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  1. Hey! I'm so sorry haha i saw your message but was a bit swamped with school work at the time. I have not tinked too hard with the undervolting, since its my first time and im pretty new to it all as well - I'm currently using ThrottleStop to undervolt and iv just had it set to a -125mv offset on core and cache. No issues and is 100% stable doing this. I've had it as low as -135mv but since I'm pretty new to this and wanted to not overdo it or run into any serious issues, i left it at -125mv. Im certain i could go lower, i honestly just did not want to go through the testing just to run into trouble at a moment when i really needed to get some work done. I will definitely play around with it some more, but i'll do that after my finals haha Also, i used ThrottleStop solely because i found the most support and stuff in terms of personal help and answers to any questions. There are a few ways to undervolt but i have no idea what is the best. Just using this for now. Please share anything you come across as well, i will try to look into some other options and post any updates here and there. So far using this laptop since early January, i have pretty much no complaints. I've noticed during early morning/late night usage that the fans get a bit loud at times when im typing out an essay and they suddenly ramp up for no reason but they never stay on too long so that been really manageable (and i have headphones alot of the time). I am still looking for a skin or something (DBrand doesn't make them, tried to get them to but they said not enough people requested it, so if you guys want some please go message them on twitter and on their website support form) so that i can manage the scuffs and stuff. So far i'v noticed only a FEW like three or four tops, minor scuffs along the gold trim. Nothing on the top lid of the laptop though so im hoping to keep this looking as clean and pristine as possible haha So far this laptop has been perfect, from media consumption to gaming to work to battery life to noise management. All been a dream. I've noticed that tablet mode and such is a bit cumbersome at times because of the size, i imagine the 13inch model doesn't have this issue - but that feature is a niche feature anyway and not SUPER important to me. Hardly use it, and only use it for media consumption really so fold it up into tent mode or something and enjoy some shows! as far as notes and such, typing has bene more than amazing with this awesome keyboard. Loving it! (Just need to get that darn DBrand to make skins for it!!!!!!)
  2. Papa Linus to the rescue! [I mean, ofcourse i kinda have the opposite review lmao but i feel like he is picking on ALOT of niche things, having used literally every laptop available to mankind haha but it points out literally EVERYTHING you might note, so its perfect. Just keep in mind that ALOT of these things are stuff that as a normal person u'd really not notice or care for unless you deal with lots of tech or are very picky i feel like... either way im sucking off HP cus i love this so ill shut up and let papa linus guide us xD]
  3. Hey! So far so good man, the only problem i have with it is that i have to be very cautious with it so that it doesnt get scratched up! So far so good but im trying to get dbrand to make skins for it haha... Thermals are amazing, did an extended gaming session where my lap got kind of hot but nothing too bad a little 2min break didnt resolve. This tihng cools down QUICK. i think the metal body helps alot. I do Apex and Leauge on it comfortably, also battery life is amazing. Takes me through a day EASILY with juice to spare, i havent gamed on those days tho so im not certain about gamings affect on battery life. Im just really happy with it, only problem is that the 15" is huge for tablet mode, but i make it work however i can... 13" would be way more comfortable to use in tablet mode.
  4. So, My 21st birthday is July 27th Honestly, just want to meet Papa Linus & Jake LTX 2019 ticket Maybe? I thought it would be worth a try since I'm in college and its budget time lol I have a dreeaaaaam
  5. Sounds good! I would have waiting too but i needed this for school haha - will be looking forward to hear about the OLED upgrade if you do get it!
  6. No problem, if you feel like you want to you can always add your own experiences to this post for other potential buyers! And i did the switch from a reddit post i found... This: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/6qz30h/enable_precision_touchpad_on_hp_spectre_x360_2017/ Provides a pretty good guide to follow
  7. No problem! Im happy to help. I basically found that there was a complete lack of info on this so i decided since i was gonna get it to put out asmuch as i can... Its by no means a professional review and im pretty much a newb - BUT anything counts here i guess haha A) I have no idea. I honestly cant remember, but i just turned it on after a day of classes ( its at 47% battery ) and ran another test for you right now. Ran it twice, results as follows: Test 1 took about 45seconds, with a score of 1025 Test 2 took about 40 seconds, with a score of 1037 This is running on battery power, throttlestop is on with the same settings as the pics posted for the last cinebench runs and I did not measure thermals this time. If you would like more detail let me know, i will run it and provide anything you'd like B) The ram is soldered with this one. I believe the Mx150 is slotted, but the 1050Ti Version that i have is 100% Soldered on ram. Pretty much only thing u can upgrade is the SSD. I havent upgraded mine yet, but i plan to later on. I just need to find out if it has dual m.2 slots because that would be AMAZING altho i highly doubt it (i havent opened mine up, nor have i seen a tear-down or anyone mention dual slots and it is pretty rare on laptops besides a few noteable ones) C) I have! Honestly, the thermals are AMAZING. I normally do really light gaming on battery power, and i dont ever get anything noticable. I really cant tell you specifics because i have not checked the temps when im gaming inbetween classes, but i did monitor it initially ( first page of this post) so you can check that out for some info there. I can say tho that it definitely gets a bit warmer when the charger is plugged in gaming as opposed to battery power, but thats 100% expected; It is definitely not uncomfortably warm. The heat is spread out and dissipated REALLY well on this laptop, there is no focus point for heat and your hands dont really notice it unless you place ur hand on the bottom of the laptop... then you definitely do. If its on your lap you will know that its warmer down there but not scorching or uncomfortable. Atleast not to me. As i said, heat is spread out really well and there is no focus point where the surface temp is like 10+ degrees higher than the rest of the laptop. I can also say that it cools down really quickly after switching from heavy usage to light or just putting it to sleep or off entirely. If you are considering this laptop i'd highly recommend it... Honestly, im 100% satisfied with this and i haven't had any issues. I switched to precision drivers over the Synaptics one and yeaaaaah that just put the icing on the cake for me. Im 100% satisfied, but your mileage may vary. Any questions, hit me up. But i'd say purchase it for yourself and try it out. You have 30 days to return it for a full refund if it doesnt meet your standards or needs. No better way to judge than that really haha
  8. Okay thanks! Profile time lool Also quick question, i noticed that the GPU really under performs when it isnt plugged in. I could basically have it on any power profile and even went into nvidia settings and put power management to max performance but if i load up like black ops, it'll be hard-stuck at 30FPS but if i plug in the charger that jumps up to like 70+ and same for leauge, hard stuck at 30 then shoots up to 150+ Anyway to fix this? Or will changing this end up just f*cking up my battery? (Pretty sure i could google an answer but just wanna know if i shouldn't even bother)
  9. Anyone notice the "Turn On" button for Throttle Stop? I hadn't turned it on loool, im pretty sure it was on since i saw the changes take effect in HWMonitor but i want to be certain... Is this basically null and void because it was not on? Just want to double verify if i need to do this all again because its no problem lol
  10. Huh? Do i just make them and switch between them in the top left corner of throttle stop? What would be a performance vs battery saving profile? (Im a newb, but i learn quick so thanks in advance haha)
  11. So, I did a battery life test today. Results as follows: The test started at 8:20 am Battery charged to 100% Bluetooth On but nothing connected Brightness set to 100% Sound set to 70% Best Performance Mode 4k display (I normally put it to 1080 just to squeeze some more life out of it since u cant really tell the difference anyway) Keyboard backlight on(turned off automatically after a while) The test was literally me watching back to back WAN Show episodes with the above-mentioned settings in full-screen mode. Google Chrome, and of course wifi was on. The test ended at 2:25 pm for a total of 6 Hours and 5 minutes of battery time doing the above-mentioned task. I stopped when the laptop got to 10% and gave me the "Battery life low" warning. I could have squeezed another few minutes tops but I ended it at 10, shut down and set it to charge. I had HWMonitor running in the background and throttle stop was on as well so.... yeah.
  12. I have not done any formal battery test - But i can give my thoughts on it so far. I charged up to 100% and left my charger at home today. Went through an entire day of back to back classes, nonstop from 8:30am till 2:30pm, 1 and a half hours per class, where i took notes, followed along with powerpoint slides, wrote and modified a sample program and did an online quiz, then got some food and sat in this like... i guess coffee shop place, and watched an entire episode of black clover while eating then proceeded to go to the gym and used the laptop again on the bus home. I arrived home with 43% battery life. I used it on best performance mode with the sound off (during class, but like 50% when i was watching cus bluetooth headphones were in use at that time) and brightness at around 35% (75% during the anime since i was more in an outside window shop setting) since I was indoors looking at white background slides and stuff pretty much all the time. Of course, throttle stop was on, and i was switching between tablet mode and laptop mode throughout the day using the pen to take notes and such. I am so impressed its just utterly amazing how this laptop performs for me. I pulled it out of the leather sleeve and it was reallly cold to the touch and it never got noticeably warm. It was cold today. 35F lows, 47F highs.I plugged in the laptop to charge while i ate, which took about 30minutes since i watched an episode of family guy to the end halfway through, and the laptop is now at 67% from 43% and it was in sleep mode while charging with my phone connected to it in charge & sleep mode ( used this for literally like 5minutes in the middle of the day but that was just to see if it works lol so no impact/consideration there to battery i guess). Oh i also had the laptop go into sleep mode in between classes, only turned it completely off when i went to the gym and back on while commuting home. So, hope this helps? Again will try a more formal test sometime but no idea how to conduct one properly so just trying to give my real world experience with it!
  13. Will do! Expect it to be done either later tonight or anytime between tonight and tuesday night for the latest. [Mainly cus idk how exactly to do a proper test so i will find out and do so then post results, any info or specifics u'd like is appreciated to!]
  14. This is way more interesting! Okay, so i did it again and the pics attached shows the final (5th) run of cinebench with the charger plugged in! I took one during the test as it was finishing up and i took one like 10 seconds after it finished. I ran cinebench 5 times, immediately one after the other. This is with the charger plugged in (battery at 89% and charging) and the power mode set to best performance. cinebench scores are as follows : 1st - 1228 2nd -1168 3rd -1236 (only time fan came on) 4th - 1222 5th - 1225 The Clocks stayed at a solid 3.9 but never really went above 3.9 from me just standing there staring at it lol Note : The fans ONLY turned on during the 3rd test, it never turned on before then. While it was off, the temps got to the max which as showned in the screenshot is 95c but during the 3rd,4th and 5th tests with the fans on the temps never exceeded 90c!
  15. I know right! Honestly, i feel like HP worked some black magic on this laptop. The only comment i have on it honestly is that when it get saturated with heat, the chassis feels a bit warm to the touch but it is NOWHERE near uncomfortable. Its like this satisfying warmth that dissipates REALLY quickly. I placed it on my desk for a bit while i went downstairs and i came back 10-15mins later and the thing was basically cold metal again while the fans were off. I was like wtf?