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  1. Pangea2017

    Jack Daniels build

    pls add a drain port at the front
  2. Pangea2017

    Oldest piece of tech you own

    @Infinite_Render what is it for you?
  3. Not even that. It is just optics. Surprisingly they used it on my card for some kind of cooling. At least there was a thermal pad and the backplate got hot. Plexiglas/acryl is fine. Painting the backside is not as important (if you illuminate it keep in mind light can escape through the back if it is not painted). Painting the edges is necessary unless you want this look or a LED strip.
  4. Acrylic window? you can drill through those if you do it the right way.
  5. Pangea2017

    Krakatoa have a son. And it erupted. Yippie

    I am still happy that i am not visiting Sicily at the moment. Seeing pictures from places where you where just a few months ago is frustrating. But still Athena and surrounding is beautiful.
  6. Pangea2017

    Changing post code color on a motherboard?

    Black electrical tape will fix it.
  7. Pangea2017

    Desoldering 8-pin bios chip off of HDD PCB??

    Fresh solder and solder wick is good enough for most jobs. If it is more difficult it might be worth to look around for special "solder" which stays liquid at lower temperatures like chip quick. Soldering the new chip in is straight forward. Apply solder and the surface tension will do the rest. If you bridged pins drag it a bit a away from the chip with the soldering tip or use solder wick.
  8. Pangea2017

    Are PC Manufacturers Trying to Screw You??

    @LMG Ivan did you ask the PR-representatives what happened before publishing? I mean Dell was a total failure.
  9. Pangea2017

    Possibly dead 980ti for sale

    Stay away from dead GPUs. If it is not listed as working it is dead.
  10. Pangea2017

    absorbing coil whine

    I have a PSU which is not easy to replace and suffers from coil whine. Can i use cheap (3 cm foam) absorber from china to block this noise or is a there a better material at acceptable cost available?
  11. Pangea2017

    Do hoverboards still catch on fire?

    It is still china and they like money: so probably yes and the media moved on after the hype.
  12. Sending SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS instead of SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST is enough? Telnet would be nice since i have a device which i want to take ownership off to fix something without modding the firmware.
  13. Pangea2017

    mountaincristals in pc?

    So basically this with a different case:
  14. Pangea2017

    CPU Temps

    80° is not bad and don't justify upgrading the fan if you are on a budget. Noise might improve but temp should only drop by a few degree and this don't gain you much more performance. Btw. did you already adjusted the fan curve?