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  1. Thats another thing I was looking at, I like the backplate on the titanium much more and it will match with my build much better then the gaming version.
  2. Hello there! Looking to upgrade from my 1060 6GB sometime in the near future, and I am eyeing a 1070ti. The cheaper ones here in canada (that have better coolers) are the MSI 1070 Ti Gaming and Titanium. The gaming edition is on at memory express for $529.99 CAD with a $20 mail in rebate that would make it $509.99 CAD, and the Titanium edition is $549.99 with a $30 mail in rebate that would make it $519.99 CAD. I hear that the titanium does have a better cooler with another heatpipe, so I am just wondering if it is worth paying the extra bit of money up front to get that card instead of the gaming edition one, or if the cooling benefits are worth the extra money. Thanks.
  3. Hello, Now with the RTX Lineup coming out, I am looking at getting a new GPU soon because my 1060 6GB does not run some newer games on higher settings getting in the 100's of FPS, so I was wondering if a 1070TI would do the job for gaming on a 1080p monitor at 144hz in case the 2070 does not retail for $499 USD like Nvidia says they will (With price exchanges, a 2070 should be around the price of a 1070ti here in canada). I have a I7-7700, So I wouldn't think bottle necking would be an issue for me. Thanks.
  4. Still don't believe any numbers until reviewers get their hands on them, I don't think it says what settings those games were measured at either.
  5. Ah, okay, must be backordered a fair bit.
  6. According to NVIDIA's 'news' site, the 2080 and 2080TI are coming out in September, and the 2070 comes out in October, odd how it doesn't say when the 2080ti will ship on the 20 series page on NVIDIA Geforces site. (Source: NVIDIA)
  7. Not sure if this will change your plans, but the RTX 2070 is not supposed to be released until October (Source: NVIDIA). Its hard to say anything for a specs list so far since we don't really know what will bottleneck those new GPU's, but you do need atleast a 650W PSU and your likely better off with a newer gen CPU.
  8. Yep, more then likely its your fans starting to go bad since they are cheaply made. You can press down with a finger on the fan bearings until it stops spinning, and the noise should stop (Unless you have more then one bad, but it should go more quite in that case). You can contact Cyberpower for fan replacements and they send them for free. I've replaced 3 fans so far though, and they are starting to go bad again so if you don't want to change them out every few months and you don't want to contact cyberpower every time your better off buying some better fans off newegg, etc..
  9. Might get a 2070 once they even come out and when reviews come out for them, that or I might pick up a 1070 of some sort when prices die down. My 1060 struggles running 144Hz at 1080p in some games on the higher settings. Wouldn't pre order online anyways since the customs and stuff that gets slammed on stuff coming into canada. better off waiting for newegg and other sites.
  10. Deathadder Chroma has not been produced in quite a while and it has been replaced by the Deathadder Elite a while ago, so if it was listed as brand new theirs a bigger chance it is fake. I don't see many brand new ones for sale now. Also, is that warranty thing on the top a sticker or is that a part of the packaging? As far as I know Deathadder Elites never came with anything like that on the boxes (At least my never). You can also try to register the mouse with Razer for the warranty, then you can see if it is a fake serial number or not.
  11. Here in Canada Bestbuy and Staples have the best price match policy I know of (And Walmart has a semi good policy if you are looking into peripherals and laptops, etc.). Not sure if its only local Bestbuy's, but the one here is not strict at all with price matching. Went to get a price match on my desktop when I went to buy it since I thought I saw it at staples for ~$200 CAD less, and I find out it was the model without an SSD on Staples, but they still gave me the price match anyways (and now I go to bestbuy whenever I buy anything :P). Likely different online though.
  12. Was looking into the last gen vivobooks but I am going to wait and see the pricing and such of those ones, they look quite better IMO and they come with the full size keyboard as well. In the case they are past the budget I have (The old Vivobook was in my budget), I'll just pick up one of the older ones out now when they go on sale.
  13. Yeah, I would have gotten a 1070TI at the start if it was out when I was making this PC and if the prices were not mad. At the time I only had an old HP 1080P 60Hz screen anyways so the 1060 was plentys and it still does everything I need it to do for now. I might wait to see if this card gives out before the warranty goes on it, EVGA has just given people the equivalent of their card in the next series if they do not have any of the older ones left.
  14. My 1060 6GB is good enough for gaming on around med-high settings 1080p with an 144Hz monitor in most games, but If I had the time back I would have gotten a 1070 or a 1070Ti. Might end up upgrading yet, not sure yet. It does have some issues running brand new games on those specs (ex. The Crew 2 Beta).
  15. Maybe BLD by NZXT? I know they sell prebuilt PC's for a flat fee and they have everything at MSRP. It was either Linus or someone else who mentioned that they have GPU's at MSRP. United States only though.