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  1. I want to upgrade my pc to a stable gaming pc to play games like fortnite and PUBG. Both of my cpu and gpu are bad (CPU: AMD A6-5400K GPU: AMD Radeon HD7540D). I want to upgrade my specs to Core i3 8100 and RX 460/560 My current mobo is: MSI A68HM GRENADE To what should I upgrade my mobo so it whould be compatible with the i3 8100 and rx460/560? Here are my mobo specs:
  2. Hello! I was wondering if it matters what MOBO i have... I whant to upgrade my Gpu im on a low budget of 120$so i want to buy the Gtx 750... It says it uses GGDR5 ram. So im asking if that metters because my Mobo is kinda bad, and i dont know if i upgrade is it going to damage my Mobo. My Mobo: Msi A68Hm Grenade My Gpu: AMD Radeon HD7540D (Idk if u even need this but il just put it in)
  3. thank you for the site tho and ur help cuz i got a slow GPU and whould like to upgrade it too
  4. Hello! Ive come up some problems with my cpu, it seems to be slow. I dont know if its a bad cpu or is it something else. My CPU/Procesor : Amd A6-5400K APU with Radeon Hd Graphics 3.60 GHz My pc is pre-build and thats the cpu it came with.
  5. Hello! So im wanting to upgrade my AMD Radeon HD7540D graphics card into a GTX 750 ti. But im afraid it will bottleneck cuz of my cpu and motherboard : cpu AMD A6-5400K mobo MSI A68HM GRENADE Im thinking into upgrading those in to: cpu Intel Core I3-6100 3.7 GHz and mobo GIGABYTE GA-H55-D2H And when i upgrade the cpu and mobo can i not be afraid of it not bottlenecking?
  6. What to upgrade?

    ok thx and nice proflie pic
  7. Hello! In need help with upgraing my cpu and motherboard. Why you may ask: well i want to upgrade my AMD Radeon HD7540D graphics card into a GTX 750ti but with my current setup im afraid its going to bottle neck and wont give me the full preformance boost... My Cpu is: AMD A6-5400K and MotherBoard: MSI A68HM GRENADE So i dont know what to upgrade those thing for it to be compadable for gaming and BTX 750ti... Oh also try to keep the costs down anything over 100€ i cant afford. EDIT: thanks alot to a friend for helping to find out whats the problem about my pc!
  8. I think its AMD radeon HD 7540D bandicam 0056.mp4
  9. i bought it off ebay i may be able to find my purchase and i think i dont have the box but il search