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These snack bars delicious in Ho Chi Minh city Raspberry eight crane located at the intersection of Cao Thang and Dien Bien sticky rice in this aromatic taste, plasticity of the grain glutinous rice and the savory fat of the pork is crushed and apply on a little garlic for deodorant then boiled up will smell fragrant when eating dots the same type of the black – this is dish is very popular. Raspberry Binh province located in investment edge star fill Binh Tien in district 6. In this sale are a variety of raspberry which raspberry, salty and sticky rice cadé are two the most characteristic dish, and sticky rice here is wrapped by banana leaves. Balut flour Pham Dinh ho be pre-boiled until cooked, then roll in flour, fried crispy, then sprinkled with peanuts and served with laksa leaves, pickles and fish sauce grease is formulated with heirloom recipes a taste. This dish is incredibly tasty at this place. Cake, eggs, Tran Phu is the tradition of the people of hong Kong, egg tarts here are quite famous and are considered the most delicious second of Saigon. This particular makes the attractiveness of Afghanistan where this is broth so delicious has a sweet taste of the broth offal, of coconut water, the fat of coconut milk, spicy aroma of cinnamon, five-spice and color characteristics of the dish is also the color of coconut water has been stewed skills rather than the color of pigments guarantee of quality, safety and hygiene charge. State of the Afghanistan gelatinous when food can be served with bread to fully enjoy the delicious taste of dishes stewed intestine. Rice noodle fish is a popular dish of Saigon, the fish here are made from snakehead fish that had been freshly made bone, sliced, washed and marinated in spices such as salt, seasoning... broth is cooked from the broth should have a rich taste when eaten with salad, price of, lemon, chilli and soy sauce, all intertwined to create a delicious dish with its own unique flavor. Rice noodles is a dish that originated from Cambodia but due to the processing. Rice noodles in Saigon, there are a diversity of raw material: pork, shrimp, liver, quail egg, squid... And not be able to enjoy rice noodles, is the vegetable eaten as vegetables need, frequency fields, chives, lettuce,... Noodle sauce dish is quite special and exotic of the South west, rice noodles have the smell of fish sauce so when you eat slightly heavy smell. When eaten, served with fresh noodles and vegetables in the garden, such as endive, stalks of cotton, gun rafter can, banana...many other materials such as roast pork, squid and... making bowl noodle sauce becomes more attractive.