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    hosting a furry discord server (jk)
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    im 9 years old because i watch pewdiepie
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    not sure tbh

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  1. Hello! So I'm just asking what would happen if I ran my pc 24/7. I know it will raise my electricity bill, but I don't know by how much. And most of the time would be at idle (Or atleast downloading games in the background and such) if i were to leave it 24/7. But other than that, will that hurt my pc in a way. Specs: Rx 580, Ryzen 5 2400g, evga 500w 80+ bronze, b450 hdv, 8gb 3200mhz... Btw my room is clean most of the time so I'm not too worried about dust piling up.
  2. I used twitch, in the mods section, so it wasn't a crypto mining thing, I switched to ATlauncher. Sorry for such a late reply
  3. I downloaded another launcher and ran the same modpack and now it's running smoothly with the gpu usage at around 40 percent
  4. Thats vram, and I alocated around 5gb of ram to it
  5. I don't think that's the problem, because on my older pc, witch had an gtx 750ti, the modpack used around 70% of the gpu
  6. Before I would the modpack would run at 40-70 fps, the modpack is called SevTech ages
  7. Edit: Ram usage was a bit higher because I had chrome and and other programes opened
  8. i already have msi afterburner, I'll try that now, but I don't know if I have to close the game for the gpu, cpu usage and other to show up, if I do have to close the game it will take a couple of minutes
  9. Hello! So I built a new pc a month ago, and I downloaded a few modpacks (sevtech ages, all the mods3) using twitch. On my old pc the same modpacks I tried to run ran fine with ~60 fps. And back then I had a really ban pc (ahtlon x4 845, 6gb ddr3, gtx 750ti) but now with my new pc (rx 580 4gb, ryzen 5 2400g, 8gb ddr4 3200mhz) the modpacks would run ~5 fps at the lowest in game settings I could do. I looked in task manager while I ran one of the modpacks and the gpu was maxing out at 99% while the cpu was at 30% and memory at 70%. I thought it was a bug in the drivers or some kind of compatibility issues. I'm gonna go try download modpacks on another modpack downaloader and see if the issue resolves. Thanks!
  10. Vod

    Overclocking hz

    I've heard it can damage your monitor
  11. Vod

    Overclocking hz

    Hello! So I was just playing around with radeon settings and I changed the displays hz to 90 and it worked fine. So I got wondering how far can I push this. I've got an amd card (rx 580) and an 1080p 75hz freesync monitor ( the ACER ED242QR to be exact ). And what are the pros and cons to overclocking an monitor.
  12. I'm downloading the drivers for the onboard vega graphics now
  13. Ok i've fixed the switched screens problem but now the one I added is a litle worse quality