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  1. Just wondering if the strix version allows you to use the auroa RGB software if youa rent using an Asus motherboard ( New to PC Building). Any help and advice is appreciated!
  2. I am building my first ever PC and I have a parts list picked out. My Budget is £1.55K GBP and I am going for a 1080 and a i5 6600k but I am having a few problems finding ram that will fit. At the moment I just want an 1x8 GB kit and will be upgrading after Christmas when I will have more money. I anyone is willing to help me find ram that will fit with the cooller and/or compatibility check the parts I have pick then I would be extremely grateful. Also any tips or suggestions on the parts I have picked would be greatly appreciated. Part list: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Zk9Mqk