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  1. Here are some more FO4 shots for those of you who are not yet tired of it. So far mod count is only up to 50, can't wait for the creation kit it should get much better in both aesthetics and gameplay. Bunker Hill this is not going to end well... USS Constitution My new settlement is so very welcoming...
  2. Only played it for a few hours and already have over 30 mods... I wonder how long I can go without having to give up due to save corruption form pre-GECK plugins and lots of plugin switching. My view from the office: Yup gonna need some distant LOD mods ASAP... although in all fairness I did set it up conservatively for constant 60FPS.
  3. I believe I was getting about 40-45 FPS average on an HD 6870 at the time and maybe a bit more stuttering than I'd have liked.
  4. That looks extremely sexy, the black norprene with copper fittings does match the rest of the system's color scheme really well so it's definitely a good substitute, for the moment at least. Actually you could argue copper might overdo it a bit so that powder coating idea might be the better choice. Really looking forward to see the build assembled .
  5. I prefer using Afterburner since I'm using it for overclocking anyway and the OSD is much better than Fraps, both are good for screenshots, definitely better than steam.
  6. Damn, I haven't found the manuscript for the holy hand grenade of Antioch, guess I better run!
  7. I have no idea what the black stuff is but it only happened when I was destroyed. :lol: GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN THAT LEVEL! Ended up topping out at about level 67.5M... Wormhole FTW I guess.
  8. Not sure if you'd call it a proper game, especially since all I do is check up on it every few hours, but wtf?! .
  9. Heh, Monthy Python reference .
  10. True, but not serving those people would not provide any benefit to the service provider either as they'd then have to turn to piracy.
  11. Username: Nicktrance Videos: https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0
  12. Because everyone can read it and it's free for a few numbers for me. That said I do tend to use hangouts since I can use it on PC too or Whatsapp/fbmessenger since they're popular with friends.
  13. Yup he's pretty screwed...
  14. Seems like I'm not the only who's stumped .
  15. I usually troubleshoot all my problems and help others troubleshoot theirs but this has me kind of stumped. To start from the beginning at one point about a year ago my 2 year old PC decided it didn't want to send a signal to my monitor when I try to boot, the monitor didn't mention that there was no signal as it would if I disconnect it but it simply showed nothing and went into standby mode as if the PC was in sleep, otherwise the PC seemed to behave normally. The weird part is that if I left the PC completely turned off (from the PSU switch/wall socket) for a few hours and then turned it on again everything worked fine. If I then turned it off for a short while or put it into sleep the display would stop working (restarting was ok IIRC), so then I'd have to turn everything off for a few hours etc. but as long as the pc was kept on there were no issues. reinstalling drivers and even formatting the hard drive and starting fresh did not solve the issue. Given that my monitor worked fine with other PCs and that it was a good excuse for an upgrade (especially given how loud the reference HD6870 was) I figured it was a problem with the GPU so I upgraded to a 760 ACX SC and bought a new PSU from a brand I trust just in case. The problem then went away but now, out of the blue, it's back, the exact same issue. Monitor works fine with different PCs but using another monitor on my PC gave the same issue, the monitor seems to be ok and I find it a bit hard to believe that the GPU is experiencing the same issue (I guess I could try swapping my GPU with one from another PC to test but I really can't afford to waste too much time at the moment waiting for my pc to decide to work, so that will have wait for after the exams) so maybe motherboard/CPU (BIOS has been reset just in case but they're unchanged for the original issue), I do feel they're due for an upgrade (then again I always feel that way ) especially since the motherboard is about as entry level as they come (ASUS P8h61 PLUS) my sensible side thinks it's better to focus my money elsewhere if it's possible . I'd appreciate it if anyone might give me some insight as to what you think the issue might be, thanks in advance.
  16. 64 bit QuadCore Intel CPU with 4GB RAM sounds like my PC 2 years ago... not even close performance wise but w/e . Still doubt I'll be considering it over the Snapdragon 810 but maybe Airmont might change it later on.
  17. In the 70s 1kb onboard ram was regarded as "all you'll ever need"... In the 60s they had only just started manufacturing semiconductor RAM
  18. I would use it to upgrade my gaming PC of course, kind of a big jump from a sandy bridge i3 to overkill .
  19. No such thing as "fully modded skyrim", keep modding... .
  20. Yup same here and everybody disagreed with me. We're not the only ones either I believe TTL chose the sp fans for his rig because he was able to make them quieter than the f12s.
  21. Same with my brother's Moto G 2nd Gen, and that was supposed to get the update even before the nexuses, I wouldn't have borne waiting myself, I have it running even on my old S2 via CM12 .
  22. Actually most people would have probably retired the ssd for other reasons by that time. Such a pity they didn't include an 840 EVO in this test (I believe it had just been released when they started it) it would have given us a good idea of how well the TLC SLC combo works. With VNAND TLC it should really be awesome though, I guess TR will have to make another test with VNAND SSDs once these fail .