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  1. and does it NEED a sim card or can i just not text or call
  2. @MrUnknownEMC ok thanks any idea how?
  3. @<Aleks> but can i put audio files on it
  4. @MrUnknownEMC i dont mind that and only want about 15 songs
  5. anyone know if i can listen to music on this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B076MSXZP4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3FUZ1Y4L7EEZU&psc=1
  6. it doesnt have to support a sim card though i just want to play super bad games and listen to music
  7. but i have another phone with a bt sim i want to use
  8. Does anyone know a phone on amazon that i can put music on and listen to via bluetooth headphones or a 3.5mm headphone jack that works with a bt sim card-i just want something i can use on my bus for music and texting
  9. tech under £20 on amazon

    lol mabye
  10. Any cool or dumb tech/things on amazon under £20
  11. Budget pc

    I do have a spare asus h110 -a for the mobo as well
  12. Budget pc

    Ok so I want to make a pc that is very power efficient has some led lighting and will only be used for loss and storing files,any ideas for under 175pounds as I'm on a tight budget
  13. Used corporate server for home use

    ok thx
  14. Used corporate server for home use

    done research on that already and its not superloud but is quite yes, what about on some kind of sponge floor tiles