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  1. "12K" Triple Projector Gaming Setup!

    if somebody want a epic LTT beamer video:
  2. GPU Price Skyrocket

    https://www.vg247.com/2017/12/21/microsoft-poland-accidentally-leaks-mouse-and-keyboard-support-for-xbox-one/ they work on it, they also have worked on APK for WindowsPhone or project McLaran.
  3. improving Ambilight/ performance measurement

    They have them and some resistance next to each LED. But i did not have added a larger capacitor which is common practic for the WS2812B.
  4. Plating Al 5xxx

    Zincating is interesting. Boil NaOH solution and add ZnO to it. Anodizing will be the fall back option given that the packaging sizes is for way more then a couple of uses and the plating staff can be used for other projects (PC, HDD enclusure, ...). For now i wait for the 1kG CuSO4*5H2O to arive and try preparation with HCl. Tifoo Gmbh claim that there electroplating activator make plating possible (is looks like 10% HCl sold for 13 $/L + shipping). The places i have ask were aware of contamination or don't want to deal with privat persons.
  5. Plating Al 5xxx

    The corrosion resistance of Al2O3 makes plating Al difficult. Nickel is quiet easy and surprisingly available. Plating nickel with copper is not a problem. But plating copper with nickel is not nice: 1) boiling NiSO4 solution (90-95°C) is one of the things you don't want to handle without proper protection (Carcinogen over the upper respiratory tract) 2) contact with nickel should be avoided to prevent allergy, not a large point since copper will be on top 3) waste treatment, not sure how i can dump it without cost, sewers is no option for this I want to get the look and feeling of copper to the metal parts of the notebook. Giving the part to a professional company would be the best solution but i don't know one who is doing it for two parts. Anodizing looks fine but it requires 3 baths which have to large enough for 14" parts. Treating H2SO4 and NaOH afterwards is simple and the die probably not critical. To avoid having 3 large bath i tough about trying tricks used for plastic electroplating on the aluminium parts. Give it a thin conductive layer of spray paint and using normal copper electrolyte afterward, maybe a second one for cleaning. For this method i am not sure if the normal copper spray paint will work and how good it will stick to the aluminium for light daily use. Other options: - cyanide electrolyte (CN-): good to handle, no long term health risk, but i can not get it - diphosphat electrolyte (Copper(II) Pyrophosphate): not sure if i can get this Regardless of what i will end doing i will test it on some small scrap parts to be safe.
  6. Micro Center in Ohio, prices up

    adam smith, invisible hand this will be short time when the market crashes and after this it will recover and keep in mind that many people don't want old mining cards which have run for thousands of hours.
  7. GPU Price Skyrocket

    No XBox one S i mean the XBox One X which have RX580 performance for under $500 total cost! a single RX580 is now $400. 30 FPS and 720p is not a thing with this beast. It performs better then anything you can build now as a PC for under $500. By the way if the Xbox One S is on sale for low as $150 last black Friday it is a good deal for what it is and yes it does not have Steam
  8. Are twitter embeds working ?

    Twitter Embed on other sides are working fine in the latest Vivaldi browser with AdGuard and ScriptSafe
  9. Micro Center in Ohio, prices up

    how they even get stock, the gt 210 was build in 2009 with PCIE 2.0, it belongs in museums.
  10. Micro Center in Ohio, prices up

    is not more a kind of education? why should they offer cheaper graphics card when mining is over if costumer are trained to pay more for the last few years? it is a oligopoly with NVidia and sometimes AMD. In long term console will profit and PC gaming is hurt.
  11. GPU Price Skyrocket

    if i only would play AAA games Xbox One X paired with Keyboard and Mouse is a way better deal then a PC
  12. Basic PC Build

    Replace the Thosiba P300 with anything else, this thing is loud as hell and have more vibration then anything else. for example: Seagate ST1000VN002 is 60€ (1TB) and is quiet. if you need to cut the budget take 10€ of the case and put it in the HDD, you even can buy a case for 30€.
  13. Any suggestion for Bezel-less monitor with a vesa mount?

    Dell U2718Q (HDR) LG 27UD88-W (only sRGB)
  14. Plating Al 5xxx

    Plating steel with copper is esay. Aluminum 5xxx is complete different story for obvios reasons. Which makes this to a real problem is REACH, the German ChemVerbotsV, waste treatment and no fume hood or glove box. Some people reporting that they get it working with HCl and CuSO4 in one bath or using copper spraypaint first. Maybe someone have experience with platting or anodizing (looks way less problematic but much more material needed) aluminum.
  15. did you aleready have tried the standard GRUB bootloader? https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/155396/how-to-have-triple-boot-linux-mint-17-cinnamon-ubuntu-14-04-windows-8