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  1. Weird question so bear with me but I'm doing an interface analysis for the Windows File explorer. Other than a dark mode, are there any features you feel are missing or could be improved? Or even stuff you particularly like about the file explorer? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, Upon attempting to update the bios/UEFI to ver.3201 on my Maximus VII Hero the update got stuck at processing. It remained there for half an hour and was still stuck so I had no option but to restart the PC. Now the machine won't boot (no display) and there is error code 00 on the motherboard. The USB bios flashback doesn't work as the blue LED just remains flashing indefinitely, even with a different USB stick formatted to FAT32, trying an older bios version, and renaming the file to M7H.CAP. I have also tried another motherboard and the issue is fixed so the motherboard is definitely "bricked" I sent these details to Asus and they replied saying: "To arrange a return of the component, please contact your seller to arrange the return for repair, replacement or refund. Please note that the return can be arranged via the distribution chain only. As ASUS does not sell any products directly to end users we cannot be seen as the seller." I don't have proof of purchase as I bought it roughly two years ago from Amazon and Asus are are not willing to respond about sending it in to them to get it repaired. What can I do? Cheers.