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  1. It's not any background processes, i've removed any undesired ones from startup and i've done fresh reboots right before i started playing and still had performance issues. I just OC'ed my processor, we'll see how that does
  2. I haven't dived into OC too much. Any suggestions on a safe OC levels and or cooling methods? i recently purchased a Cooler master cpu cooler but my cpu temps max at 67 degrees Celsius .
  3. I play heroes of the storm. I play it on High settings (there is an ultra setting that i stepped down to in finding a sweet spot) I have a i7 4770k (not overclocked) - 32gb of ram - a gtx 1070ti - and running on a samsung ssd - and using a ultra wide 29 inch 1080p monitor with 60hz. The problem i experience is I get lag spikes (frame rate not network) during the game. I imagined with my hardware I shouldn't experience any lag spikes on 1080p 60fps. I also have a comcast business class internet and i do not experience network interruptions. I am wondering if my CPU is my bottleneck at this point. If i reboot my machine before I start playing I tend to have better results, but I feel like I'm hitting a bottleneck somewhere or something isn't fully compatible with one another. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
  4. Brambo

    1080 ti 2080 or 2080 ti? for long term

    I had two gtx 760's since they were new and i bought my wife a gtx 970, all of which were Zotac and we've never had an ounce of problems with them. I just bought a zotac 1070ti as well. They've become my new favorite GPU brand.
  5. Thanks for all the tips guys. I ended up picking up a Zotac 1070ti for $300 on ebay. It's gonna be here tomorrow and i'm psyched for it.
  6. I would prefer to be at the highest graphics settings and have the smoothest gameplay possible while doing it. sounds like maybe a 1080 won't be a waste
  7. Well i thought a 1070 would be a good compromise, but i considered getting a 1080 and felt that would just be a waste of money
  8. So i currently have a 4770k i7 with 32gb of RAM. Right now i'm rocking two GTX 760's running SLI but I feel like i want a better upgrade but i don't want to waste money. I currently am using a https://www.amazon.com/LG-29UM58-P-21-UltraWide-Monitor/dp/B01B67KAQ4 for my monitor with plans to maybe upgrade in the future but not right now. I currently want to upgrade to a single GTX 1070 to get off of SLI but I am not sure if upgrading any higher will just be a waste of money for 1080p 60hz gaming. Any suggestions?
  9. I would agree, i have a 29 inch ultrawide at 1080p and it's good but stretching that out another 20 inches i think would be too much for 1080p. 1440p or better!!
  10. I didn't realize it was 1080p either, so if i go for a curved monitor, it should at least be 1440p right?
  11. So my buddy showed me this monitor: https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/monitors/gaming/49--chg90-qled-gaming-monitor-lc49hg90dmnxza/ And i immediately began drooling at the idea of using this kind of monitor, but since there are monitors like this https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-34-curved-gaming-monitor-aw3418dw/apd/210-amsv/monitors-monitor-accessories that go for a similar price that are way smaller. I'm curious if anyone has really looked into the validity of this type of monitor at that high of a size. basically i need a reality check for this monitor, i want it! lol
  12. Brambo

    Surface Book replacement

    That sounds like a lot of setup compared to what I have now. I guess I'll try and troubleshoot the SB again and see if there is anything I can do to make it work properly. Thanks for the help everyone!
  13. Brambo

    Surface Book replacement

    Didn't even notice that! Is it basically Lenovo that owns this type of market?
  14. Brambo

    Surface Book replacement

    Would a Dell XPS with a Razer core be almost equal?
  15. Brambo

    Surface Book replacement

    I currently have 256gb and it's manageable. I would like more storage but this is probably something I can let slide.