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  1. crainingaming

    Private Internet Access (Pre-Roll Landing Page)

    I just have a question, I know this thread is sort of old but still, can I play games and stream with the VPN on? or do I have to turn it off every time?
  2. crainingaming

    AMD wraith cooler installing issue

    I am trying to install my cooler for my ryzen 1600 the stock one. when I screw it in, the screws aren't moving down and are not going into the holes. When they do though, the opposite side flings up. I don't know what to do please help.
  3. crainingaming

    Can my pre built hold a gpu?

    Do you know any other GPU's that may be able to run on this?
  4. crainingaming

    Can my pre built hold a gpu?

    alright. Thanks for the help!
  5. crainingaming

    Can my pre built hold a gpu?

    Ok. Thanks! The case is A micro itx I think though.
  6. crainingaming

    Can my pre built hold a gpu?

    So I have an Acer aspire that is hard to find online for me. If you need the model, it is Acer aspire AXC 605 ER29. I was wondering that if I get a GTX 750 Ti from EVGA, (the one that does not require external power) would it fit in to the case? Would I run into any issues with power or anything? Thanks! Zulfiqar