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  1. Majinhoju

    [Poll] What GPU do you use for gaming?

    On my main rig: GTX 1080 On my secondary rig: GTX 780
  2. If my budget allows for it, I'm going to enjoy all the gaming platforms. PC will always be my preferred platform though.
  3. Majinhoju

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    I say change it back. Watching everyone get their panties in a twist over this is kind of amusing
  4. Majinhoju

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    I agree. My wife and I would play the exact same games and she would be the one getting creepy and offensive message at the end of the round from angry players.
  5. Majinhoju

    Single, Unemployed Better "Gamers”

    My wife is easily as good at gamimg as I am. We're both lifelong gamers.
  6. Majinhoju

    Sony Now Internally Regulates Sexual Content in Video Games

    Seems a bit silly to me but it's up to Sony how to manage their platform. I can just play my Xbox or PC instead if I don't like it.
  7. Majinhoju

    Does anyone on here still play old school doom?

    I sometimes replay the classic doom games using Gzdoom. I've always loved the classic Doom games.
  8. Majinhoju

    Anyone still use old graphics cards with no shame?

    My oldest GPU that's still in use in one of my PCs is a gtx 780 which still games fairly well. I do have a couple AMD 6870s lying around boxed up somewhere.
  9. Social media isn't public property or a public gathering space in that sense. It's easily accessible but you're still on someone else's server space. By that logic the mods here should just sign off and let us have a free for all for the sake of free speech.
  10. I don't know. It's up to the platform to decide what they feel is acceptable for their community standards. They own the server space. We can't tell the mods here how to do their jobs. Free speech only applies to the government intervening.
  11. Majinhoju

    How long do you expect your rig to last?

    I can't remember the year, it was built probably within months of the release of the GTX 9 series. It started with an i5 4670k and a gtx 780. I've since added a ssd drive, replaced my 780 with a 1080 and it still seems to be going very strong. The only upgrade I'm considering is maybe looking for a used 4790k just to add some extra clock speed and hyperthreading. I should be good for a while still.
  12. I find Vmware Workstation Player actually handled GPU tasks fairly well. Here's a test i did. Host: I5 with a gtx 780 running Windows 10. VM: Windows 7 Game test: Resident Evil 5 benchmark. It ran at full settings over 100fps. It wasn't passthrough either, my VM saw the GPU as some s3 card or something (can't remember exactly). It should hopefully work the same if you're running XP on your VM. I also recently tested Diablo 1 on my XP vm but didn't test any 3d accelerated titles though.
  13. Majinhoju

    Red Dead 2 exclusive to Epic according to leak

    Rockstar also has their own game store so I'm not so sure about this.
  14. Majinhoju

    Should I get GTA V in 2019

    If you're looking for GTA sort of style would the Saints Row series or Sleeping Dogs be worth looking at?
  15. Majinhoju

    Youtube forced to step in.

    Popular? yes. Free to use? Yes. But.. Social media may seem like a public utility but they're still a private platform. They have a corporate image to protect and are free to censor their platform if they feel that certain speech harms it. Anything you post is on their server space that they pay for. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the first amendment only prevent you from being silenced by the government? If the US government owned Youtube then it would be a different story.