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  1. Wierd temps from mobo

    127 equals 0x7F or as binary 01111111 with the first bit is likely used for plus and minus. So it sounds just like invalid reads.
  2. Avg fps on games running on GT 610

    to make it short: shitty to it does not launch.
  3. Xbox 360 Slim PC Case

    There is at least one build (oc.net). Just screw the stand offs trough the plastic and with a APU there is no need for a GPU which would even make a internal PSU possible (fit the 12V external psu adapter into the case). ps. never say nobody have done anything before. There is even a GPU + CPU 240mm rad watercooled node 202 out there.
  4. Dark Base Pro 900 Fan Controller Issue

    Is your manuell controll set to 0 (the controll at the front of the case)?
  5. How does cooling even work

    what? Diethylether for electric systems sounds like a good idea...
  6. Dark Base Pro 900 Fan Controller Issue

    What is your fan controller?
  7. small MCU development bords

    The digispark was just to slow and caused problems with the bios (did not boot if the digispark was attached, like not even the bios was comming up (is on my list of thinks i want to solve/work out why it happens when i find time and motivation for it)). With the 32u4 eveything should work (still waiting for it to arrive). I hope that the ambilight notebook integration will be done in 1-2 months. Thx for the offer to help me. I might wan't to use pcbs for future projects.
  8. Dark Base Pro 900 Fan Controller Issue

    At oc.net there was a post years ago with a explonation. You can also learn here more about it: http://thermalbench.com/2016/09/05/be-quiet-silent-wings-3-120-mm-fan/3/
  9. Dark Base Pro 900 Fan Controller Issue

    Are you trying to run them at higher speeds? SW3 PWM are known for having a problem with these pwm settings. Adding a pull up can help.
  10. You can get the idle consumption down to 10w if you plan your build around this. Also you have to do the right tweaks to the bios, driver and windows update/settings. Even if you got so far. There are more problems: fans, usb devices, etc, software preventing the pc from entering the low power states. Most PCs are far away from 10w idle.
  11. This was 50w calcuation (actual result was 131€) which is sadly the idle consumption of my ryzen 5 pc. 1 kW/H = 0.30cents
  12. Wow. There are still places where electricity is cheap or they just want to waste over 100€ per year.
  13. PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life!

    Is this how channel super fun will live on at the LTT main channel?
  14. Bots are invading Twitter

    Just watch the 34c3 talk or the the np13 talk while the first one is the better one.
  15. Repurpose Adressable LED chips for Large LED array?

    The signal quality can be a problem these distances. Where do actual need a strip with 5-10m between each bright led? For most application the normal LED are bright enough. If you want those ic order them from china (50 ic are a bit over $4).