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    DrDerp reacted to Jurrunio in Got a question about R5 1600 AF   
    That's near impossible, this board is that bad
    that VRM temperature would be awful
  2. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to WereCatf in Oneplus 8 / 8 Pro / 8 Lite Listings Appear on Oppomart starting at $769/$799/$499   
    For me, the speed wouldn't matter. I can plug a cable to my phone and charge from the wall-charger, if need be, but it'd be nice to be able to just slap the phone down on my desk and have it slowly charge while I'm doing something on my PC, all the while being able to quickly pick it up and start pacing around if I receive a call or have to go do something else.
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    DrDerp reacted to BachChain in Oneplus 8 / 8 Pro / 8 Lite Listings Appear on Oppomart starting at $769/$799/$499   
    Still punching holes in their screen, I see. I guess my 5t survives for another year
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    DrDerp reacted to PacketMan in Oneplus 8 / 8 Pro / 8 Lite Listings Appear on Oppomart starting at $769/$799/$499   
    No S10e competitor? What a waster of resources doing the same three devices with minimum differences.
    Also, they should start launching 5.5-5.7" with no bezels (or slim ones), custom ROM friendly.
    Once again, OnePlus letting me down...
  5. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to RonnieOP in Oneplus 8 / 8 Pro / 8 Lite Listings Appear on Oppomart starting at $769/$799/$499   
    $800 for a phone with no wireless charging?
    Oneplus can go eat a dick if thats true.
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    DrDerp reacted to melete in Best budget card   
    RX 580 = GTX 1650 Super > RX 570 > GTX 1650
    So what you get really depends on local prices and availability, but they're all fairly good except GTX 1650. GTX 1650 is trash.
    You could also look at used RX 470/570 or RX 480/580.
  7. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in Best budget card   
    Why not the 1650 Super? It's a little faster than the 580 and significantly faster than the 570. 4GB VRAM sucks for sure, but not like a 570 is ever likely to run games well that need 6-8GB anyways.
  8. Like
    DrDerp got a reaction from rkv_2401 in Best budget card   
    I’d say a 1650 Super if it’s the same price as a 580. They perform roughly the same but the 1650 Super is significantly newer and will receive more updates, consumes less power and will have less fiddly drivers.
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    DrDerp reacted to Crunchy Dragon in MWC 2020 cancelled amid coronavirus fears   
    Hope we don't end up with another NAND shortage...
  10. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to Vulkan HeStan in MWC 2020 cancelled amid coronavirus fears   
    Original article
    If I'm being honest, personally, I think this is a massive overreaction. However, I think it must be difficult to continue with the event if big name companies have pulled out prior to the announcement. It must really suck though for all the smaller companies who had invested heavily into the event. 
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    DrDerp reacted to Pascal... in Experiences with non-techies   
    More like r/cursedimages
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    DrDerp reacted to Lurick in Turning a PS4 into a PC   
    You mean because of the lack of drivers, unsupported CPU instruction sets, or locked down nature of the boot-loader?
    People were able to get Linux on a PS3 but the PS4 is much more locked down.
  13. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to Slottr in Is the Verge still a reliable source of information ?   
    As a general tech journalism site they're fine, but their reputation is definitely a little set off balance still from a few little flukes like that and the "foldable laptop"
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    DrDerp reacted to VegetableStu in Is the Verge still a reliable source of information ?   
    probably? i mean you can still cross reference the topic with other outlets, but i feel like everyone should do this to other outlets more often as well ._.
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    DrDerp reacted to GenericFanboy in corona virus   
    Disseased counts can never really be accurate. Especially if there's more and more dying constantly. 
    But i dont think she's completely wrong. I'm quite sure there's a lot more people than they say. But not 90 000
  16. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to Andreas Lilja in corona virus   
    How would a simple nurse know how many people are infected anyhow. Isn't that a bit over the pay grade? 
  17. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to Fasauceome in Bottleneck and solutions 😊   
    Dota shouldn't be suffering on that hardware but eso, and rust especially, are probably having a hard time with that CPU. Unfortunately you don't really have an upgrade path to anything modern without getting a new motherboard. If you currently have a decent motherboard the only route for immediate performance increase is an overclock.
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    DrDerp reacted to IdlePX in PC confessions   
    Wait, we're meant to clean the inside of them?
  19. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to B.Toast in PC confessions   
    I confess, I'm a USB whore. I've saturated 14 ports and just ordered an add-in card to get 7 more.

    I'm also a "______ over Cat6" whore. 
    What are your confessions?
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    DrDerp reacted to RejZoR in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    Funny, I don't remember anyone ever terminating Facebook or Twitter hosting or domains after mass shooters posted shit on their websites...
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    DrDerp reacted to mr moose in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    You know what we call it when you force a company to provide services against their will?   communism
    You have absolutely no right to demand a company in another country do anything for you.
  22. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to msknight in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    The problem for me, is that we’re now in a place where some platforms are essential to daily life, and there isn’t any recourse. A company in one country can enforce rules with no regard to the law in any country, and there’s no come back. Amazon has even banned traders, withheld their money and refused to tell them why. Said companies have gone to the wall with people put out of work and there’s no recourse. https://alexzolo.wordpress.com/
    I have no particular love for 8Chan, but the last two years just seem to be getting worse. Xbox live banning people and not giving reasons - https://www.change.org/p/microsoft-wrongly-banning-xbox-consoles-from-acessing-xbox-live - there must be a point where large corporates who we depend on, are held accountable for their behaviour when they host services which people rely on. And as services start to merge, if Xbox Live and the Skype accounts were linked, someone could potentially see their Skype die as well. Facebook has become very important for some people, to keep up to date with the people they’re connected with.
    YouTube deleted a video of mine in violation of its own rules. The video should at worst have been flagged as age inappropriate (I was testing a methalated spirit camping stove, of all things… apparently a little darling could have hurt themselves if they mimicked what I was doing) … but no, they insisted that it stayed deleted … and for me, the whole thing is starting to go bonkers.
    Big companies have too much power in areas which affect people’s lives (not my YT video, obviously) and no oversight. And it seems to be getting worse.
    And for how many years was Cloudflare perfectly happy to take 8Chan’s money?
  23. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to Derangel in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    Should we also ban Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc because they have also influenced mass killers and non-mass killers? People have used Facebook to livestream murders and other crimes.
  24. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to mr moose in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    It's not censorship when a company doesn't want to work with any group for whatever reason. 
  25. Agree
    DrDerp reacted to strajk- in Cloudflare terminate 8Chan   
    I don't like the fact that you're quoting 4chan in this, sure there are questionable individuals there but it's in no way shape or form comparable to 8chan, that place is surface level darkweb tier when it comes to controversial opinions and talking points.
    4chan on the other hand is incredibly tame, the only place there that's cancerous is /pol/ which is a containment board that every other board in 4chan hates, there is a reason 8chan users call 4chan the "cuckchan" because in 4chan you get IP Banned and to a certain degree even IP Range Banned for being a radical of any sort.
    4chan is in no way shape or form as controversial as it was made out to be by the media back in 2006-2008, it's very tame and quite honestly a great place to be in depending on your interests (boards).
    8chan on the other hand is a cesspool of pure cancer and so are many subreddits in reddit which to this date still have plenty of subreddits containing gore and child pornography getting banned and re-emerged as a new name instantly.