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    London, United Kingdom
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    Procurement Manager


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    i9 9900kk @ 5.1Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus XI Hero
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Black (3,200Mhz) DDR4 Dual Channel
  • GPU
    Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti
  • Case
    HAF X nVidia Edition
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    250GB Samsung 970 Evo Polaris M.2 PCIe 3D NVMe SSD, 4TB Seagate BarraCuda HDD, 2 x 12TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro HDDs (RAID-0)
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    1000W EVGA SuperNova G2, Full Modular, 80 PLUS Gold
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    ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q
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    Corsair H100i PRO
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard
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    A4 Tech V7 Bloody Multicore Gaming Mouse
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. This is a steal mate... I'd be all over this! Get that if you can!
  2. 1080Ti > 2060 Not sure how the standard 1080 compares to the 2060. To be honest, turning your resolution to 1440p on a 4k monitor still looks stellar imo - but yeah, if I bought a 4k monitor, I'd want to get the use of its full potential. Your motherboard and CPU are fine mate; you won't need to be upgrading them for a while. I've only just upgraded my cpu to a 9900k from a 3770k - I only did that because a power surge killed my rig last Sunday Like I said mate, your build is pretty solid, just depends what you want to grey out of it. I'd personally change the 2060 for a 1080Ti.
  3. That's a decent rig you got there mate, no question. If you wanted to game at 4k 60fps at highest settings, perhaps the RTX 2060 wasn't the best choice. I'm not overly sure how well the 2060 preformes at 4k, but id imagine you'd have to turn down settings or decrease your gaming resolution. The '60 line of an nVidia generation are usually mid range A 1080Ti is a much better option over the stupidly priced counterpart - 2080Ti. I'd have gotten a second hand 1080Ti personally - I've seen some for roughly £450; my dad just bought one and was pristine. Marhier!
  4. So last Sunday, I had a power surge, stupidly didn't own any form of UPS / anti-surge adaptors (I do now FYI) and it ruined my PSU, motherboard, CPU, Cooler and my 3TB WD Red NAS drive, which had my whole life on it... Again, stupidly hadn't had that backed up and currently with www.pcimage.co.uk for data recovery; waiting for a quote; probably not going to be cheap Monday night, I ordered new parts; luckily, my GPU survived, so I didn't need to replace that - my SSD also survived, but figured I'd go NVMe M.2 this time. My last build was: Asus Maximus V Extreme i7 3770k - 4.6GHz 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM (2,666MHz) Corsair H100i Upgraded to: Asus Maximus XI Hero i9 9900k - 5.2GHz 16GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (3,200MHz) Corsair H100i Pro Samsung 970 Evo (250GB) I've attached pictures of the build and cable management. Been testing it loads since building on Wednesday and this thing is a BEAST! Most people hate the case though - I love it personally - I love green; that and the HAF X case is still probably one of the best out there imo. (nVidia did not sponsor this post) My full set up can be found here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Marhier/saved/hr6vnQ Have a good day peeps! \m/ Marhier!
  5. I'd also look at getting a second hand 1080Ti if I were you. RTX just isn't worth it's premium for the support it currently has and once it becomes more mainstream, we'll probably be on the RTX 4080 Ti or whatever they deicde to call it. Also, we'll probably start to see more game engines support RTX features with 10 series cards a lot better, if the latest Crytek demo is any indication.
  6. Marhier

    HDR Confusion

    So I thought I'd give a final update on this saga, lol! This afternoon, Samsung finally called me to respond to my questions. Originally, they told me the following: Samsung: "All the HDMI ports on the TV are version 2.0. However, if we're going to switch on a setting on the TV which is HDMI UHD Color on these HDMI ports the version of the HDMI ports will change to 2.0a. As of the moment our televisions doesn't support 2.0b but just 2.0a. For us to access this option, press the Setting button > General > External Device Manager > HDMI UHD Color > HDMI 1, 2, 3, 4. The TV supports HDMI 2.0a when the HDMI UHD Color on the TV is switch on." It's now been confirmed by Samsung's technical specialists that out of the box, the HDMI ports are 2.0, but when you activate their 'HDMI UHD Colour', they in fact turn to HDMI 2.1! - Mystery solved there! I also queried the peak brightness and they told me is was "under 1,000". I told them that I knew this, and wanted to know what the TV's peak was. They just told me that because it's dependant on what I'm watching/doing, they can only tell me it'll go between 1 and 999. A load of bullcrap if you ask me, as there's no way this TV will get to 999, haha! I've just accepted it to be honest. The TV arrived yesterday, I set it up and it looks/performs fantastically. PS4 games look stella and I tried Shadow of the Tomb Raider on the PC; running with a 1080Ti, it looked and ran superbly. The 'Game Mode' can run with HDR enabled as well and input lag seems to stay almost non-existent imo - advertised 13ms and feels it. Overall, very satisfied - definitely feels high end, even though it's entry level. So anyone looking to buy a UE50NU7020, or any NU7000 series TV from Samsung - do it! Marhier!
  7. Like this guy just said, VGA is very limited. It can certainly do 1920x1080, but doing so, you'll probably get a severe drop in image quality. I believe VGA can support higher resolutions and higher refresh rates, but you need an actual monitor that can support it, which it sounds like you don't and cables I'm assuming. The sound of your PC, without being next to it, or seeing it, it's hard to tell; it could be coming from the CPU fan, a case fan, the PSU or graphics card, lol. If you want a 144hz monitor, maybe look at the Acer XF240H? Trying to keep the costs low, there are other ones with G-Sync/Free Sync, but this suggestion is at least a good performer on a budget.
  8. You monitor is definitely plugged into the graphics card and not the on board display port on your motherboard, right?
  9. If you look where the monitor is plugged in, are there any other ports available; does it have HDMI/DVI or display port? That's besides the point really, it sounds like an old monitor and may only have a max resolution of 1680x1050... Still quite common in some company offices, lol. What's your main issue here; I'm assuming you're wanting to get a resolution of 1920x1080? If so, then a good cheap monitor for 1080p is the Acer KG271... It's only like £140.00 and has a low response time. Connections are HDMI & VGA. I'd recommend buying an HDMI cable if you haven't got one already. This is a 27" display - you can also get a 21" display for about £90.
  10. What cable are you using to connect to the monitor? HDMI? DVI? VGA? I guess more importantly, what connections does the monitor have?
  11. Marhier

    HDR Confusion

    I'll give up for now, lol. I know it's an entry level TV and you get what you pay for; I'm only using it for PS4 really - I've got a PG279Q for the PC, which it damn amazing even if not HDR. Looking at these entry level TVs though, I'm interested to know how they can advertise them as HDR, when I think these models only achieve a peak brightness of 300-500 nits - isn't that SDR territory?
  12. Marhier

    HDR Confusion

    I never did get that call back, lol!
  13. Marhier

    HDR Confusion

    I'm being quite persistent with this one, as I'm really interested in getting to the bottom of it. I just had an interesting online chat with Samsung - I asked all the questions mentioned above and this is what they've said: Samsung: "All the HDMI ports on the TV are version 2.0. However, if we're going to switch on a setting on the TV which is HDMI UHD Color on these HDMI ports the version of the HDMI ports will change to 2.0a. As of the moment our televisions doesn't support 2.0b but just 2.0a. For us to access this option, press the Setting button > General > External Device Manager > HDMI UHD Color > HDMI 1, 2, 3, 4. The TV supports HDMI 2.0a when the HDMI UHD Color on the TV is switch on." Me: "Why do you state it supports Hybrid Log Gamma, if HLG is only supported on HDMI 2.0b?" Samsung: "Unfortunately, there nothing that I can say about with regards to the advertisement this is out of our scope." Me: "It's in the manual for your TV mate, it's not an advertisement, lol. So can you please explain why your technical specifications show HLG support when it only has HDMI 2.0?" Samsung: "All the HDMI ports on the TV support HLG." Me: "So it's 2.0b; my mind can be put at rest? Please remember what I've said, HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.0a DO NOT support HLG - 2.0b does" Samsung: "Our televisions can only support HDMI 2.0a but it does support HLG as well when the HDMI UHD Color. As of the moment our the HDMI ports on our TVs is version 2.0 and 2.0a." Me: "I don't understand how it supports HLG if it's not 2.0b if I'm honest." Samsung: "I understand but that is the information that our Product Specialist has provided with the version of the HDMI ports on our TVs." Me: "Can you ask the specialist how it's possible then? How do you support a technology that isn't supported... I'm interested" Samsung: "Please bear with me for a moment. Thank you for staying online. May you please provide me your best contact number?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I gave them my number and am expecting a call back, lol. Maybe I'm being an asshole, lol? What's your thoughts
  14. Marhier

    HDR Confusion

    So I ended up getting the Samsung. I went to the shop, the LG TV was on display and it looked awful; they were playing some Harry Potter trailer and maybe it wasn't in 4k, but the motion blur coming form movement of the characters really made the TV look bad. They had the 55" version of the Samsung I wanted on display and it looked incredible - obviously nothing like their OLED/QLED displays, but then again, I'm not spending £2k on a TV - I'm going entry level, lol. Prior to me going to the store, I rang PC World's technical team to confirm whether or not the Samsung's ports were 2.0b. I said to them that their documentation said it has HLG and asked how this could be if it wasn't 2.0b - they couldn't give me a straight answer and gave me a number for Samsung support. I rang Samsung and the 2 people I spoke to there were looking through the manual and confirmed it had HLG, but couldn't confirm for definite if it had HDMI 2.0b, lol. They then said as it's a 2018 TV, they're pretty sure it will have the most up to date HDMI ports. When I went to look at the TVs in person, the people in the shop said exactly the same thing as Samsung. Following on from this post though, I'm assuming it at least has HDMI 2.0a, because HDR isn't supported on 2.0, which leads me to my original question: "...if HDR is only supported by 2.0a and above, how does the Samsung TV do HDR if nothing you plug into it will work?" The table above contradicts this statement? Any more thoughts? Thanks Regards Martin
  15. Marhier

    HDR Confusion

    I'm probably going to go with the LG, as this one defintely says HDMI 2.0b... Every website I look at only shows HDMI 2.0 for the Samsung; what makes you think both should have 2.0b? I know with HDR on, these TV's have 40-50ms response times, but I only play single player games on my PS4 and doubt I'd notice really.