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  1. Hi, Im planning on overclocking a ryzen 3 1300x to 3.9/4 ghz and i was wondering if the AeroCool Integrator 500W 80+ Certified Builder PSU would be good enough for it. If not could you reccomend me a cheap 500w semi modular psu that would be good enough, thanks.
  2. Hello, Im deciding on a cooling solution for a ryzen 3 1300x which i am going to overclock to 4ghz. i would prefer watercooling as it looks cleaner in a tempered glass case, so would i need a 120mm radiator or a 240mm? Thanks
  3. 980ti poor firestrike graohics score

    If you bought this off a place like ebay you should contact the seller about it, also make sure there arent any bottlenecks in your system
  4. Hello, Im buying a 256gb sata3 ssd for my first rig (https://www.newegg.com/global/uk/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820156172&cm_re=256gb_sata_ssd-_-20-156-172-_-Product). This will get full quickly so my question is will it be faster to boot windows 10 from this drive or buy a separate 32gb sata2 ssd for boot (https://www.newegg.com/global/uk/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIAAZ65266061&cm_re=32gb_ssd-_-9SIAAZ65266061-_-Product) Thanks
  5. Thanks guys that was really useful 😊
  6. Hello, Im building my first gaming rig and i want to overclock a ryzen 3 1300x to 4ghz on an msi b350 tomahawk (4 power phases). Will i be able to get a stable 4ghz overclock on it or should i go for the more expensive msi b350 gaming pro carbon with 8 power phases? Thanks
  7. Ryzen 3 1300x, 4 rgb case fans (included with case) and two 120mm rgb fans on the radiator
  8. Can anyone tell me which motherboards will support 4 rgb case fans (120mm) and two rgb fans on the radiator (240mm). Preferably under £100, Thanks.
  9. Best headset

    Corsair void rgb, super comfy and they looke great. Sound quality is also brilliant
  10. Windows 7 reboot loop plz help

    So i was moving some files (not os related) from the c drive to the d drive and i went to open a word document and an error message came up saying word couldnt start, now whenever i boot up it goes to the desktop then restarts again! Whats happening and how can i fix it? Laptop is a dell precision m6700 with windows 7 pro
  11. Will running Aida 64 on a laptop damage it? I have a Dell precision m6700 (i7 3850QM 2.85ghz)
  12. I dont know which gaming keyboard to choose. I usually play fps games like overwatch and i dont know whether i should go for a corsair k65 rgb or a mastercooler masterkeys m rgb. I also have no idea which mouse to choose. I want a palm grip with rgb. Im also open to any other suggestions