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  1. Pangea2017

    mountaincristals in pc?

    So basically this with a different case:
  2. Pangea2017

    CPU Temps

    80° is not bad and don't justify upgrading the fan if you are on a budget. Noise might improve but temp should only drop by a few degree and this don't gain you much more performance. Btw. did you already adjusted the fan curve?
  3. Pangea2017

    CPU Temps

    Do you think you have a temperature problem or do you have a temp problem?
  4. Pangea2017

    Misconceptions as a kid

    indeed it is. Only topics you like and no longer art and latin.
  5. Pangea2017

    Using telnet on raspberry pi without login

    Open the connection and wait until the command is send. Maybe other protocols like MQTTs (far below 1 second) or plain UDP/TCP could be a better solution.
  6. You would need to upgrade the motherboard. Get your self a geforce now beta key. Only downside you need to wait a few months.
  7. swap the cpu for a quadcore, 16gb ram, 2 hdd and this: a ambilight build into the display cover.
  8. Pangea2017

    Cool things in Germany?

    funny part: mustard: spice -> can't charge extra for it ketchup: not a spice -> can charge for it
  9. Pangea2017

    Cool things in Germany?

    great harbor for sailing. There is nothing special in flensburg.
  10. Pangea2017

    Cool things in Germany?

  11. I recommendand using clean ethanol and a pice of natrium. Perfect 78.37°C peak temperature. For better temps isopropanol is the way to go.
  12. Pangea2017

    Glass tubing?

    This is the normal quality. I would say it is still a bit better then my bends but they just have to be functional. I mean real 90 degree with little to no bend radius.
  13. Pangea2017

    Add wireless charging to power bank

    No. Even two reciver side by side would not add charging speed. Why? Even if you have a 3 coil charger only one coil (the best) is used for power transfer.
  14. Pangea2017

    Whats the deal with tunnelbear?

    There was also a clickbait titled live stream explaining it. That tunnelbear get bought by McAfee was not the problem. The larger problem was that they don't got a response from tunnelbear about there questions.