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  • CPU
    I7 - 8700k
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Prime Z370-A
  • RAM
    Corsair LPX White 32GB
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1080ti Duke
  • Case
    Corsair 570X
  • Storage
    Samsung 960Evo 500gb, Samsung 850 Evo 250gb, Seagate Barracude 2tb
  • PSU
    Corsair RMx750,
  • Display(s)
    Dell S2716DG 144hz Gsync
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100iv2
  • Keyboard
    Logitech G710+ Blue
  • Mouse
    R.A.T. 7

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  1. Problem solved! It powered on with the cables that came with the PSU. Obviously one of the cables I have is bad, which sucks because its a cable mod cable. Thanks for the help.
  2. I just switched the one cable over to the other slot on the PSU and it boots fine. So i dont think that its a dead slot.
  3. I built a system in early 2018 with a 1080ti (Duke) and a Corsair Rmx 750w. At the time of building I attempted to use two separate 8 pin (6+2) cables to power the card but the system would not turn on. No fan spin, no lights, nothing. I switched over to a 8 pin that split into two 8 pin connectors to power the card and everything worked fine. The split cable has a loop in it that drives me crazy and I just recently attempted to use two cables again but got the same result. Am i missing something? Is there a reason why two cables wont power it but one will?
  4. D4550

    Budget 1440p Monitor

    Yeah that Viewsonic is what I kept coming back to. The other more budget friendly monitors didnt have a VESA mount.
  5. I am looking for a budget 1440p monitor. Its going to be used in a three monitor setup where my primary monitor is a Dell S2716DG and will be mounted on a triple arm monitor stand so it will need to have a VESA mount. It'll only be used for basic applications no video editing or gaming. Any ideas? I would like to keep the price around $250.
  6. So yes it is technically a DSL modem but does not use a DSL line in. The fiber comes in from the street and is converted in a box (I included a picture) and then is transferred inside the house the the router/modem I linked by ethernet.
  7. I think some additional information is required here. This is the current modem supplied by CentruyLink ZxyXEL C3000Z The fiber comes into a box on the outside of the house that converts it over to normal ethernet Cat5e that comes into a network box inside the house and that is what comes into the modem.
  8. Makes sense. Any ideas for a modem/router combo?
  9. I recently moved to a location that offers gigabit internet and I am currently using their hardware. I've always had coaxial modems and never one with a straight ethernet connection. Trying to find a good modem but resources on that topic is very scarce. I would like a modem with four ports, I would like to try and avoid a modem/router combo. I used Moto Surfboards in the past but havent been able to find one that isnt coxial.
  10. I am moving into a brand new house coming up in about a month and need to start designing my new office. I've bounced from desk to desk in the past and have a pretty good idea of what I like. I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions because I'm not seeing much in the specs that I like. I am looking for a simple flat desk, doesnt need any shelfs or drawers, preferably around 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. I am really into cable management as well so anything with built in cable holders would be nice but not a deal breaker. Any ideas? Thanks guys!
  11. Thanks for the tips. I like the idea of dropping the 1TB SSD and being able to fit the 1080ti under budget. I also really appreciate the attention to detail on the RAM, GPU and Mobo matching the color scheme. Thanks again!
  12. I have to say discovering Linus' youtube page a couple of months ago has brought back the passion I had for tech that I had lost over the years, I wanted to give a big shout out to his channel, and has caused me to start all sorts of projects from major cable management in my tower and around my desk, setting up my own FTP server, to running Cat6a through my attic and using my old router as an access point across the house. I've now decided that its time to start looking into a new build as mine is aging at about 6 years old. After looking at one amazing build after another I definitely wanted to do a little different then my old build (Cooler Master HAF X). I wanted to go with a white and green theme, ideally white tower with green LEDS, possibly looking into some customs cables from cablemods. Computer would mainly be used for gaming but this also is my work computer (work from home a few days a week) but for work i only use office and a general non taxing insurance program. I put together a quick build yesterday and I wanted to see if anyone had any opinions or things they think I should change. Couple things I'm not sure about would be whether to use M.2 for boot/windows and then a 1TB SSD for storage/steam library and also just the motherboard in general. My prince range is $1,800 to roughly $2,200. Tell me what you guys think, dont worry about being harsh if something is completely wrong. Potential build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HK8Yyf I have a Dell S2716DG 144z Gysnc as my monitor My current specs: i7-2600k slightly OC'd A relatively recent purchase last year of a GTX 970 16GB (2x8) DDR GSkill Ripjaws ASUS P8768-V PRO. My boot/windows drive is on a OCZ Vertex3 120gb and a 1tb seagate HDD for storage.