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  1. I will also try deep scan with Recover My Files and post for the results. Thank you!
  2. I suppose this isn't going to work either since the format of the disk - when the data was stored - was EXT2. This is what I understood talking with WD. I have tried recuva and easeus data recovery. Both have saved me before but now...
  3. Hi forum! OK, this is a big one. The problem I had a WD NAS My cloud for a couple of years now and I wasn’t very satisfied with the overall performance. One day I saw the Blue light of NAS blinking. I googled and it was a “firmware update”. I waited and waited but kept going for 2 days. (If I was a bit smarter and lucky I would have found a video on youtube demonstrating a firmware update/restore through the USB plug on the drive.) Acting stupid Being stupid I removed the drive from the case and tried to read it in my PC. The drive asked me to format it. At this point I didn’t. I looked for data recovery software to read the “partitions”. (I had the NAS separated in 5 parts/folders. A:/ was our personal data S:/ the software V:/ my work files etc). All of the software either didn’t “see” the drive at all or asked to format. Acting more stupid After trying a lot I though “Whatever, format it and I will recover the data”. I had an amazing software that saved me 5 times before. At this point I should have mounted the disk in a linux, but as mentioned I am stupid and I didn’t know! I had never heard of the “Ext2” format. I quick format the disk so the partitions are lost. Run the data recovery software but.. nothing! A lot of OS data recovered (I suppose from the NAS OS) but no data. What I should have done What I know now – or I guess at this point – is I should have updated the firmware or mount the disk on linux. Now what? The drive was almost backuped. Maybe 99% of it. But I am really missing those few files. After a lot of email with WD (I admire their patience with my average English and repeatable emails) WD mentioned - Ext2Fsd and – Paragon. I haven’t really figured out those software and I don’t feel they are going to work for me at this point. Is there a simple way to recover the data since they haven’t been overwritten?
  4. Hi Jay and thank you for the info. 600mm wide measuring the box itself not the usable space for the devices right? 600mm - 483mm (19inch device) = 117mm free space / 2 = 58mm on each side for cable management that indeed is tiny. Am I saying it right? You are using 800mm wide rack cabinets with 1200mm depth? Do cabinets from ebay worth it or do we have to go in some hi-end brand?
  5. Hmmm I can see now. 19 inches are about 482mm. All of the above will fit with ears but RS18017xs won't need any. Got it. Huge thanks!!!
  6. Is it safe to say that buying a rack chassi of 23 inches (I also read that is a standard) future proofs our needs? So I can mount any of the examples I have above? Or is the 19 inch a better solution in general?
  7. Before I start: 1. honestly I wish there was or there will be an episode from Linus about Racks. Not as fast as possible but as slow as possible with great details! Oh please!!! 2. Sorry if I am on the wrong forum but I didn't find a proper category and 3. Sorry if my English are so and so. Hi everyone I am new to the “rack concept” trying to understand basically the standards of width height and depth. What I know: The only real standard is the Unit measurement. 1U = 44mm. And that’s it. From that point everyone can make a rack box / case with ANY depth or width. Or isn’t so? Well wiki says that the standard width is 19Inches or 48,3cm for us with a different metric system mentioning that 19-inch dimension includes the edges, or "ears". All right this is easy so far. So I should be looking for rack nas / ups / server with a width of a 48,3cm? Should be easy. No? Whats the issue? The Synology RackStation RS816 NAS Rack (1U) has a width of 430,5 mm (about 43cm). So not for me? (really interested on that device) The synology RackStation RS18017xs+ has a width of 482 mm (about 48cm). Another size? (It's an example. I don’t have that much money lol) And lets take a look at a UPS APC SMX1500RM2U has a width of 432mm. Well OK as 816 since its only 2mm difference. And a Rosewill 4u Server Chassi is 16.8". (42cm?) Again another size? If we take as a fact that a few mm doesn't really matter we can see sizes from 420mm to 432mm. I don't know. Is this working with the standard 483mm? What’s the deal? How many standard widths are there? What am I looking at?
  8. I am courious to know; why is my current GPU failing? Is the 2GB not enough or something else? What's the most important thing in the GPU when we talk about editing? (not gaming) Memory Bus? Memory size? Memory speed or GPU core speed?
  9. What if I upgrade my PSU also? But keep my GPU budget at 250
  10. Hi everyone! New here. Please forgive any mistakes I might do. I am not a native speaker. I have a PC that I setup about two years ago and I need my GPU to be upgraded because I am having issues. The issues I edit on Premiere Pro and I have two low budget tn monitors at the time. (I will also change them to HD IPS monitors). In my main monitor I edit my video and preview the video in the small preview screen and the second monitor is used as a reference monitor. BUT there is a problem. I click play; the video runs on my main screen but the second monitor is frozen. When I stop the playback the 2nd monitor updates to the last frame of the video. So I suppose that I have a GPU issue due to the ram or some other spec. My system Motherboard Gigabyte 970A-UD3P CPU AMD FX-9350 (Choosen because of benchmarks saying is a low budget beast for editing. So far I have no issues besides the above) RAM DDR3 16GB GPU (the problem) NVidia GeForce GT730 My budget is about 250-300 euros. It's about the same at US dollars. So; what do I do? Someone suggested Palit GeForce GTX1050 Ti 4GB Dual OC. Do I go there or what? note1: Monitors will be upgraded at the same time. Two monitors HD IPS type. note2: I run windows 7 64bit. note 3: pc is powered by crossair cx430 Thanks in advance!