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  1. long story short, this is a theoretical question for some school research. if i had two of these cpu in a system Intel Xeon E5-2698 V4, which used solar power when possible to save money, would it be better to mine using idle resources or just not use them, if this system was to run24/7 anyway also im talking about mining on these cpus thanks
  2. how to install windows on mid 2007 macbook

    yes I can I can install Ubuntu but not Windows
  3. how to install windows on mid 2007 macbook

    ok but ive seen people with windows 10 on my laptop and i only have a windows 10 liscence key linked to my account will that work on windows 7
  4. so i have a mid 2007 macbook that i want to install windows 10 onto but i cant seem to work out how. i have a 64bit installation disc but when i try and use it just says select boot type 1 or 2 but my keyboard and trackpad don't work i have tried bootcamp but it gets the same thing i have tried a usb drive but bootcamp will only work with a dvd and refind also the mac boot selector (alt+c) doesnt detect it any ideas
  5. Steam link gaming

    i think you can, this site should give you some more info and tell you how https://www.maketecheasier.com/stream-non-steam-games-with-steam-link/
  6. shell in a box not working

    thanks for the help but i got it working, turns out the default port was 443 for some reason so after i changed it and it worked
  7. shell in a box not working

    yes the port is open and is 4200
  8. shell in a box not working

    it is and i was on my home machine
  9. what to do with a server

    ok thanks guys mabye ill try a nas
  10. shell in a box not working

  11. what to do with a server

    i just setup a server running ubuntu specs: i3 5010u 8gb ram 500gb hdd integrated graphics and i have no clue what to do with it, any cool or practical uses for it
  12. shell in a box not working

    so i just setup shell in a box but it is not working if i start the service it states that it is already running but if i go to my public ip:4200 nothing comes up same with localhost:4200 any ideas