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  1. Thanks for your reply Homeap5, It doesn't make a lot of sense that it can handle the sound from Apple TV but nothing else... when only a few weeks ago it would handle sound from every HDMI device that was ever connected to it. Alas, the TV does have a TOSLINK SP/DIF output but that's all, however I do not own a soundbar with that particular input to test. I'll try to buy a cheap soundbar to test out your suggestion, Thanks man!
  2. Hi people, I've been having an issue with my LG Plasma TV not outputting sound from HDMI devices. Let me explain the dilemma and what I've tried to do to rectify it. Bear with me it is a little long winded. I really hope someone could shed some light on this. So I've got an older LG 50PG3000 Plasma TV, it has worked wonderfully for the past 10 years without any issues, I have a PS3, Xbox One X, Fire TV Stick, PC, a satellite set top box (SkyTV), and an Apple TV that I connect up to the TV. All of them have stopped outputting sound from the TVs built in speakers but continue to output video, the only exception to this is the Apple TV which produces video AND sound. The TV has a built in Digital Freeview Tuner which also produces sound. Trouble Shooting steps: Unplugged all HDMI Devices Factory Reset TV Plugged AppleTV in with known good HDMI cable. Tested on all 3 HDMI ports on TV and all produce video and sound. I then repeated the above with the other devices, none of which produced sound only video on all 3 HDMI ports. I tried 3 other known good HDMI cables and repeated above, I even switched the cable ends (just to eliminate any possibility of cables or devices having one directional use) I updated the software on all possible devices to no avail. I then connected the other devices to a monitor with speaker output via 3.5mm jack, every device output sound perfectly as expected. Here's the funny thing, the PS3 issues an error stating, "This device cannot be used to output sound", and the PCs (of which I have 3 and 1 laptop) cannot even detect the TV as present/connected for audio even after multiple uninstalls and reinstalls of drivers. From everything I have tried above I cannot fathom what is causing this issue to happen. There would appear to be no issue with the speakers themselves as the sound clearly works when using the Freeview tuner and Apple TV, also it would appear that the HDMI ports on the TV work fine too given the Apple TV outputs sound. Given the other devices would out put sound via another monitor using the same HDMI cable I can assume that the devices themselves and the cable are working as intended and therefor must be an issue with the TV itself. So my question that I have been unable to get an answer to is this; what in the heck is causing this! The devices worked with the TV perfectly fine for years and now only the Apple TV outputs sound. I would really appreciate help with this, I'm at a complete loss. Thanks! D.
  3. Hi folks, I wanted to ask someone who is more expert in amd OCing about turbo boost. Specifically, when I turn it off, cores 3&4 seem to operate at 50% utilisation yet operate at full capacity when turbo boost is turned on and don’t know why. I am wanting to turn turbo boost off for a more stable OC. Thanks, D.
  4. Yeh, for sure. Its all dependant on finances though... I think maybe a rizen 5 is in order haha. But thank you again! Muchos gracias!
  5. I found out that ET6 is only reading the motherboard CPU temp, so not directly from the CPU itself. HWMonitor be telling the truth.
  6. I tested it with OCing again with turbo turned off (to see if all cores would be overclocked): - 4.08GHz CPU - 120MHz BCLK But no.. only cores 1&2 seem to be overclockable. So my question is, given the stats in the screenshot below, is it worth overclocking, if not I'll just keep it as standard. Once again, thank you soo much for helping me, I really appreciate it, you've been brilliant!!
  7. Alrighty, took a while, but I figured out how to manually enter Voltages. - VCore Voltage is at 1.34. - Turbo boost is off(All 4 cores now able to be 100% utilised, so I guess I figured out what was causing 2 and 3 to drop) - Temperatures not going above 85* in HW and current temps as of writing this is 66* with ET6 showing 28* (AMD Cool & Quiet Function Turned on). - Ran Cinebench again. Results are below:
  8. Thanks, I will do.. but this is odd. I was just reading HW Monitor might not read the temps right. So I opened Easy Tune, for the CPU overclock thingy I was using. The temp is showing almost half of what HW Monitor is.. Im now confused which one do I believe? BTW, Thank you soo much for helping me!!!
  9. When it comes to software OCing, I trust it to a certain extent. Using the ET6 AMD program. I haven't really done BIOS OCing SO I havent messed around with Voltages and stuff. But I'm sure Ive watched enough of linus's videos to give it a try Besides,m dual bios, whats the worst that could happen haha. Ive included screenshots of current bios settings, so if you could let me know which things to alter I would be very grateful
  10. ok so I used the and software to remove the OC. Upon restart temperatures reached a staggering 111*C I have reset the CMOS and restored optimized defaults, turned cool and quiet function off to increase fan speed at all times. will run another hw monitor and cinebench.
  11. True...I think the cooler is stock lol, it was already attached to the CPU. Couldn't afford aftermarket, this thing was built almost cannibalistically, The thermal paste was replaced only last year. Also even at idle the clock frequencies are split also. Screen shot below.
  12. 64 bit. Windows 10 Pro. I lookedup the product information on the CPU (http://products.amd.com/en-us/search/APU/AMD-A-Series-Processors/AMD-A8-Series-APU-for-Desktops/A8-6600K-with-Radeon™-HD-8570D/61) And from that I can see the supposed "Max Temp" is 74 deg. I am thinking that it could be throttling, but one would assume thermal throttling would take place on all cores not just 2, right? Thanks, D.
  13. I would, however HW Monitor is not showing the VRM or MOSFETs, nor the individual CPU cores, only package temps. Thanks, D.
  14. As you can see, cores 2 & 3 only utilise about 50% with the clock speed not even approaching the base speed. Thanks, D.
  15. Ok, so here are my cinebench scores with screenshots during and at the end with Idle usages as well.