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  1. So i know people have spliced new headphone jacks onto broken headphones but i havent seen anybody splice one earbud onto another pair of headphones (they are both the same set of earphones though) Is it possible? I have 2 sets of the tuned by AKG samsung earphones one with a working left ear and the other with a working right ear, can i splice the working right ear onto the set with the broken right ear?
  2. oh and did i mention the size of this dell machine
  3. I personally think the price is absurd but i think thats the point, as an individual i think its absurd. A business that needs that power and reliability probably doesn't think its that bad. Also machines for similar tasks from other companies such as dell aren't any better, actually more https://www.dell.com/en-uk/work/shop/workstations/precision-7920-rack-build-your-own/spd/precision-7920r-workstation/xctopr7920emea?configurationid=355afaea-2977-427b-a6de-452244694dfe
  4. Fair but if you look hard enough you can find originals not in packaging for £50-60 which isnt really any more than a modern mouse, although it is used i would like to see a return of the original though but since there was an RGB version i doubt they'll remake it again
  5. thats only $600 and is so expensive because its never been opened
  6. So i just purchased some airpods 2 off of ebay without the case and was wondering what the best (but still cheap) case to buy in the UK was thanks
  7. i have tried custom and non custom and i have always on and i get a few hours
  8. Yeah i installed one a few days agi
  9. i have the latest firmware so its not that, ill try charging it overnight and then contacting samsung
  10. no, the battery life has been fine, lasting 2-3 days until now
  11. Its been about 10 minutes and my watch has gone down 5%, why is the battery life much lower than it should be?
  12. So i was at school today and i kid broke my smartwatch, not intentionally but he still broke it. Anyway i'm not sure how to tell my parents, but more importantly im not sure how to fix it. I can't afford a new one and i can't find anybody selling ticwatch e displays. Does anybody know where i can buy one or where it can be fixed? thanks
  13. idk its not supposed to be amazingly practical, but that is a good point to consider
  14. i tried all of that, im 1.14.4 so that could be it thanks, also all the files are the same including configs, i tried testing different mods and it worked but then after removing one of them it stopped working again so idk