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  1. Update : Ordered the spectre with the 8750H and 1050Ti.... Will do an indepth review on it for any future persons. Anything specifically anyone would like to see? Post here Arrives later this month, 25th-30th
  2. Reviewed it a while back, but i can only find the UHD option which is around $1400(minimum i found it for, more elsewhere). for $1400 dollars id prefer to get the spectre honestly, the price difference isnt great so id prefer to get the nicer design, newer processor, better battery life, etc Could be just me looking wrong but
  3. A Two in One, just because it won't be primarily used for gaming and id prefer to have the versatility. Basically, id prefer a jack of all trades rather than a master of one or two. Ah... interesting. Understood! Thanks for that, i didn't know
  4. Houston. Max Budget is whatever i need to spend ( Just kidding, its actually around $1800 but lower the better for good specs ) Usage : as described above Preferences : 15" display, Dont much care for quality but id prefer a FHD display if it helps with battery life ( if no FHD options i dont care ), weight also not a factor and battery life as described above otherwise its a non-factor Ah, im aware of the lower GPU performance but your saying that it also shortens the overall lifespan of the battery itself? Like not just draining it quicker, but you mean the battery will overall die sooner in the long run? This i did not know. Could you expound more on this? Would u recommend plugging in and gaming even at 100% battery for long periods? No detrimental effects there?
  5. Ah, interesting... Well - at a price point of $1599.99 + tax, would u recommend buying this? Generally gonna serve as my entertainment and school work (computer science major) device when i am out of the house everyday for the next 2-ish years at university while doing light 30-45min gaming sessions inbetween classes. I wont be doing that much gaming but having the power to atleast run black ops 4 at low settings, league, etc is amazing to me. (especially since before the gaming desktop i built, i used a 5 year old HP 3000 laptop with HORRIBLE specs for playing stuff like MW2 at lowest settings) All while generally requiring one charge ( realistically gonna be using it from like 8am till 1pm with not high brightness all indoors so it'll be fine )
  6. Ah, Thank you... understood - I don't believe you'd have any in-depth information regarding clock speeds vs thermals on the Spectre seeing as I'm assuming you don't own one correct? I will have to do some more research. Reviews on this specific laptop are very scarce, I'm assuming because its so recent and there are SO MANY different configurations for this laptop from many years back. I might end up personally buying it in order to do some research within the return period and determine for myself whether it is suitable. Of course, seeing as information is so thin I will be definitely posting this information for future buyers and also consider making a review video. If I do indeed do this I will reach out to answer questions any potential buyers may have. Will look into it.
  7. Also, if you dont mind me asking.... could i get some threshold numbers? Like whats your definition of "bad cooling" in terms of actual degrees, what would be "good cooling" and what impact generally does "bad cooling" have in terms of performance, comfort, etc. Also are we speaking of bad cooling during like 15min 100% utilization stress tests or just general 1hour sprints of off and on general usage, maybe a 30min gaming session down to video watching or document pulling up before a class, etc. Just generally want a more specific feel for this because I generally can compromise and take certain precautionary measures, modifications and such.
  8. Yes, i need a 2 in 1. the XPS 9575 is really pricey tho, i got some good deals on the spectre as opposed to XPS. such as : https://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-spectre-x360-2-in-1-15-6-4k-ultra-hd-touch-screen-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-512gb-ssd-hp-finish-in-dark-ash-silver-sandblasted-finish/6301880.p?skuId=6301880 as opposed to these crazy prices for XPS are crazy https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-laptops/xps-15-2-in-1/spd/xps-15-9575-2-in-1-laptop
  9. Bad cooling? Huh... okay, well I kinda want the 1050ti performance for light off and on gaming over the mx150. Is it MANAGEABLE cooling or just flat out bad unusable, craptastic cooling lol (Not opposed to liquid metal and such if need be) If completely craptastic tho ill settle for mx150 and stick to light leauge here and there. 1050ti would allow for light black ops 4 and such (yes i know the experience will be crap but its only for like 30min sessions inbetween classes and stuff at like super low settings)
  10. So, just want to inquire about this : HP Spectre x360 - 15-df0008tx My only concern is thermals and battery life. Thoughts? Opinions? Im going to get thier this or the mx150 version. Just debating between the two. Cant find any REAL reviews besides this handy reddit post and stuff so could anyone with it give me some information? Or just general information/discussion around this laptop? Reddit post for reference : https://www.reddit.com/r/spectrex360/comments/9xzllv/gemcut_hp_spectre_x360_15_i7_8750h_gtx_1050ti_maxq/ Thank you! EDIT: Also, i checked and im pretty sure there is no FHD option BUT if by some magical miracle someone where to find one? PLEASE let me know lool
  11. iechowulf

    New laptop Decision

    Yeah, CS Major here - with plans to go into computer engineering as well. I just want a 2 in 1 for the versatility and i also want a battery that can take me through an entire day(which is actually gonna be shorter than 8 hours generally speaking). Im just going back and forth right now but i do agree that im leaning on the spectre a bit more right now. MX150 model. I kinda want a 15" tho but i can settle for a 13" as well... Guess this is a post for us both? Let me know what you decide on! Ill let you know as well. Heading to best buy soon to field test a few and see waht i ultimately decide on. Hopefully purchasing by next week or the week after.
  12. iechowulf

    New laptop Decision

    Oh yeah i know! Sorry my bad, well... for me im more looking at specific laptops. I like the Spectre because of the design and upgradability + price point... i am still eyeing the XPS tho... will go out to best buy and stuff to field test them and decide later
  13. iechowulf

    New laptop Decision

    Well, i meant the Spectre x360 MX150 model over the Vega GPU model
  14. iechowulf

    New laptop Decision

    Nope, MX150 model!
  15. iechowulf

    New laptop Decision

    I assumed so, but just wanted to confirm. Well - i cant pick it up with a 8305G and 16gb of ram, and its not upgradable soooo yeah... I am currently leaning more towards the spectre right now! After a few review videos and very detailed research (detailed by my standards lol) and yeah... i might go for a spectre with least amount of storage and ram available (just to cut initial cost, and i will personally upgrade that later on)... thoughts?