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  1. an actual squirrel

    Is there a better 7.1 soundcard than Sennheiser GSX 1000?

    dacs, after a certain point, kinda all do start sounding the same. And people aren't even good at rating them by ear. Some dacs with great word of mouth, like the schiit modi 2 and the audio gd r2r 11, were found to have pretty bad performance when they were checked with an audio analyzer. So I am not sure if audio performance in the context of audiophiles is even relevant to gamers. And if you are buying a sennheiser gsx, you are buying it for the 7.1 processing for gaming, which is quite good on it.
  2. an actual squirrel

    PCI-E Soundcard vs USB DAC

    https://www.stereophile.com/content/asus-xonar-essence-ststx-soundcards-measurements The stx still has pretty good performance, even by modern standards. So I don't know if you need to rush out and get a replacement. But if you do replace it, I do like the topping d30, because it comes with a power brick, which is more reassuring than usb powered dacs.
  3. I think the ghosting is because the reflections are updating at a very low frame rate, and there is motion blur being used to try to cover that up. My understanding is that the crytek method uses octrees instead of BVHs, so it can't be accelerated by ray tracing cores. But the crytek method should be extremely slow, so I don't think this is the RTX killer that some are touting it to be.
  4. My understanding is that the Crytek method of ray tracing is ultimately slower than the Nvidia way. So if the main complaint about RTX now is that it is too slow, I don't see how this could be an RTX killer.
  5. The resetera thread on this https://www.resetera.com/threads/cryengine-5-5-to-support-non-rtx-ray-tracing.105519/
  6. an actual squirrel

    Best gaming 7.1 surround gaming headset under 100$

    @rice guru So if the game offers a surround sound for headphones option, like overwatch, pub g, and battlefield 5 does, or if you use external software like razer surround or dolby access, or external hardware like a sennheiser gsx 1000, you can make any headphones into surround sound headphones. That's kinda the point of the linus video - there isn't anything you can do on gaming headphones that you can't do on regular headphones when you have the processing from somewhere else. But without that processing, there are just some hurdles that can't be overcome. To go back to the realm of displays, I can't say something like "VR headsets have comparable or worse performance than high end 2d oleds". The oled would have a lot more trouble conveying depth without any 3d technology. Similarly, with headphones, having high quality stereo headphones doesn't mean that the technical limitations of stereo are somehow automatically removed.
  7. an actual squirrel

    Best gaming 7.1 surround gaming headset under 100$

    Imagine if you had 2 in ear microphones, and you sat in a 7.1 home theater system, and watched a movie. If afterwards, you played back what those microphones captured on headphones, it would sound remarkably similar to sitting in the home theater, since it pretty much captured what your ear drums were exposed to. That is the fundamental concept behind virtual 7.1 for headphones, and how a surround sound signal can be played back with just 2 drivers.
  8. an actual squirrel

    Best gaming 7.1 surround gaming headset under 100$

    No, headphones that have good soundstage and imaging isn't the same thing as virtual surround sound for headphones. Virtual surround sound for headphones works by playing with what one ear hears relative to the other. It is analogous to how a VR headset like the Oculus rift works with eyes - create a 3d effect by playing with what one eye sees relative to the other. The issue with stereo audio is that it actually only has 2 directions, left and right. When you play games in stereo on headphones, you're actually relying a lot on your other senses to try to make up for this limitation. The hack to get around that limit is to use virtual surround sound for headphones or a binaural recording.
  9. siege doesn't have binaural audio. There is no setting for it in the audio options, and if you go to the twitch page for it and watch any stream, you can hear that the audio is just regular stereo. If the atmos plugin doesn't work, it is because the version of the xaudio2 api used in the game is too old.
  10. You need to use windows 10 version 1809, which you should be able to manually get now through windows update, and the game has to use a somewhat recent version of xaudio, so the game can't be too old. Without an hrtf system, you are losing directional information. Don't settle for plain stereo.
  11. an actual squirrel

    Is there a better DAC/AMP combo for PS4 than the Sound Blaster X7?

    Well, one of the advantages of the x7 for ps4 users is that it has a dolby digital decoder. So you can output dolby digital from the ps4 with toslink, and then process the surround sound with sbx surround. I don't think you will find this level of functionality with most other stuff.
  12. an actual squirrel

    Extrenal vs Internal Soundcard?

    External is generally better, but you should check a review with good measurements to make sure the thing is good. There is the infamous modi 2 review on audiosciencereview where it was found to have noise problems like motherboard audio. For gaming though, I like to recommend the sennheiser gsx 1000. It's not about the absolute audio quality, but the feature set. It's got a pretty nice 7.1 for heaphones, intuitive controls, and a well written instruction manual.
  13. My own computer, despite having automatic updates, when I checked just now, is running windows 10 1803. You have to be using version 1809 to have this feature. This was the October update that was delayed due to some reported bugs. So relatively new is kinda an understatement. For some people, it is the near future.
  14. Afaik, microsoft only changed how virtual 7.1 spatial audio works in Windows very recently, to help DTS sell their app on the windows store. For many years, it was right that spatial audio rarely worked in games due to the 7.1 device problem. At any rate, see this post on how to check if spatial audio is being used: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-10-25-2018-creative-aurvana-trio-added.534479/page-2792#post-14737677 It will be written when you click the volume icon in the toolbar.
  15. So if a game has the option to output atmos, then you can use it to get the game to output atmos surround sound, which the dolby app can use for dolby atmos for headphones. With windows spatial audio, for some reason, it automatically selects 2 channel for windows. With the latest windows updates, they can trick games into outputting 7.1 according to some people. It will say "Dolby Atmos for Headphone is being used" when you click the volume icon in the toolbar to indicate when it is actually on. see this headfi post: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mad-lust-envys-headphone-gaming-guide-10-25-2018-creative-aurvana-trio-added.534479/page-2792#post-14737677