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    Your Friendly Neighborhood Football Player
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    I say dumb stuff a lot. Pardon the ignorance
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    R7 1700 @ 4.0 GHz
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    Gigabyte X370 Gaming 5
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    16 GB DDR4 2933 MHz
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    RX 480 8GB Reference
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    Bitfenix AURORA
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    128GB SSD + 1 TB + 2 TB + 2 TB
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    750W PSU
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    27" 1440p Monitor (Korean)
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    Noctua NH-U14S
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    Velocifire T11
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    Ghetto Dell
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    Logitech Speakers
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    Windows 10 64-Bit

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    1. aisle9


      I'll see your elegantly crafted, well thought-out tasteful display of RGB and raise you a Hypnotoad



  2. What song are you listening to right now.

    Love me some down-tempo Zero 7. Great music to listen to while I finish up the calculus I procrastinated and am low-key stressed about
  3. Yeah, and the voltage is very nice, too! Since the lowest end 32C EPYC chip is like $2000, I'm guessing in the $1500 mark.
  4. Source: https://www.hkepc.com/16912/ The quoted information is translated to English. AMD unveiled ThreadRipper Gen 2 at Computex this year. We had a decent idea of specifications, yet nothing was confirmed by AMD. We now have leaked specifications of TR2. Of course, nothing is confirmed so take it with a grain of salt. See below for more! 2990X: 32C/64T 12nm LP (GF) TDP 250W TR4 socket Cache: 3MB L1, 16MB L2, 64MB L3 Freq: Base 3GHz, All Core Underload 3.4GHz, Precision Boost 4GHz, XFR Boost 4.2GHz OC: Corsair H150i Pro AIO, 1.38v, 4.12GHz Cinebench R15: 6399 (Overclocked) Other planned SKUs include the 2950X (16C), & 2970X (24C). AMD's glue technology strikes again. Looks like Intel doesn't have an answer to this for the time being considering their 28 C fiasco earlier this month. While I can't afford it, this is very exciting! I'm expecting the prices to be $799, $999, and $1499 for the 16 C, 24 C, and 32 C models respectively.
  5. :ph34r:


    1. Densetsu



    2. ONOTech


      Going full RGB with this one. Even picked up an RGB power supply & SSD :D 

    3. Densetsu


      As long as you don't use one of those Lian Li STRIMMERs, I'm okay with this lol.

  6. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Nope, pins are great. I bought this October of last year, and I'm guessing the original owner left the CPU in its socket. The thermal paste is as hard as a rock
  7. Laptop for engineering?

    Based on specifications alone, I would choose the new alienware. The 1070 is a stronger card than the P1000.
  8. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I've had this VIA CPU for a while. Gonna put it to work today
  9. Will AMD help me

    The die temperature is about 10C higher, so it's actually 40 C at idle. Sounds about right for a stock 2700X & Wraith Prism. I don't have anything to offer for help OP, but I've experienced this three times with AMD stock coolers. Their heatsink & fans are awesome, but the stock thermal paste is awful. Dries up and crusts over after a couple days (and sometimes a few hours!) from my experience, and sticks to the cooler's base. Ripped out my FX 6350 that way.
  10. I want to build a $500-800 Aud gaming pc

    I'd stay away from that simply because it's a low quality board. The Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 is a decent choice. Possibly. My friends' build happened in late February. I have had people within the last month let me know of their freezing problems, though. The motherboard has everything you could ever want on it, but the freezing issues make it hard to recommend IMO.
  11. I want to build a $500-800 Aud gaming pc

    No, it's not that at all. The board has freezing problems and many people have reported it. A quick google search and Newegg/Amazon reviews reveal this. It has nothing to do with RAM settings or profiles. My model did not have issues but my friends' model did. The ATX version does not suffer the same fate, and isn't comparable, like I already stated. OP, don't try your luck and pick out a different board.
  12. I want to build a $500-800 Aud gaming pc

    I'm not talking about that. The board itself has bugs. I experienced freezing and hanging with my friend's R5 1400. Many others have complained about the same issues with the mATX model. The ATX version doesn't suffer the same issues though
  13. I want to build a $500-800 Aud gaming pc

    I agree with this, but that motherboard. It's great on paper, but it has a lot of instability issues. Freezing is very common on the micro ATX Pro4 model. I'd cough up a bit more cash for a more stable board.