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  1. Its just too late by now. Everyone who cared about nsfw content has left and found a new home by now. The new home for me is Pillowfort.social Its been nearly a year, and even without the new rules, tumblr had many issues leading people to leave. There is no hope for it. It will probably turn into a generic website builder and remove all the social media aspects from it.
  2. poochyena

    It’s not dumb if it works – Acer Helios 700 Review

    People always joke about a laptop sounding like a jet engine, but this one really does
  3. The difference in purchase price and sale has little to do with the porn ban.
  4. Then stop acting like you have. Customers can't fire McDonalds employees. If you hire the contractor to perform a job, you are. contractors and regular employees are different legally, but both involve hiring them with the ability to fire them.
  5. and I asked you, where is the line? So if you hire a contractor to fix your house, and his truck is covered in Nazi signs and he is covered in Nazi tattoos, you shouldn't be allowed to fire him?
  6. so what? We should take people's rights away if they become too popular? How many followers do I need for my rights to be taken away? Ok, and the people who already are rich and famous wouldn't even need that allowance. How will anyone be able to learn about a candidate if they can't advertise their existence? Limiting their spending limits their reach. A rich person can travel the country hosting rallies on his own dime, a poor person can't. ????? 1. what are publishers? 2. How are they acting as such? 3.What regulations do publishers face?
  7. excuse me? What does that mean? You think not only should people's right to their property being taken away, but also punishing them for removing what they don't like? How would you feel if someone put a bunch of Nazi lawn signs on your property, and then being punished for removing them? Literally how would anyone run a campaign with no outside help? It would HEAVILY favor people who are rich and famous, since non-rich and famous people would have no way to get their name out there.
  8. past few years? Its been happening since the very start of the internet
  9. While sure, the scoring/weighted system is kinda bad, the raw data is still very useful for comparing two CPUs and GPUs, is it not? Steve recently went on a rant about the site, starting at 8:00 which seems completely baseless to me, providing no data to much up the assertion that their data isn't accurate. Which, btw, i'm actually blown away by Linus having never heard of the site before the controversy.
  10. Could be? Well, are they? I wanted to know if it was worth upgrading from my laptop to a desktop with a 6600k chip. That site does show it being a closer match between the two CPUs than userbenchmark does.
  11. One person, yes, but the collective average of hundreds of people? but they don't compare it to every chip. How am I suppose to know how much faster/slower a i7-4700MQ is to a i5-6600k? but wouldn't that be consistent across all tests then? The relative performance difference is all that matters.
  12. I said I agree the scores are bad, i'm talking about the raw data. look at the single core, 4 core, and multi core data. With hundreds of reviews, I'd imagine the average would weed out the idiots.
  13. But I don't, and I don't know by how much. Do you have any evidence for that? Such as, one CPU doing ~30% better than another CPU in their tests, but "real world" tests, its completely different, like only 5% better or 90% better?
  14. What review site can I compare a ~5 year old laptop CPU to a new desktop CPU?
  15. poochyena

    Youtube testing new layout on random accounts.

    Just looks like the current layout, but scaled to 150%. Does scaling the page down fix it?
  16. poochyena

    Google has just ruined Google Images.

    right click an image, then middle click "view imaage"
  17. AMD's share price had a huge 15% jump today due to the announcement.
  18. I find old CRT TVs and Monitors, clean them up, gut them, cut a hole in the bottom, replace the screen, and sometimes then paint them! I sell them on Etsy
  19. poochyena

    Toshiba Introduces New Tiny NVMe SSD Form Factor

    You mean an SD card?
  20. for TVs, thrift store, for monitors, I post in the "wanted" section of craigslist. I also talk to the local scrappers who go around looking for scrap metal to find me CRTs
  21. poochyena

    Trump targets games

    I don't see how games are worse than teaching a kid how to use a gun to kill real life animals. I think using a real gun to kill real things is more desensitizing than using a controller to kill a virtual character.
  22. poochyena

    Cloudflare terminate 8Chan

    I can't speak for 8chan, but for 4chan, what you describe only happens on /pol/ and maybe /b/. The rest of the dozens of boards don't have any more alt-right racists than, say, LTT forums. Lumping all the boards into one really shows you don't know what you are talking about.
  23. poochyena

    Cloudflare terminate 8Chan

  24. poochyena

    10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER

    I love windows 10. and vista. hated 7 and 8 though.