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  1. Hi, so I need to have ethernet up to another computer in a different room, I currently have already a cat6 ethernet cable wired to a computer, what I wanted to do is to have a splitter with one cable going into a room for a computer and the other going to the other one. I don't want a network switch, I need something small that I can just place on the hallway perhaps stuck to a wall. Now I've seen some splitters like the one below but they seem to have bad reviews and mention that only one works at a time so I was wondering if out there is a splitter similar to this that works properly
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this but with the YouTube rewind freshly released I noticed that there are no comments on the actual rewind about, you know, the actual rewind. They're all the same, I scrolled all the way down to the end, the only comments that don't say that are replies to comments and it just makes me wonder whether YouTube is actually replacing all the comments. I mean I made a comment, saying that the rewind was you know, kind of bland and bad and at least to me it doesn't look like it was changed yet. So I switched accounts and I couldn't find my comment, like out of the 251.000 comments it would only show me like 100 at most. It just seems sad that youtube is trying to moderate and prevent people from giving their personal opinion.
  3. I need some good suggestions for some in ear headphones, wired with either a 3.5mm jack or USB C port around 25~ish dollars. Should have decent isolation and good bass but not overthrowing. A nice bonus would be sweat or water resistance but not a must. Also this forum could really use a thread with a list of wireless and wire in ear and over ear headphones for different budgets.
  4. Hi. So I am currently interested in buying a power bank and I'm not really sure what is out there and what I should buy. I'm looking for a powerbank that isn't too bulky but still has a good capacity. And one of the most important features that I am looking after is fast charging, considering that some phones today charge as fast as 50W I'm hoping that there are powerbanks out there that have at least half as fast charging. Now I don't have a specific budget but I don't really want to overspend, in the end it's only a power bank. Also, last thing, must be using USB C for charging. Now I want at the very least 10.000mah and perhaps 20.000-25.000mah at best. I'm not really sure which brands should I choose but for now I only have Anker in mind.
  5. Try take it to a service, I know some offer itune unlocking services however I can't guarantee that it will work with your iphone
  6. So, I just installed my graphics card, gtx 770 and drivers. Everything worked fine for like 20 minutes until now. Now, when I start a game it works for like 15 seconds then just freezes, everything else works fine, like I can hear my cursor, I can still hear the game and still play it but I can't see it. Anyone has a fix for this issue? Edit: I can't see gpu usage or temperatures of the card thought it didn't get very warm. Under a stress test however, the heat pipe got extremely hot. The gpu is also a little dusty and probably hadn't had its thermal paste changed yet. After a restart it seems to work fine again.
  7. So, I just installed my new power supply as I need more power. The old one was the one included in my dell optiplex 7010. Now, instead of using the screws provided I wasn't really bothered so I used the screws that were already with the previous power supply. So the power supply is top mounted and I was wondering if there was a chance of it just collapsing inside? Everything is working fine so far and even after moving back to it's place there didn't seem to be quite an issue. I just need to know if it's fine (Power supply is an EVGA 500W unit)
  8. You can get the Bioshock Collection on from G2A for steam for about 7$ and comes with the remastered titles so you can try them out for yourself
  9. They also hire a social media manager but that still isn't relevant because to be a graphics designer at LTT they require, which again, while not 100%, she probably does not meet the requirements. Required: 2+ years of visual design experience Advanced proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Passion for graphic art & illustration Understanding of visual identity graphic design Strong design portfolio Interest in technology & digital content creation Ability to work independently or in a team environment Positive attitude
  10. I would think that it wouldn't be a good idea, first of all, no one actually knows whether she would like to take the opportunity and it probably unlikely as she would have to leave her country and move somewhere rather far away from loved ones but also quit on any career plans and education. Also LTT requires their employees to have the skills they need and they never needed nor hired someone solely based on their performance on camera, so for example, at the moment they need an accounting manager, camera operator and video editor or a Full-Time Grip & Art Department and while not 100% certain, I do not believe Madison does meet the requirements for any of these jobs and Linus would not want to spend extra money and time to train someone to then hire them when they can just hire someone who is qualified for the job.
  11. GTX 770 2gb, 8gb, dual channel 1600mhz, i3 3240. I know the gtx 770 will be most likely held back by the i3 but as far as I know it shouldn't be anything major
  12. So, my graphics card is about to arrive, well today for my first PC, I already downloaded some games that I had on my laptop like CS:GO and a couple other titles but I am looking for an immersive game with great story and gameplay that I'd spend a lot of time enjoying. I'm looking for single player games so there can't be anyone spoiling my experience. For refference I've played games like (and including) GTA series, Half Life series, Minecraft, Euro Truck simulator and some others. Games that I haven't tried but considered - The Witcher Series, Metro, Skyrim. I do not have a very powerful system but system requirements shouldn't really pose an issue by any means. Also, at last, no VR Games. Any suggestions are welcome and also (not a requirement) I would be thankful if you could include a trailer but don't have to.
  13. It's just that RDR2 pushes hardware really hard on PC and you are able to get so much more detail in contrast with console version which are rathered watered down to work on the platform.
  14. So I have a TP Link AC600 also called Archer T2U, in theory it should be one of the better ones available. Now I'm using this on a computer as I don't have a direct cable. Now in my room there is always good coverage of WiFi and all devices, except this one get very close to the maximum speed except this WiFi adaptor. I have it installed on a USB 3 port on the motherboard just to make sure it's not limited. So, for what I did is I plug it in and then I quickly hit it with speed tests, first speed test goes up to 40mbps while not maximum, its not far off and is acceptable but halfway through the test it drops to to 18 Mbps. I repeated these tests untill I ended up with an average of 2.5mbps Down with about 8-10mbps up (10mbps upload is usually what I get at the start as well) and after a number of speed tests it just had an upload test error so I stopped there. Now when I take the USB out it feels rather warm to the touch, mainly the USB bit that goes in the PC, the plastic isn't really that conductive so I cant really feel a difference. So, is there a fix for this issue? Or am I stuck with a useless WiFi adaptor? Edit:OS is Windows 7