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  1. Send an email to the CEO of Valve Corporation (Steam). His name is: Mr Gabe Newell His email is: gaben@valvesoftware.com Be polite and explain your situation clearly. I appreciate your frustrated with the situation but whatever you do don't get a potty mouth as that will get you nowhere fast.
  2. Managed to spend just over £700 ($900) yesterday I bought a new cooker which was the most expensive item, Some custom fit wooden blinds for my kitchen, some aftershave and a few other bits and pieces.
  3. They don't take your card from you or copy any information. They just want to see it as proof of ID
  4. Worth noting you may need to do 2 or 3 passes with your double edge to get a nice clean shave. Don't keep your blade for to long, 3 to 4 shaves then chuck it out, blades cost pennies so not really a cost issue. My favourite shaving cream is by Taylor of Old Bond Street - I see you are from the US, you can get there cream on Amazon.com I also tend to shave after a shower as the heat from the shower soften the bristles on the face, I also put my shaving brush in warm water whilst I shower. You don't need to use a lot of cream to make up a lather for a shave either, just a small blob the size of a finger nail will do and if you pre-soaked your brush whilst in the shower then there will be enough water contained within the brush bristles to make up the lather. Use your brush in a circle motion in your bowl to make a good lather and keep going until you feel the lather starting to get a bit stiff, once you get to that stage your are ready to apply your lather to your face. Anyway happy shaving!
  5. Just go up to her and say.... "How do you like your eggs in the morning?"
  6. The Seekers - Georgy Girl The Archies - Sugar Sugar
  7. I used to wear jeans like this and I still know all the dance moves Mud - Tiger Feet
  8. They are not available on the UK Amazon store
  9. I would say this subject has a very strong relation to tech. Poor decision to move this topic in my opinion.
  10. Really?? Arrogant for the win. I suggest you brush up a little more on your history.