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  1. The cheapest z68 mobo I found was for $100 Whould a P8H61-M work well?
  2. Hello! I want to upgrade my cpu and mobo for cheap! My budget is around $115 if possible... I currently have an Amd Athlon x4 and a Gtx 750ti. I want something that will kinda go with my Gpu but also isn't that expensive!
  3. How to find any game?

  4. How to find any game?

  5. How to find any game?

    Hello! I want to find this one game... I kinda remember it, but I also don't, if that nakes sense. If you know any good site for these kind of things, that whould help me alot. This is the game: I saw this game on a yt vid a long time ago, maybe 5-6 years or more,I remember a few things... You where an astronaut on mars, you where in the tipical astronaut suit in a 3rd person view. I remember that you whould just explore, it had a creppy/sad feeling to it... The only part of gameplay I remember is that you just found a barn, u explore it a bit and thats all i remember for the barn bit but the next thing I remember is that you enter a black room with only a light, chair, table and there was a human skeleton sitting on the chair. Thats all I remember Edit: The game also looked really realistic and the first time I thougt about the "game" I thougt that is was just a dream...
  6. What do you guys think of me getting a Xeon? I've heard that they are a little cheaper?
  7. $140 if I save up a little Edit: I forgot to say but I wont be getting the cpu or mobo for like another month or two
  8. Hello! I'm wanting to upgrade my Motherboard and Cpu! I currently have an Amd Athlon x4 854, Msi Grenade A68H and a Gtx 750ti. My budget is around $115. It dosen't matter if its not that big of a "preformance" boost, I think my motherboard has something wrong with it or it is too old, but I'm getting like 1/3 of the preformance of the cpu for some reason. And still, it would probably have a better upgrade path than the Fm2+ socket...
  9. My budget is around 100 euros. I currently have a Msi Grenade a68h mobo and an Athlon x4 845 cpu. I whould go with Ryzen but I don't know any good sites to buy. The last time I looked, a AB350 mobo was around $80 and a Ryzen 3 2200g was around $95, and thats too expensive for me.
  10. Hello! I want to upgrade, but I have to make athe choice: Ryzen or Intel... I also want to know what is the best budget cpu for both, and the cost. Will I need new ram, and witch? What motherboard should I get?
  11. My case is small, so a micro atx whould fit
  12. Hello! So I've found a couple of am4 mobos and I want to know witch one is the best one for budget gaming. Here are the mobos: AB350M, AB350M-HDV, B350M PRO-VD Plus or AB350 PRO4.
  13. Hello! I'm looking for a cheap am4 mobo aswell as a cheap am4 cpu... I've heard it has a good upgrade path unlike the fm2+ socket. I was thinking of buying a Ryzen 3 1200 first and upgrading from there, but I don't know witch motherboard I should get that I can buy for a fair price... My budget for the mobo is around 60-70$.
  14. I have a amd athlon x4 845, thats actully not a bad cpu but my mobo has a problem with it so it ruins the preformance of the cpu or just my mobo is too old/bad. I think my mobo is msi grenade a68h but not sure tho.
  15. Yeah, I already have a gpu, the Gtx 750ti