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  1. Could I get an used Ryzen 7? If I get one I think I could squeeze the 5700 xt into my budget
  2. Hello! I was thinking of building a new pc for myself to play games that are coming out this year at high/highest settings on 1080p on games like doom eternal and cyberpunk 2077 I don't know which graphics card I should pick out though so this is what I've picked out to see what would be the best option for me (I'm open to more suggestions) : Gtx 1660ti at €245: https://geizhals.de/zotac-gaming-geforce-gtx-1660-ti-zt-t16610f-10l-a1994499.html?hloc=at&hloc=de&hloc=uk Rx 5700 xt at €380: https://geizhals.de/xfx-radeon-rx-5700-xt-thicc-ii-ultra-rx-57xt8dbd6-a2130310.html?hloc=at&hloc=de Gtx 1080 at €370: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Palit-GeForce-GTX-1080-Jetstream-Aktiv-8GB-GDDR5X-PCIe-3-0-x16-HDMI/254189546148?epid=1174772198&hash=item3b2ee0aaa4%3Ag%3AArsAAOSw9KBd9PJK&LH_BIN= Was thinking of pairing one of those cards with a 2600 (maybe even a 3600 but probably not) depending on how much money I have left. Also I don't know when I'm going to start buying my pc parts.
  3. Hello! So I recently bought an ssd and installed windows on it. I was thinking of using the ssd for only games and windows and the hdd for apps, videos and so on. But for some reason the hdd is acting like an external storage device like an usb. When I try to drag something onto the hdd it doesn't move the file to the hdd it copies it and when I try to run a file on the hdd it has to move the file onto my ssd and than I can run the file. What should I do?
  4. Vod

    Ssd not working?

    I thought the same thing, but after I set up the SSD it started showing
  5. Vod

    Ssd not working?

    Ok I fixed it and appearently I just had to create the unallocated device into a volume
  6. Hello! I recently bought a new SSD and it doesn't seem to be working. I tried using 3 different sata cables in 3 different ports on the Mobo more than enough times and nothing would even show up in the bios or on windows. I bought like a SSD to USB type thing and when I connected the SSD with it showed up as unrecognized device. Is there something I need to enable to get it working and what else should I try doing? EDIT: If I go to computer management I find disk 1 which is unallocated and has 500gb (same as my ssd)
  7. Hello! I will be getting a new ssd pretty soon for games and the os. So I was wondering how I would reinstall windows onto that ssd. Can I do it using the reset option or do I need to use a usb and media creation tool? And will my windows stay activated?
  8. Hello! I want to revert to an older windows update but don't want to lose any data. I have pretty trash internet and it would take me ages to redownload everything. Id like to revert to the 1803 update because it's in my opinion the best one.
  9. Wait, is getting used headphones completely ok? If there are a lot of pictures and it looks like it's in good shape of course.
  10. Hello! I'm looking for some good headphones for gaming and listening to music. My budget is around 60 euro. A mic on the headphones would be nice but I don't really care about the mic quality that much but if there are some really really good headphones that sound really good but don't have a mic I would buy that too.
  11. Hello! I was thinking of building a pc for me and my brother, but for the most part I'm just wondering what kind of specs it would have to have to work. Specs I was thinking of putting the tower together with: Mobo: ROG STRIX B450-E GAMING Gpus: rtx 2060s (maybe a 2070 if I find it for a good price), gtx 1050ti lp, (idk what the 3rd gpu should be) Cpu: r7 3700x (if the r7 is too weak, than maybe a used r9 3900) RAM: 32gb 3200mhz Storage: 2x 250gb ssd Case: Meshify C Psu: EVGA 1000G2 Cooling: a couple of p12 silent fans but not sure about the cpu cooler My total budget for just the tower would be around 1300 euro. I would go with threadripper if that is an option for my pricepoint . I was thinking of having a more powerful pc for 144hz gaming on games like doom eternal, modern warfare, bf5... And a weaker pc for my brother because he plays games like roblox and minecraft, but so it could also handle other games like r6s and overwatch perfectly fine.
  12. Ok never mind, I found out that the deathadder mamba is 40 euro refurbished and the deathadder elite chroma is 36 euro new.
  13. Also I'm probably gonna be getting the 2060 super instead of the 2070 because it's 50 euro cheaper and a little slower
  14. But what should I do when I sell the rx and ryzen? Id have around 150 Euro and I was thinking of buying a quality case becuase my current one has pretty bad airflow and is kinda ugly.
  15. Hello! So I was wondering on what I should do, sell my pc and build a new one or just upgrade my existing one. My pc specs: rx 580 4gb, 16gb 3200mhz, r5 2400g (with stock fan), evga 500w bronze 80+, 1tb hdd, b450m hdv, a 24" 1080p 75hz monitor and a cheap chinease pc case and 3 fans. I live in europe so I'd get away with selling my pc from 400-500 euro. But I was also thinking of upgrading, for upgrading I have a budget 600 euro and I was planning on buying a used rtx 2070 for 400 euro and r5 3600 for 200 and also thinking of throwing in another 50 euro for a freezer 34 and 3 p12 silent fan and was also thinking of getting a 1440p 144hz monitor in like 6 months. Also if I would upgrade I could probably sell my rx 580 4gb for around 100 euro and r5 2400g for 60,and use that money to upgrade something else? But if I sold the pc my total budget would be around 1000 euro for everything (including monitor). I'm a lot more knowledgeable about building pcs and have proper experience now.