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  1. I think his motherboard is this one https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M5A97_R20/ Case is some cheapest possible...
  2. Thanks, so motherboard is the problem, good to know. Can he buy the cheapest or it must be some brand name?
  3. Hi, my friend bought this headset for his PC: https://www.turtlebeach.com/products/recon-50p-headset even if it says that is for PS4 it should work on PC because it is 3,5mm connector, right? He connect the headset on front panel but microfone doesn't work. Everything other is fine. When he connect headset to microfone connector in front panel - microfone is working but there is no sound in hedphones. Is he doing something wrong? Here is the picture of windows settings when headset is connected in front panel in headphones connector: For microfone: Realtek options: Online test and skype test - every option tested - no results: And he connects headset to microfone connector - microfone is working but no sound in headphones:
  4. every other player works fine, instant action when I rewind. VLC lags when I open some 4GB mkv movie. When I rewind it always takes a second to do action. I tryed to reinstall,same thing. My PC is more than enough strong for video playback. Now I tryed to move it to my Samsung SSD, same situation with VLC
  5. In last couple of days I tried: Pot player - there is audio crackling happening (during some explosion and similar) in some scenes when watching movies - I couldn't fix it so Pot is out. Too bad it seems like a nice capable player VLC player - supports HDR10 (my monitor has that). From the beginning player lags when I rewind forward od backward, it need 1 second to move. Could get over that so he is also out. MPC BE player - solid interface, everything is good but is there a way to put playlist outside player border? Every time I want playlist to show I need to activate it by show-hide button. If I leave it on it will cover area of screen, it will not dissaper like on some other players. mpv player - this will be my second backup player becasue it supports HDR10, I will only use it for that.
  6. What to choose? Antivirus - Avast free, Kaspersky free, Bit defender free, Avira free Browser addon - ublock origin, Disconnect, Decentraleyes , HTTPS Everywhere, Privacy Badger, noscript, cookie auto delete, Browsec
  7. Hi, I didn't know where to ask so I will ask in this thread. I have this protection more than 4 years, everything works ok. On this APC I have connected my PC speakers, my PC and monitor. I have two question for you experts: - From the start I bought it Ground OK light doesn't light up when computer is turned on, light is only turned on when computer is turned off, I think it is because old house installation. I tried also on other electrical outlet in my house, same situation. Is that a big deal? - Yesterday I connected Hair dryer (1600W) to this APC and when hair dryer is turned on on max level 2, overload light activated on APC. Why is that? When I returned to level 1 light immediately disappeared. Is something wrong with my APC or this is normal behaviour?
  8. In what color should i put it that won`t be conflict between light and dark theme? It is a CPU fan, i think that buzzing noise is coming from motor area and I am pretty sure that Noctua is problem. What about fan recommendations?
  9. Hello, I need advice about my case situation and fan recommendation. - I have Define R5 and I put his stock fans to case fan controller. One stock fan is aimed at HDD cage (intake) and other is bottom intake. Problem is that when are fan on 7V I can hear sometimes humming noise like fan speed is going up and down. I read from this that this is known problem with R5 cases. From other posts: "The humming is normally caused by the fans being too close to a hexagonal holes. I had the same problem on my Fractal XL R2." "R5 is at fault, because of the shape of the holes. I tried with/without, different fans, and all different setups to isolate the issue. It is 100% the R5 top vents." So can I solve this only but putting some smaller fan on bottom intake (120mm)? In reserve I have Noctua 120mm 700 redux but it can only work as far as I know on 12V so it will be needed to be connected to motherboard. Any other solution? I am pretty sure that bottm fan is the problem but I need to test it more. - Other thing is that I want to replace my CPU fan which is Noctua industrial 3000, it has some buzzing noises (I read that is normal for those industrial fans?) and sometimes when I turn my PC during cold times I got a mesage that my CPU fan is no working. Than I restart computer and it starts normally, so maybe it start up with a delay and mbo after I turn PC on it recognises him as 0RPM at it gives that message? I have same situation with my previous board so fan must be the problem in this case. Any fan recommendation that doesn`t have problems (humming noise, PWM problems)? My favorites (I want a silent fan with a good pressure): - Coolermaster silencio 4pin 120mm - Arctic Bionix P120 4pin - Bequiet Silent wings 3 120mm 3 pin (I read that PWM versions has some problems) Cooler is Coolermaster TPC 600, CPU is Ryzen R5 1600 but in future it will be replaced for some 12c Ryzen.
  10. Nothing in recyle bin, even if it was I think that all that GB of pictures and videos couldn`t fit in recycle bin. I think I read before that CUT should be safe becausee windows should act smart with CUT, they should delete file on original destination only after is transfered to new. No I alreday use copy option again. Any program to try? With Dr. fone in past I managed to restore all pictures when on my friend phone windwos update deletes some things but this time it just anaylze device.
  11. Hello, I need urgent help. My friend told me to transfer his pictures from mobile phone CAT S41 (android) to his SD card. I connected mobile phone to PC and in internal card (DCIM->Camera) I marked all files and used option cut. Then I put option paste on his sd card. After few seconds of copying, copying just stopped (some windows sound was heard) and when I looked is storoge space on internal card there were no pictures. In SD card there is just small ammount of pictures copied. Seems like all pictures was deleted!!!!??? I tryed with program Dr. Fone but when he analyse device, progress bar is very slow and mobile phone is restarting every 2 minutes. What else could I tryed to restore this data?
  12. It is a 5.25" docking station for quick change of SSD/HDD. I can buy it for 15€. Is it good, reliable? https://www.inter-tech.de/en/products/accessories/other-accessories/x-3534
  13. One more thing, stupid question?: I need to cut those rubber layer skin on antenna and that connect that to metal extender?
  14. My FM radio doesn`t have that. So I should try to extend radio antenna cable with some metal wire if I understood correctly? ?
  15. I bought this FM radio clock: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Mirror-FM-Radio-Alarm-Clock-LED-Digital-Electronic-Table-Projector-Watch-Desk-Nixie-Projection-Alarm-Clock/32963083758.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.75954c4d9hfxdz but the radio singla is too weak, on 80 % of radio stations I hear crackling. Is there a way to boost a fm radio antenna? I think that at least 20% boost would solve crackling problem....