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  1. I am doing water cooled over clocking on my z390 auros ultra motherboard that has a 8+4 pin cpu power connection. My PSU is an AX1500i from corsair. I have a 8pin (4+4) but I don't have a 8+4 pin cable. Anyone know where to get one? Or do I just buy another 8pin cable that can split into a 4+4?
  2. Hi, I was doing some cable managment and wiring and noticed dial like sympbols on the back of power strips and surge protectors. I been searching the internet to find out what they mean but I can’t find the information anywhere. If anyone know I would be really interested to find out what they mean. Below is an example.
  3. Did you cut the holes yourself in the midplate, or did come like that? What tools and materials did you use to make the mid-plate?