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    United States
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    Game Development, Programming, 3D Modeling, most kinds of art, Music Production, and Gaming of course...
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    Well... I'm too lazy to do this part.
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    Game Developer


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    Ryzen 1700x
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    DDR4 2x8GB 2133Mhz HyperX
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    MSI GTX 1070 8GB
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    120GB+ 250GB+ 120GB+ 1TB (All SSDs)
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    PSU Corsair Semi-Modual
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    LG 21:9
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    Bloody KB
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    Something I got off of mass drop
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  1. Small scene I did as an art test. 3D Interactive: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/composed-scene-0ef08b60b11e4d95a6da8bd87e75d859
  2. This thread is pretty old haha. That's probably why you missed it. ? Just updated the OP as well. ?
  3. RIP best moderator.

  4. Reviving the thread because it's mine. Here's one of my latest works. Modeled in Blender. Texture in SP. Rendered real-time in UE4.
  5. RIP / Banned?

    Going through followers and this is banned.

    Against forum rules?

  6. No Problem, I just thought I remembered that you had a 1440p monitor.
  7. I thought it was pretty good. Can't wait for S5. I could go further into detail, but I'm looking forward to your guys' opinions. If you post a spoiler, use the spoiler edit thing.
  8. What resolution were the benchmarks set at?