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  1. The band is comfortable enough it's the shitty default pads that's the problem. Hence the recommended cosmos pads.
  2. On a modern onboard yes. On a Laptop not so much.
  3. You would need a Dac/Amp to power it since your laptop would not.
  4. Superlux 668B with Cosmos Pads if you want to try open headphones or Superlux 681 EVO with Cosmos Pads if you prefer closed.
  5. If it HAS to be a headset you can get the Sennheiser PC37X or Game Ones. Or get the Hyper X Cloud II or whichever ones that are still Takstar clones. Don't get the Corsair or Razer ones.
  6. HD 569 sounds like crap. Better alternatives if you want closed headphones: Status Audio CB-1 M40x with replacement pads Superlux 681Evo with replacement pads
  7. I too recommend them. They have excellent sound quality and surprisingly wide sound stage for an IEM. They require burn-in though as when you first get them they are very bass heavy. After burn-in the bass will subside and it will have better highs and treble as well as clarity.
  8. Which is why I said "if you are used to a wide sound stage". I own the 598s and the 660s; the difference in sound stage was very apparent when I first tried playing games with the 660s. Everything felt "cramped" and was hard to adjust to having been used to the 598s. I eventually got used to 660s because of it's amazing imaging and it has a wide enough sound stage for gaming but I still switch back and forth from the 598s depending on the games I'm playing.
  9. Since you mentioned you would like to listen to it with your phone walking around campus it means you are looking for headphones to also listen to music. Then those gaming headphones you mentioned are definitely not for you. Also it means you're looking for closed headphones unless you want to walk around having people hear what you're listening to. I would recommend the Superlux 669 and Status Audio CB-1 as mentioned above and a seperate mic.
  10. Since they are close in price, let's not focus on which is the better deal for now and focus on what you're buying headphones for. If you mainly play games and don't care about music as much get the 598s; it has a much wider soundstage than the 58x and alot more suited for gaming. The 58x are the better sounding headphones for everything else. Gaming can be done on the 58x but it sounds "cramped" if you are used to a wide soundstage. Now with that aside you can focus on price. The 58x is a much much better deal than the 598s. $150 for the sound quality of the hd600s line is pretty much a steal. $100 -$150 is pretty much the average price range of the hd500s line (barring insane aftermarket prices) and the 598s are well worth that price.
  11. Ursine custom cables I'm interested about the Dekoni Pads myself. My 660's pads are starting to degrade so I'm wondering how different they would sound with the Dekoni velour memory foam pads.
  12. Dac/Amps to Consider: FX Audio DAC-X6 - Around $60 plug through usb and powered through wall socket. Really damn good for the price you can't go wrong with these if you're on a budget. Audio Engine D3 - Around $60 on Massdrop similar the SMSL IDEA. (May have a better DAC than the SMSL IDEA I'm not sure) FiiO Q1 Mark II - at the $100 mark. Portable but can be used with desk setup. Alot better than the FiiO E10k and what you currently have. Adds a bit of soundstage and bass. Micca Origen G2 - also at the $100 mark. Comparable to the Schiit Fulla 2 (some prefer this over the Fulla 2) Schiit Fulla 2 - at the $100 mark. Really popular for good reason unless you get QC issues (bad volume knob, treble spikes, harsh highs) Dac/Amps you shouldn't consider: SMSL M3 - around $80 on amazon; around $50 on Massdrop. Has very bad QC issues. Nuforce uDAC 3 - around $50 on Massdrop. For some reason they added their own EQ settings to it which can make your headphones sound weird. FiiO E10k - around $70 on amazon. Aka baby's first Dac/Amp combo not gonna drive higher impedance headphones well with these. Not worth the price.
  13. I had the G633 which is the wired version of the G933. Well had is not the right word; I have it but it's in the house collecting dust somewhere. The g633 is alright for gaming headset standards (they are better than Corsair Void Pros that I had) but it's imaging is pretty lacking which is important for games like CSGO. Basically is made more for the 7.1 surround gimmick than actual good headphones.