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  1. Yes, or at least an option to turn it off.
  2. Good morning people of the LTT universe, A friend and I both need a new set of input devices for the PC. We are both students with desktop PC's and are looking for peripherals with a focus on gaming capabillity, yet still comfortable for normal office work and chill. (Means good feeling and implemented media control) Thanks to you guys in advance, Adil
  3. Yeah I did that because my main router is pretty far away
  4. Good afternoon good people of the networking community, Firstly, the current network setup: ISP-> MODEM/ROUTER -> Long ass Cat6 cable (30m) -> TP Link 8-port switch -> ethernet cable(1m) -> TP Link Repeater R200 in AP mode -> 5. GHz Wifi -> Main router Wifi network -> ethernet cable (1m)-> Personal Computer -> 2.4 GHz Wifi So the problem is basically since I switched my R200 to access point mode instead of repeater mode I get 1000ms pings in every game and around 500 ms ping in speedtests. For comparison: beforehand I always got 6ms and 8ms; the download speed has not changed at all though. I'll be honest: I don't really know much about networking so I am hoping you guys could help me out. After quick internet research the only thing I thought likely is an "IP Adress conflict", yet I don't know what to do with that information I could really use your help right now thank you for your help in advance, adil
  5. So you guys say I should buy more RAM ? (Can I just overclock my RAM in the Bios `?) What about the CPU ? What's your recommendation for the LGA 1150 Socket ?
  6. Good morning fellas, A friend and I are trying to upgrade (or for him build) our PC's. I currently run my I5 4670k (aftermarket air cooler) @ 4.2 GHz. Plus 8GB of DDR3 RAM (1333 Mhz). GA-Z87X-D3H Motherboard. ASUS GTX 1060 6GB. 500 GB SSD + 1TB WD Black HDD. So the problem is... even on 1080p I can't play BF1 stutter free. Do I need an upgrade ? If yes what do you recommend ? We both thought of building ourselves real manly-man-machines this time: (our thoughts) - I7 8700K - 16GB DDR4 RAM - Motherbooard(?) - GTX 1070/80 TI (?) - Storage individually I'd be happy if you guys could help us out Greetings, Adil
  7. In which way is the minimum ? Stock speed performance wise ? So I should just buy an SSD and OC the CPU with a new cooler ? Do we all agree ?
  8. http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i5-6600K-vs-Intel-Core-i5-4670K Aren't those pretty much the same performance wise ?
  9. Really ? Doesn't that mean I need a whole new Motherboard and CPU for the near future ?
  10. How does reinstalling windows benefit me; that is quite a hassle
  11. Hello there people ! Okay so basically the story went like this : Had an SSD in my build played AAA games with my 4670k and GTX1060 + 8 GB of RAM everything worked fine. Had to switch out the SSD and bought a 1 TB WD Black HDD (I thought those are fast) now my system is eons slower and the games keep stuttering. BF1 is unplayable , BF4 on Ultra too and TF 2 lags every time I press any function button that changes my volume or starts the browser or anything alike. My Build is suited in a mid tower desktop PC and temps look fine. I still run the standard Intel cooler on my 4670k (not OC'ed) I thought with my upgrade from the GTX660 to the 1060 I could enjoy some quality 60 FPS gameplay back home but boy was I wrong. So this is where you people need to step in and save my ass - My thoughts so far : Need to Upgrade to 16 GB of Ram ? Overclock the CPU with a new Cooling Solution ? (Buy a new LGA 1150 Cpu ?) Buy another SSD ? I am really looking forward to your opinion boys and girls ! Thank you in Advance, Adil PS: Gintama is a great series
  12. Hello good people of LTT ! So lets dive right into the problem : I bought the DA Inquisition (some kind of premium) edition on release back in 2014, considering I am a huge DA fan. A few days ago I came back to the game and found out, that the DLC's had been released (yeah I was busy) back in 2015. Now I would have almost spent the money on the DLC's when I realized that those are basically cut story content from the base, which I find pretty much outrageous to ask me to pay the games FULL price again to access. So we enter a grey zone here, I am talking about "accessing" the story DLC's without paying for them and asked the allmighty Internet how do fix my situation. Here comes the problem : I tried copying the DLC files to my "legit" origin and running it in offline mode, I could play the game again without problems (even though an old character went missing ARGH 120 hours ?!) but couldnt access the newly added DLC's __ I also tried downloading a full "not-legit" copy of DAI from the internet and ended up with the CPY-Deluxe Edition. ; That runs fine , BUT ! When I try to load my "legit" savegames into that game. I found out, that the "not.legit" edition of the game is patch 1.11, while the savegame was created with patch 1.12. So the "Not-Legit" Game version doesn't want to load up my savegames and I would be stuck to waste another 80 hours to get through the game again in order to access the DLC story's, which I can't afford atm. So does anybody have a fix for me ? : Three Options : 1. "Activate" the DLC's in the Legit copy or 2. make my 1.12 savegames work with a 1.11 game 3. Get a 1.12 non-legit copy with the DLC's Unfortunately even though I tried so hard , it didnt even matter; and finding a 1.12 "NL" version seems impossible. I would appreciate any sort of help ! Thank you in advance , Mr Adil
  13. So ... is the 4670k fine ? ; Sorry to be so blunt, but is there a chance anybody has a performance comparison chart ?
  14. Actually if I might add something to this thread : I have a 4670k and CPU-Boss states it to be better than the 6600k; So I should be fine too, but am getting only around average 45 FPs with a brand new G1 1060... ; Ram : 8 gb Another question : Is the 6600k newer ? (I think so)