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    UK Nuneaton
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    Developing, Programming, Cycling
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    Gamer. Respectful. A try hard sometimes. Friendly
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    DK I have a laptop
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    8GB DDR4
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    Nvidia GTX 1050 2gb
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    Asus ROG ZX553VD
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    1TB hard drive
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    19V~6.32A AC Adapter
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    Myria MG7509
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    Marvo M314 3200DPI
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    ICEPower tuned speakers and Marvo H8312 headset with mic
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. AndreiArgeanu

    22" or 24" monitor?

    I'm looking forward to buy a monitor to upgrade from my 15.6 inch laptop and I chose my monitor and I'm not sure which size to choose. I usually sit around 75 cm to 1 m away from the screen. Both monitors have the exact same specs except the size. Is there a noticeable difference between 22" and 24"? Which size should I choose? Why?
  2. AndreiArgeanu

    Phone stuck in boot loop

    That depends, usually it's half an hour and up but it depends. I'd recommend leaving it on somewhere overnight perhaps.
  3. AndreiArgeanu

    Phone stuck in boot loop

    This may not work for you but it happened to me a couple of times on older devices I had. Try leave it for a while, usually works for me.
  4. AndreiArgeanu

    Not seeing anything on the screen

    Ideally we need the full specs. Try switch input from graphics card to motherboard if you have HD Graphics on the CPU. Try check your monitor input maybe you need to change it. Also last thing make sure everything is connected properly.
  5. AndreiArgeanu

    Budget monitor

    I need some help choosing a monitor for gaming, I'm most of a casual gamer so I don't need any fancy stuff like high refresh rate and G-Sync. The ideal monitor should be at most 100£ (130USD) but the ideal price is around 80-90£ (100USD). I need a new monitor because I am gaming on a laptop which only has 15.6 inch panel and I used a 24 inch monitor before and there was a big difference in the experience but also I was playing better too. I have looked around on amazon for a bit and there are a lot of monitors in that price range from different brand and it's difficult to make a choice and there are also a lot of reviews which put me off every product. The ideal monitor should have around 24 inches (not a must) and must have an HDMI port. I was looking at this Aoc monitor seeing it was a best seller I think it may be ideal perhaps the 24 inch one or 22 inch. Products don't have to be specifically from Amazon, other website work as well
  6. AndreiArgeanu

    Trying to recover a yahoo account?

    I'm not looking for password cracking tools. Yahoo can support but what would usually be free for other email sites they want to 4.99/month and I thought there could be something I could try before I have to pay for their service.
  7. AndreiArgeanu

    Trying to recover a yahoo account?

    Hi. A few years ago I forgot my password to my yahoo mail account and I haven't tried a lot since to recover it. Now there's quite a lot of things I know about the account as in how to access it. I tried using the recovery provided by them but I do not own the phone number anymore and neither remember the full phone number, only the 2 digits they ask me to fill. Now I know two things about the password it consists of a 6 letter word which I know and right after a 4 digit number which I do not know What I do know is that the password was easy to write on a numpad (as in the numbers were very close to each other e.g. 7854, 2569). I've tried some combinations but I got myself locked for a bit and I was wondering if you guys knew ways to recover this, maybe a tool or something. Possibly something that is free (I tried yahoo customer care but they want me to redirect to their website on which I have to pay 4.99 a month for support and I only need a few minutes I will try it if I have to). If someone finds me something useful I could try it would be very appreciated.
  8. AndreiArgeanu

    My cursor is moving on its own

    Well I'm an idiot. It was a wireless mouse my mother just turned on and connected to my laptop. I have no idea why it did that.
  9. AndreiArgeanu

    My cursor is moving on its own

    Hi. So my cursor on my laptop makes completely random movements and it's bad and I don't know why, I disconnected the mouse and even disabled the touch pad and still the same, I have disconnected it from the Internet and now malware bytes is scanning my drives. Nothing seems to be standing out in task manager and I am not sure what to do, I haven't restarted yet.
  10. AndreiArgeanu

    What games should I play?

    I could try indie game, any specific recommendation? Oh and also I like arcade games or even shorter ones, open world, stories but I am open to try new kinds of games
  11. AndreiArgeanu

    What games should I play?

    I have some difficulty finding some new games to play on my PC and I am not very sure what to play and I need some recommendations. The game should be something interesting perhaps with a story (not a must) and not too competitive or anything. Below there is a list with the games I play to get an idea of what kinds of games I like. Games I currently played and own : CS:GO For Honor Metro 2033 A Story About My Uncle TF2 Half life: 1, Opposing force, Blue shift, Decay, 2 Lost coast, 2, 2:Episode 1 and 2 Car Mechanic Simulator GTA: 3, VC, SA, IV, 5 Euro Truck Simulator 2 My summer car FS 19 Outlast, Whistleblower Beam NG
  12. AndreiArgeanu

    is 2GB vram enough for Apex Legends?

    I am not really sure, you could probably try for yourself each car but on my 1050 the game stutters heavily on low settings.
  13. AndreiArgeanu

    Random System Crashes While Playing Games

    It may be some kind of hardware failure but I am unsure, considering your CPU is delidded. You could try swapping parts to see if one of them is at fault. Other than that it could be something similar which happens to me every so often when I play games on my laptop and switch Windows and my laptop just does a BSOD with Video TDR failure. It's very hard to find a solution for this, and I get how it is but the only solution I see is to swap parts, cheap and compatible and see if anything changes. Overall considering your computers seems to cut out it can't be a video failure, as it could just switch to the on board graphics, it's either CPU or RAM. And it's most likely to be the CPU as therfore mentioned.
  14. AndreiArgeanu

    laptop wont boot, no display and bios

    It happens often. But in theory it should start if its plugged in with or without battery.
  15. AndreiArgeanu

    CSGO Drops Frames When I Relaunch It

    Try check the resource monitor. Are the resources used?