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  1. i rarely see good pre built in our country and it if i saw one its OP and i also cant buy in ebay i dont have paypal or credit card mostly i see is i5 3rd gen 4gb ram hdd for 200$ sorry again for bad english
  2. 65$ for cpu and mobo i5 2400 and dell mobo
  3. buying this i5 2400 still a good choice ? i already have a pc rn so i will only buy the cpu and mobo i got a gtx 660 i just want to play paladins at 60fps is it good enough ? sorry for bad english
  4. is i5 2400 cpu still good ? for esport games ?
  5. fm2+ mobo it says genesis brand but i never heard of it a6 6400k cpu
  6. is there a way to update bios with this mobo it doesnt have a website its a unknown brand sorry for bad english
  7. is it gonna bottleneck?

    another question will my 8gb ddr3 ram 1333mhz enough for a8 7650k or should i upgrade to a higher mhz
  8. a8 7650k and gtx 660 is it gonna bottlneck? i mostly play paladins
  9. which one is better ?

    amd apu stock cooler or deepcool ice edge mini fs v2.0?
  10. should i still use the gtx 660 if im gonna go r3 ?
  11. i wanna upgrade my cpu cuz when playing paladins my cpu is 90-100% all the time and my gpu is only running at 7-15% my pc a6 6400k gtx 660 2gb 8gb ddr3 ram what cpu should i upgrade to ? sorry for bad english
  12. upgrade

    i want to upgrade my cpu pc a6 6400k 8gb ddr3 gtx 660 idk which one to go with either stay in fm2+ or change mobo and procie to i5 2nd gen or higher srry for bad english
  13. Can i run paladins ?

    CPU-a8 7650k GPU-gtx 660 2gb RAM-8gb ddr3 got a8 cuz theres no fm2+ athlon available in my country
  14. i can get a bnew a8 7650k for about 65-70$ in a pc store in philippines i found a 880k in lazada but its way overpriced