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  1. Visit

    There was one fan how manage to get this: In the end it was business: the fan has visited LMG. LMG got a nice video.
  2. Arctic Xtreme iv

    the IV doe not have those. It is better to use them on high end gpu but it is designed with a large backside cooler for vrm cooling.
  3. is my tap water safe to drink?

    Good luck finding lead free water. AAS or MS will find in any water lead. 9.1 is fine even it is above average. It is below the European limit of 10 ppb. @spartaman64 is this your sample or those from the water company?
  4. [Build Log] Rustic Wooden PC [in progress]

    4 cm fan from fractal design? why fractal, just why
  5. Ccleaner.

    Ccleaner deletes temp files and cache depending on how you configure it. After deleting the cache the program need to redo what it has cached before. This is why performance may suffer. The benefit is you get lot of space back and get rid of unnecessary cache files. The downside ccleaner can not determine which part of the cache is worth keeping.
  6. I am not a expert but don't you get back tariffs if you export it again?
  7. Our best effort still SUCKS - Sketchy Heatsinks 3

    can we talk about moded notebook cooling?
  8. Should I Buy The Google Pixel Right Now?

    Things I want/need are: - Phone to last a couple of years : depends: only 32 gb and no sd otherwise yes: offical security update supports ends october 2019 which is nice rom are now avaible and it is pubular which mean there is a high chance of community support after 2019 replacing the battery is not easy but still possible and replacment parts are avaible - A decent display - yes - Decent camera for social media posts - 2 years old but still not bad - NFC would be a plus - yes since you don't ask for things this device does not have go for it. if you still think about the s7 take the s7 and not the s7 edge (google pink line of death)
  9. Should I Buy The Google Pixel Right Now?

    depends on what you need. If you the pixel fits your criteria go for it. If not take a look at other old flagship phones like the s7.
  10. solderering or just get a pcie card, adapter or hub adapter: usb 2.0 header to 3.0 header routing a external ubs 3.0 port into the pc and use a adapter for the 20 pin.
  11. solderering or just get a pcie cardr, adapter or hub.
  12. Something funny with someone i encountered

    Didn't you know that every microwave is spying on you with a camera?
  13. my new phone is every time more strange then the one before:

    lg 4x hd (normal and first phone)

    Nokia 930 - windows phone

    blackberry q10 - tiny blackberry

    Blackberry passport - a phone with the size of my passport (i know now why i have tought about getting the lg vu instead of the 4x hd. it is awesome)


    what will be the next one? :|


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    2. Pangea2017


      @SilentprototipeI have looked at the moto z force. I like to drop my phones.

      the two days battery lifetime of the q10 are a joke compared to this monster.

    3. Silentprototipe


      @Pangea2017 Get the OG Moto Z Force Droid. That comes with the 3500 mAh battery by default. Its last gen but its more than worth with the 820 and 3500 mAh battery plus Moto Mod extensions :P


    4. Pangea2017


      Moto z force + qi cover, samsung s7, blackberry key one, nokia 930 and the passport where on my short list.

      In the end 50€ for a passport in perfect condition from a professional seller was the best price/performance. It is crazy if you have 80 character code without scrolling or two powerpoint slides visible at the same time. I hope to get two years of use out of this device and the new market is then a better condition. Right now there was nothing from this generation which is worth it for me. If i pay more i want to be closer to the device of my dream.

  14. dark base 900 pro are now around 190€ and the 2. gen 200€ including three silent wings.
  15. Unofficial LTX 2018 Comments Thread.

    i have heard the lambo is history