine on my old 1070 which was fine because it didn't change pitch depending on what I was doing unlike this 1080. Maybe I'm being picky (or just have really good hearing lol) but it is pretty irritating and you can still hear it when you turn up the fans.
  4. GTX 1080 bad coil whine

    Ok, so I got a Strix GTX 1080 off ebay, used for about 1 year. Really bad coil whine with it, the type which changes pitch when you move the camera around. I asked the previous owner of the card and he said he had never noticed a whine. Could the wine be a cause of the card being moved around in transit/not being used for a while and hopefully the whining could stop under a bit of stress?
  5. How do stop coil whine pitch from changing?

    tried different psu didn't work. anyone else got any other ideas
  6. How do stop coil whine pitch from changing?

    I have a faulty EVGA 650 G2 80 plus gold sitting in my cupboard too. Do you think it would be ok to test it with that for a few mins instead of opening up the new one
  7. How do stop coil whine pitch from changing?

    Will 650w be enough for 1080 + i7 7700k though?
  8. How do stop coil whine pitch from changing?

    Do you think changing psu would help? I have a new EVGA P2 plat PSU sitting in my cupboard don't want to open it unless have to because I was going to sell it on ebay. I am currently using EVGA 750 g3 80 plus gold
  9. How do stop coil whine pitch from changing?

    Not the fans, I have capped fps and doesn't make any difference.
  10. How do stop coil whine pitch from changing?

    I have tried that, works, but performance decrease is too much.
  11. Hi. I just got a GTX 1080 and it has pretty bad coil whine on it. I know you can't do anything about coil whine, and I don't really mind it my old GTX 1070 had it too, but it isn't the same type as I'm having now. The reason I didn't mind my GTX 1070s coil whine is because the pitch of the coil whine was always the same; so it became background noise. But this GTX 1080s coil whines pitch is all over the place, depending what I'm doing in the game so it is extremely distracting. As I said before, I know you can't stop coil-whine but there must be something to stop the pitch variation, like doing something to make the cards power draw always the same so the coils would always have the same amount of load on them. I know some people might be telling me to just cap my FPS but it hasn't worked, probably because capping it puts less load on the GPU, so putting less load on the coils would make a lower pitched noise in some scenarios I guess. So yeah, there must be some way to make the GPUs power draw always the same in games no matter what I’m doing in the game the pitch will always be the same. Hope someone can show me how Thanks in advance
  12. Top LED on Strix gtx 1080 not in sync with bottom half

    no i didnt but after further investigation i think one of the leds on the backplate has broken. nothing i can really do about that. oh well
  13. Hi, my gtx 1080s top light (on the blackplate) seems to be showing different colors to the bottom half of the card. This is what I mean as i don't feel like i have explained this very well https://gyazo.com/5dcfbbff12d07805c96d244bfcf11245
  14. i5 8600k 5.4 Ghz userbenchmark

    1.41v is fine, but don't go any higher
  15. 144hz vs 120hz is very noticable actually