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  1. iPhone X and iPhone SE Video HDR

    Cheap small DSLR/mirrorless camera?? Like canon EOS M series!! Or GoPro with flat/log profile
  2. iPhone X and iPhone SE Video HDR

    Need some help here guys!!!
  3. iPhone X and iPhone SE Video HDR

    I am asking about dynamic range of iPhones
  4. iPhone X and iPhone SE Video HDR

    What about the dynamic range stops?? like canon T6 has 10.4 stops of dynamic range, canon c200 has 13 stops, red raven has 19, our eyes have 20.8,BMPCC camera has 13. and what is the best small cheap camera ?? Like canon eos M series (except GoPro)
  5. iPhone X and iPhone SE Video HDR

    How much the dynamic range of IPhone X and iPhone SE ?? (In Stops) Can iPhone SE cross 10 stops of dynamic range ?? Can iPhone X cross 10 stops?? How do they compare against canon cameras/DSLR/Mirrorless?? (Video HDR comparison)
  6. Filmic Pro on my iPhone SE

  7. Filmic Pro on my iPhone SE

    Guys!! Need some help here!! No response??? Why???
  8. Aputure H198 lighting setup

    Hey guys!! Need some help here!! Come on I need some help here!!
  9. Can I Aputure EZ Box softbox in aputure H198 by joining multiple lights together?? EZ box is bigger but can I join multiple lights to fit it in aputure H198. Links to the products- https://www.aputure.com/products/ez-box https://www.aputure.com/products/easy-frost https://www.aputure.com/products/al-h198?variant And is there any cheap Aputure lighting setup possible?? $100-$200
  10. Filmic Pro on my iPhone SE

    GH4 camera that record log is priced around $1000, BLack magic pocket cinema camera cost around $1000, Sony a6000 series is also priced around $1000+ overheating issues are Super dealbreaker. Any cheap camera that record at least 1080p LOG without using third party software like cine like/style whatever!!????
  11. Filmic Pro on my iPhone SE

    I am talking about videos And iPhone SE has 12MP camera,can record 4K videos and using that app you can record LOG footage!! This app is very popular, there are lots of movies that used this app in there films (shot on smartphones) remember film ‘tangerine’ where they used this app,some lens, cheap lighting AND an iPhone 5s. How can you record log in cheap DSLR?? Can a $500 dslr record 4K??
  12. Filmic Pro on my iPhone SE

    what you guys think about app FiLMIC PRO??? should any one used it?? good for youtuber?? how does it hold up against budget/PRO DSLRs /mirrorless /cameras? Thanks
  13. How much damage can lan surge/land based problems do??

    What about lan surge?? Or damages caused by LAN connection??
  14. Can land surge damage a graphics card,CPU,Motherboard?? Or just motherboard?? Or just CPU?? Or just GPU?? How much damage a land problem can cause apart from surge??
  15. Can I make you own OS?? What is Docker?? What are its usage?? Can I use it to make my own OS??? Thanks