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  1. I've been struggling for months with mouse and keyboard lag every time I'm trying to do something GPU or CPU demanding. Tried everything and nothing worked, but thanks to some guy on facebook I found solution to my problem! I made this post as i think it might help someone. SOLUTION: (1). Open device management (2). Expand USB-drivers (3). Right click USB main hub (4). Select properties (5). Open power management tab (6). Uncheck "Allow your computer to save power by turning off this device" (7). Repeat on every USB-hub you have on USB-drivers list That worked for me! Also my windows is not in English so apologizes on rough translates.
  2. Well if that's the case i have nothing to worry about... At Least it spins when i start my PC so its not broken.
  3. Hey, i know this is common thing to ask.. But just to make sure, is it really true that my pc is not using enough power to make my PSU fan spin. I tried run AIDA64 Extreme stress test about 15 minutes and nothing. Specs: Intelcore i5-8600k Evga Geforce GTX 1070 Ti Asus Prime Z370-A Corsair RM650x Corsair h100i v2 Samsung SSD 250GB Corsair 570x case Also other question if someone knows! I have my h100i v2 cooler radiator set in top of my case, should i put it in Push or Pull config with 3 fans in front and one in back as exhaust. Thanks for using time to answer!