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  1. Cupar19

    summasign t610 pro

    so I have a summasign t610 pro connected to my pc running Windows 7 via a parralel to use adapter however it is not detected by summa control cutter anyone know why
  2. Cupar19

    Why do you buy from apple?

    personally I thought their support sucked both of the times I contacted them they tried to make me buy stuff even though the solution was simple. for instance my mum had a partition issue on her 2013 MacBook pro and they basically said just upgrade to a new one and didn't tell me that all I had to do was delete one of the partitions the other time we had a problem with an iPad mini, can't remember what is was, so we booked an appointment at an Apple store who just said idk but we can offer you the newer model for like £400 or tower much it was this might just be me but my friends have also said their support wasn't great
  3. Cupar19

    Why do you buy from apple?

    but why, why do they require you to be an expert on a mac, what is better about it?
  4. Cupar19

    Why do you buy from apple?

    that is something i agree with, whilst i don't use ios it is definitely very simple and intuitive but i can't say i feel the same about macos and would like anyone who uses it to explain what they like about it
  5. Cupar19

    Why do you buy from apple?

    that was more or less what i was thinking, especially since i have never really found a task that i couldn't do on windows for less but correct me if i'm wrong as well as personally i find macos more confusing than windows but that might just be me. however even though i don't use an iphone i can see the appeal of them as they are generally simpler to use
  6. Now before i begin i do not mean this in a negative sense and this is not anti apple i just want your opinions personally i don't buy apple product as i perceive the to be overpriced for what i am getting however i know many people who swear by apple, but can never really explain why so why do you guys purchase or think people purchase from apple, what are the benefits over a windows machine again please don't just post something like apple suck, i just want your opinions on why you do or don't buy from apple
  7. Cupar19

    android studio render problem

  8. Cupar19

    android studio render problem

    im using android studio, latest version and just loaded the basic activity and get render problem Failed to find style 'coordinatorLayoutStyle' in current theme i am using the android sdk 28 anybody know what the problem is, i have looked online but none of those solutions have worked just given way more errors thanks
  9. Cupar19

    difference between ram

    ok then but thanks for the info
  10. Cupar19

    difference between ram

    nope but does on another machine
  11. Cupar19

    difference between ram

    doesnt boot just continuous beep
  12. Cupar19

    difference between ram

    ok thanks do you have any idea why thesamsung might not be working becasue the only difference is the a1 at the end and it works on other systems
  13. i have an acer m3800 which wont boot with certain ram the ram i have says 1gb 1rx8 pc3 -10600u from kingston 2gb 2rx8 pc3 -10600u -9 -10 -b0 (2 of these) 1 from hynix and one from elpida (the one that it wont boot with but is conformed to work) 2gb 1rx8 pc3 -10600u -09 -11 -a1 from samsung the system only wont boot with the samsung, even on its own what is the difference between the ram especially the end bits that are like this (10600u -09 -11 -a1) as i dont know what that means and does any one know why it wont boot with the samsung ram
  14. sorry for no response but i have spent a while testing and after spending hours looking online, in the bios and at the ram sticks and i cant see any difference, but the ram does definitely work. does anybody know why?
  15. Cupar19

    computer won't turn off

    I do but every time I shutdown it happens?