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  1. Thanks man I had never herd of that place before
  2. I am looking to make a water cooling loop for my pc. I want to get the classic rgb kit from EKWB dose any one know how to get it in Canada and what the Canadian price is? Or are there better kits out there under 400$?
  3. I just got my case and it is a spec delta RGB and the front fans have both 12v rgb and 3 pin cables do I just plug in the 12v or do I plug both in?
  4. Just ordered a new motherboard but it only has 4 pin pwm fan headers and my rear case fan is a 3 pin. Can I use it on a 4 pin header if so how?
  5. Hello I have a ryzen 3200g and a asrock b450m HDV r4 it says I may need a bios update what do I do?
  6. So I got this power supply from a friend, it was from a dell pre built. It says 256 watt A. Can I use this thing on a 142 watt system? B. Will it exploded? C. Is this a dumb idea? D. Can I do any sorta over clocking on this?
  7. so i want to play some old games and i want to know how to make my own disks, do I need to softmod it to do this? if so what program do i use?
  8. I have a old laptop that I want to use as a interface for my servers, how do I do this? I need it to work in the BIOS
  9. It’s a coda 4582, I have gigabit will the speed go threw the switch
  10. I have had the same problem I have a DL365 g5 server from HP it is a rack mount, i had the same problem. just use a sound card
  11. well it is a 2 in one modem and router will this still work? and do i need to plug in coax in to the switch?
  12. looks vary jank I like it
  13. so I have a old coda router from rogers and it gets so hot when it is on, with the new router i am getting I am wondering if it be possible to play around by cooling it with a fan or something. 1. do routers throttle 2. and can I use a old router is a network switch?