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  1. which thermal paste is better ?

    Z5-https://gyazo.com/b4161e92e9eb315f4740bf1513dfed50 MX2-https://gyazo.com/68913b0f6e8dbf62dcd07edced43c29b
  2. deepcool z5 or arctic mx2 ?
  3. which one ?

    i5 3470
  4. which one ?

    cryorig m9 or deepcool gammaxx 400 No oc just want to replace stock cooler sorry for bad english
  5. Noob question will dual channel work with 2 different brand ram same gb and mhz srry bad english
  6. whats causing this shutdown ? while gaming my pc just completely power off and when i tried to open it again while in windows 10 loading screen it power off again anyone can help whats causing this ? SPECS i5 3470 8gb ddr3 gtx 660 250gb hdd corsair cx550m sorry for bad english
  7. need help on what to upgrade first ? Specs I5 3470 B75 MOBO 8GB DDR3 250GB HDD GTX 660 768P MONITOR i can still play the games i want pretty well
  8. wat psu ?

    cant afford cx550m its 70$ in my country my budget is only 50+$ s12ii 520w is 56$ in my country srry bad english
  9. wat psu ?

    is seasonic s12ii 520w compatible for this pc ?
  10. wat psu ?

    building a used potato pc wat psu should i go for ? Spec CPU-I5 3470 RAM-8GB DDR3 HDD-250GB GPU-GTX 660 2GB sry for bad english
  11. i rarely see good pre built in our country and it if i saw one its OP and i also cant buy in ebay i dont have paypal or credit card mostly i see is i5 3rd gen 4gb ram hdd for 200$ sorry again for bad english
  12. 65$ for cpu and mobo i5 2400 and dell mobo
  13. buying this i5 2400 still a good choice ? i already have a pc rn so i will only buy the cpu and mobo i got a gtx 660 i just want to play paladins at 60fps is it good enough ? sorry for bad english
  14. is i5 2400 cpu still good ? for esport games ?