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    Eastern Canada


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    Asus A170A
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    16 Gb DDR4 2400
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    MSI GTX 1060
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    bequiet! Silent base 600
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    250Gb 850 Evo SSD, 2x1Tb Seagate Barracuda
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    620W Seasonic S12II
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    Dell S2716DG
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    bequiet! Pure Rock CPU cooler
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10

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  1. HEY THIS WORKED. But I put both of them on the hub and put it 3-4 feet awaay from the tower. Thank you!
  2. Saw a video of a guy charging a tesla, and he had to use an invertor generator to get a stable enough power flow, and even then, one of the two did not work. Not sure if thats the same thing going on here
  3. I recently got the logitech MX Master 3 mouse and it seems to work fine until I turn on my MX Keys keyboard. THey are supposed to work well together, but when they are both turned on, they stutter or stop working for a few seconds randomly. I thought that this might be the router interference. The wireless router is right next to my PC. The pc beside my desk so its not too far away.
  4. It has shifted toward entertainment, but who cares. its always been about that. The change is not big
  5. Got a 6700k years ago and there is still barely anything noticeably faster. 16 Gb of RAM will be enough for years to come. Even 8 Gb works fine for most things. You futureproof a pc by buying it today. its done and 'good enough' for a decade.
  6. Don't fall for noise dampening. Choose parts that dont make noise in the first place.
  7. There a reason you need full size? Mid-sized is already gigantic
  8. people tend to exaggerate the importance of low temps. Your pc will be obsolete long before the occasional 70C kills it
  9. Motherboard with lots of usb ports PCIE usb hub USb hub extension or dongle
  10. I find most quality PSUs almost perfectly silent, especially BeQuiet
  11. Yeah its a super cool case, even though it looks like one of those big Dewalt radios that contractors use. The TU150 will spiritually carry on
  12. Linus said in a few videos that shaking hard drives can damage them. But Vancouver area gets earthquakes all the time. Does that not totally screw with all the computers and servers in that area?
  13. use integrate AMD gpu and build in the In-Win Chopin. If you really need a dedicated GPU, get the node 202