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    I say dumb stuff a lot. Pardon the ignorance
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  1. Price drops are also an option, but with them moving towards 8 core CCXs on Zen 3 (is this confirmed?) - I'm leaning more towards higher cores on the lower end lines
  2. With the rumored i3 10100 (hideous name btw), I think AMD will make the Ryzen 3 line-up 4C8T and the Athlons 4C/4T. I also agree that 6C doesn't make sense just yet, but neither did the 1800X at $499 when AMD dropped it in 2017. I wouldn't completely put a 6C Ryzen 3 part past them, but it's not an expectation
  3. It sounds like the 10nm yields are poor (<30%??, that's so low!). Anyone know why the process has been so difficult for Intel?
  4. Unfortunately not the 5700s but still a great video! I'm happy they perform well AND look good
  5. I think the entire song just felt out of place. The instrumental is nice, so it's a shame the execution was meh at best IMO. Also shameless plug but stream Lana's new album "Norman F*cking Rockwell". It's really good. My AOTY for 2019 so far!
  6. Drake Bell's debut album, Telegraph, is surprisingly GOOD. He's a very talented song-writer, and the production carries a dark, nostalgic tone. Ahhh, I miss Drake & Josh
  7. New REX!!! It's cute song with relatable lyrics. No more sad boi hour music, but the lyrical content aint much of a progression while he's shown a sonical progression Overall a 7/10 for me. Super catchy, but the lyrics are exactly what I expected & the production is kinda weird? ANYWAY LISTEN. It reminds me of Fireflies by Owl City. Oh and that dance break at 1:35 is greaaaat
  8. RX 570 is miles ahead of the integrated graphics in the 2200G. 2200G is more or less a GT 1030 which is a tad slower than the RX 550. RX 570 or 580 is your best choice, new or used
  9. Does anyone live in China / have experience with taobao or other Chinese tech retailers? I have a video idea but might need further assistance 😅

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    2. CircleTech


      Craft computing does, but i have never personally used taobao.

    3. ONOTech


      @CircleTech Craft lives in China? :o Or he has experience with taobao

    4. CircleTech


      he has experience with taobao. He did a video awhile back where he ordered some chinese RX 470Ds? (I think) from taobao.


      Taobao is full of really cheap PC parts but shipping everything over to the US is a PITA 2 step process and I have seen no guides for the US yet. Any video on how to use taobao for the US audience would get lots of views.

  10. Yep. The mobility of the switch is nice, but I only undock it when I'm in the comfort of my own home. Even if it was the same specs, I would buy...though I wouldn't turn down a free upgrade either
  11. Bullying is never OK, but I do think there's some truth here depending on the scenario. Reporting, blocking, and muting are there for a reason and it's very effective on Instagram based on a quick google search. BUT, I disagree with the sentiments of "an AI keeping you safe", like it has a negative connotation. If it reduces mean posts, then I'm behind it. I know you mentioned your experience with bullying on an online forum; but often for larger pages with thousands of followers, that tactic doesn't work. I don't know if this AI will improve anything either, but sometimes it's not as simple as "block them." You can't do that when you have hundreds of thousands of followers. A prime example of this was the hate and death threats James Charles received in May this year. Really, the best solution for all of this is to teach your kids how to not be crummy people; but that's clearly not something Instagram can do
  12. Yeah I'm not a big fan of this. If it was cheaper, sure - but $100 isn't worth the compromises in my opinion. It's essentially a DS now, but for Switch games. Personally - I would spend $199 for a home version of the switch that's not UN-dockable. Slash this Switch Lite by $50 to $149 MSRP, and then I think you have a killer Switch family line-up.