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  1. Weather this means on an old or new console and even a sale on pc what games make you want to buy them?
  2. Straussy

    Nintendo switch lite or nintendo 2ds x2?

    I was sad to hear the DS wasnt being made anymore aswell. The switch lite is i believe a more powerful machine but is basically just a 2ds with one screen
  3. Straussy

    Nintendo switch lite or nintendo 2ds x2?

    I really dont since the wii had completely different remotes, where as in this situation they have just removed 2 of the best features of the switch which makes it closer to a 2ds
  4. What a stupid idea, what is the real point of the light, might aswell bring back the DS.
  5. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    5-10% isnt worth an extra 400 dollars maybe once these super cards (if they do come out) and make original cards cheaper ill get one if not gonna stick to a 1080ti
  6. Straussy

    Slow Internet

    So my internet was decent enough, then my sister decided to get WiFi extenders as her phone couldn't connect at other end of house and now on my devices its real slow and randomly disconnects What could reasons behind it be and how can i fix it?
  7. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    Im in australia, thats either a gtx 1080 or usd pricing
  8. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    Read rest of comments, and ive watched it. I dont care to much about RT maybe when the super cards are out but i doubt they will be much better
  9. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    Thanks for the help found a auros and strix for close to 800 aud
  10. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    Generally in Australia decent second hand 1080ti go for 800-900 and brand new 2080's start at 1150
  11. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    Not All that enticing to me
  12. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    I dont really care about the raytracing kills performance to much atm but ive herd encoding and such is better on rtx cards
  13. Straussy

    1080ti or 2080

    From most of what i have seen both are about as good as each other. What is the benefit of the 2080? currently would be paired with a amd 2600 cpu, upgrading when 3000 series comes out. Mostly for gaming but might do more and I know about the upcoming super cards
  14. Straussy

    Have you ever seriously damaged your phone?

    Ive never broken my phone other then a couple of minor scratch's on touch phone. I use to skim my Nokia e71 along the footy field when I was back at school still works today. Was moving the other month and some how while in the draw my Iphone 5s split in half
  15. Straussy

    What cpu to get

    Well im waiting anyways