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  1. Why is water proofing so important?

    Being a military combat veteran, and now somewhat involved in manufacturing of items that can be made "military grade" or not, this person is quite correct. I even have a friend who works for DARPA (the Department of Defense R&D section) and true military grade is generally very expensive. Military DESIGN is truly awful, clunky, and far from user-friendly, and is different than military GRADE. I speak in regard to electronics mostly, but it applies to clothing too.
  2. Why is water proofing so important?

    Not everyone lives/works in an environment that is a climate controlled, indoor space. Personally, I am medically retired, but pretty much my entire working life was spent in inclement weather, extreme hot/cold, or places where it would be easy for your phone/tablet/laptop to be exposed to drops in snow/water, light rain, whatever. The water resistance may not be a selling point for you, but is is high on the list for those who work and or play in extreme environments. Heck, even the printer I carried at work in my truck was lightly rained on a few times. I dropped my flashlight in my driveway at the beginning of winter in 2014 without realizing it. I lost it in the snow. I plowed snow along that driveway all winter, not to mention pulling my truck with trailer and heavy equipment up and down that driveway all winter long. Spring thaw came and I found my flashlight. Clicked the tailcap switch and the thing turned on, good as new. Cosmetically it... had character, but I still use that flashlight to this day.
  3. Ryzen 5 1600 won't overclock???

    Well this has officially gone beyond my ability to give anything helpful. Sorry man, but I wouldn't know what to do either in that situation. Give it some time and someone smarter than me will come along.
  4. Ryzen 5 1600 won't overclock???

    OK it seems to me that your BIOS changes are NOT surviving the reboot then. If they were, the software would report the changes. So you have changed things with XMP, but have you tried doing it manually (without XMP)?
  5. pc not booting to safe mode

    Oh sorry, I misread the beginning of your original post.
  6. Overclocking r5 1600

    My 5 1600 runs 3.9 at 1.38750, and your numbers are well within safe range.
  7. pc not booting to safe mode

    Tried tapping the delete key as it boots to get into BIOS? Delete is the most common key, yours may be different...
  8. Ryzen 5 1600 won't overclock???

    OK then I am just completely missing what you are asking then. The values survive boot and report correctly in monitoring software but....? It doesn't seem to make a difference? Sorry, but I am lost as to what you are asking for, and it is probably my fault that I am missing something.
  9. 2133 or 3000 for Ryzen?

    I run 2133 with my 5 1600 and I really wish I could have afforded a faster set of RAM. I cant even get my memory to OC at all. Not one little bit. So get the faster set if you can afford it.
  10. Ryzen 5 1600 won't overclock???

    Ok, just thought I would check. I have a different MOBO so different results. So if I am understanding this correctly, you are able to change the values in BIOS, but they do not survive reboot?
  11. Ryzen 5 1600 won't overclock???

    Are you on the latest BIOS?
  12. Overclocking Range (Ryzen 5 1600)

    My 5 1600 is stable at 3.9MHz and 1.38750 volts. Can't get it stable over that. Board is Gigabyte X370 Gaming K7. Stock cooler and temps are just fine.
  13. I know this is an oold thread, but since I am new to this hobby, I was seeing what others did with theirs. I come from a military background and we put stickers on footlockers, so I plan to add mine to stickers from around the world.
  14. That video made me say "Linus you are so dumb!" more than any of the others. I was Lmbo the whole time.
  15. Transit

    I drive one of my trucks. Cause..... well cause that's what we do in America. Who wants to wait for a train or cab or whatever else. Get in your car and GO