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  1. Gaines24

    My computer will power on/off repeatedly

    Yes it’s been stable for a long time, it only now started doing this recently. There’s no option to exit. When I press exit and leave windows recovery mode it takes me back to the same screen.
  2. My computer was having an issue where it will turn on & off every 3 seconds non stop. i know it’s not my power supply because I went for an overkill PSU. I have checked all my outlets, checked for loose connections, nothing.I read where it might be an issue with my ram, so I switched the ram in different slots. I have 16Gbs of ram and took one out and only left one 8gb and It booted up and didn’t turn off but it took me to a blue screen with a bunch of different options, I hit continue to Windows Recovery Enviroment but it’s like it’s in a loop. When I press into windows recovery environment it reboots & then takes me back to the same screen. Please help, thank you so much!
  3. Okay, so here’s my issue. I have a Razer Blackwidow keyboard & razer naga chroma, one day when I turned my pc on the side buttons on my mouse weren’t working. After doing minimal research, I uninstalled the keyboard and mice from the device manager. I restarted my computer, plugged the devices back in and my pc didn’t detect them. I switched the ports, 2.0, 3.0, everything. After it wasn’t picking up, and I couldn’t sign in to reinstall the drivers, I switched to a different mouse/ keyboard just to sign in and fix my problem but the same thing happened. The mouse would flash on but if wouldnt move. I can’t open the Bios or log in because I have no input. I’m currently using windows 8. Please help! Thank you.