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    Your Friendly Neighborhood Football Player
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    R7 1700 @ 4.0 GHz
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    Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5
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    16 GB DDR4 2933 MHz
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    RX 480 8GB Reference
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    Bitfenix AURORA
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    128GB SSD + 1 TB + 2 TB + 2 TB
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    750W PSU
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    27" 1440p Monitor (Korean)
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    Noctua NH-U14S
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    Velocifire T11
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    Ghetto Dell
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    Logitech Speakers
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    Windows 10 64-Bit

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    I say dumb stuff a lot. Pardon the ignorance
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    Student at Georgia Tech

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  1. Just hit 100K subscribers according to YouTube dashboard. It feels so surreal. 

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    2. PCGuy_5960


      Congrats! You deserve it. Keep up the good work :D

    3. Ethocreeper
    4. TheBeastPC


      Keep up the good work M8, your content is great! 

  2. ayo ayo new vid-ayo


    1. TheBeastPC


      @ONOTech, my dad owns an old PC he bought like 14 years ago, it has a single core pentium 4 @2.93GHz, 80GB ATA HDD, 256MB of RAM, propiotary motherboard and PSU, DVD rom drive and windows XP. I asked him what he is going to do with it, and he said, "I will use it until it dies", and I thought, well, I could get you a newer system, maybey like an older core2 quad machine off of ebay or something, but I thought I'd leave it there, for now. He uses it for playing music, recording music, burning music to CDs, and I play the occasional minesweaper, solitare and the classical pinball game.

  3. Just upgraded to a 144 Hz monitor and wow, the difference is huge. Even when I'm not gaming.

    1. Thinkfreely


      Surprised you don't already have one with your awesome channel! Keep it up, you put out great content and I found your channel just last month (Baby techtuber, only been at it for about 3 months consistently, but bout to break 100 subs :D)


      Which monitor did you go with?

    2. ONOTech


      haha well most of the money I get goes back into making videos. This monitor was sent for a review - the Pixio PX277. Very elegant.

      And thanks + good luck with the channel :) 

  4. Yep, you're right. If he can wait until early next year, then I also recommend Coffee Lake. Otherwise, Ryzen 5 > i5 7500 for the time being OP. And a used 980 Ti can remedy the situation
  5. Motherboard prices and availability. It looks like OP wants a budget i5 with a budget motherboard. While retailers have the i5 8400 in stock, OP needs to spend at least $120 to pick up a compatible motherboard.
  6. I really wish the Taku Monitor Stand case was funded. 

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    2. STRMfrmXMN


      *1700 @ 4.0 in a Z77 board is the thing I was pointing out*

    3. ONOTech


      Oh rip, I definitely need to update this lol

    4. STRMfrmXMN


      It all makes sense now!

  7. This is it! Maybe.....

    400W is enough for the build, but it's better to pick up a higher quality power supply. Gold certification is unnecessary. A high-quality & affordable PSU is the Seasonic S12II. The 520W model is ~$45
  8. RX 460 Graphics card

    90 C is the maximum safe operating temperature for Polaris cards if I recall correctly. I generally try and keep temps under 80. 34C is great.
  9. Early 2018. I think February? You're looking at 4-6 months according to some sources.
  10. If you're buying it now, the 1200 will be cheaper because of Z370 motherboard prices.
  11. An i3 on a HEDT platform still boggles my mind.
  12. A shower thought just popped into my head: we've had 2 (possibly 3 if you include Coffee Lake, though that's very arguable) product launches this year: Vega from AMD (easily the worst) and SLX/KLX from Intel. I don't think that's a common occurence. For the old heads on the forum, have you guys witnessed really bad product launches? It doesn't need to be specific to the products or companies specific in the title. Athlon 64 FX series comes to mind, as well as the R600 GPUs & Bulldozer.
  13. Price cuts, but not as aggressively as you suggest - otherwise AMD will be shooting themselves in the foot with profit loss. It'll do more harm than good. Ryzen is still a great choice at the current price. For example, the 1600 is $50 cheaper than the 8600K, matches it in multi-threaded work loads, and is ~10% slower at stock in gaming, and ~20% slower once the 8600K is overclocked according to this review. Plus, it's on a platform with guaranteed 3 more years of support, and comes with a cooler that makes overclocking possible. If AMD cuts the price to $185, a 10% price slash, then it's still very competitive, especially with Zen+ coming early in 2018 (rumored February 2018 (though I doubt Zen+ will be a game changer (also can I use parentheses in parentheses?? is this even legal grammatically??))).
  14. I doubt it. AMD cut Ryzen prices twice IIRC - I don't think it will go any lower, especially that much lower. Perhaps the 1800X will dip to $399 and subsequently everything under will receive a 10% price slash. That's what I expect anyway. On the other hand, AMD has been wildin' out this year, so who really knows? (insert shrug here)
  15. Let the non enthusiast CPU wars BEGIN! Source A Romanian site titled Lab051 received review samples from one of their vendors. They state that they never signed an NDA meaning that they're free from any contractual binding. Bad for Intel I suppose, but good for us! The i5 and i7 chips support up to DDR4 2666 in dual channel, with the i3s supporting 2400. Something I found very interesting was this: Lab051 claim that the difference between Z370 and Z270 boards are NOT the pin configuration, but something else - either software or power delivery. Essentially, Coffee Lake CPUs should fit in Z270 boards, but they won't run on Z270 boards. The reviewer used an AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming from Gigabyte for the motherboard. The rest of the test bed is listed down below. NOW FOR THE BENCHMARKS Based on what was mentioned in the article, all of the Coffee Lake CPUs tested were OVERCLOCKED to around 5 GHz. Content Creation IMC & RAM GAMING Power Consumption & Temperatures It looks Intel is still using the nasty goo between their IHS and die, but performance is still pretty good despite the mediocre paste. I'm sure better temperatures are possible with a delid. Overclocking It looks like 5 GHz with a solid cooler is very possible, at least with the review sample. These could be higher binned chips so keep that in mind! From the looks of it, the i5 8600K looks like the real winner here: great for gaming, content creation, and a solid overclocker (assuming 4.8 - 5 GHz is plausible for most rigs). With that being said, I'm not a fan of Intel's motherboard decision, especially since it looks like they're still on the LGA 1151 socket. No bueno. Nonetheless, competition is competition so yay!