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  1. What to upgrade?

    ok thx and nice proflie pic
  2. Hello! In need help with upgraing my cpu and motherboard. Why you may ask: well i want to upgrade my AMD Radeon HD7540D graphics card into a GTX 750ti but with my current setup im afraid its going to bottle neck and wont give me the full preformance boost... My Cpu is: AMD A6-5400K and MotherBoard: MSI A68HM GRENADE So i dont know what to upgrade those thing for it to be compadable for gaming and BTX 750ti... Oh also try to keep the costs down anything over 100€ i cant afford. EDIT: thanks alot to a friend for helping to find out whats the problem about my pc!
  3. I think its AMD radeon HD 7540D bandicam 0056.mp4
  4. i bought it off ebay i may be able to find my purchase and i think i dont have the box but il search
  5. either its the monitor and thares no gpu or im just dumb
  6. i donwloaded an app that will scan my pc and tell me my specs and for my graphics it says:ASUS VS228 (1920x1080@60Hz) 768MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 7540D
  7. wait im confused the ASUS VS228 is a monitor?
  8. on pc part picker i have a 1050 ti to ask if that whould be a good build if a upgraded my ASUS VS228 into a 1050ti
  9. but chould i upgrade the gpu to an gtx 750 ti without having trobule?