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  1. It was never the performance that kept me away from consoles but the lack of freedom. I love mods for video games, the flexibility of a PC can never be rivaled by the closed off console monstrosities.
  2. Not yet on the market, but the Phanteks Enthoo Mini XL and Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV look to be extremely promising mATX cases.
  3. Extra options are always nice, but it is already amazingly cheap for what it is and you could always buy those adapters yourself.
  4. Yeah, I might buy one if I did more with my phone. I mean, backing up data is one useful thing to do with this. Another is downloading movies on your PC transferring them to the drive and watching them on-the-go without them taking up precious space on your phone.
  5. Yeah, just ignore the writing and see this as "What a pro can do with this program and what I could do: <--- Me Pro
  6. Guys, concepts are released often and they almost never come to fruition. Just because it happened once doesn't make it any more likely to happen again, especially not with such a concept that would require a big part of the industry to throw away the profits they make from us having to switch platforms a lot and start making components for one company.
  7. Oculus isn't 4K, but there are Oculus porn games being made using Ultra High Res scanners to scan actual porn actresses so that should be awesome. But as with anything to do with VR, it needs good peripherals to really complete the experience and they are just not there yet, although I have heard good things about fleshlights. ib4: OMG, so pathetic. Women's sex toys are socially acceptable, why can't men's toys be as well? It's sexist and it has to stop. Porn and even sex isn't for everyone, although when a prestigious British university wanted to study the effects of porn they couldn't find any men who hadn't watched any in their entire live to compare to men who do watch porn. Yeah, that's why the internet exists. My own opinion: Yeah... ever see ultra high-res red carpet (no innuendo) photos of celebrities? You can see the layers and layers of make-up that support their reputation of flawlessness covering all kinds of imperfections. It makes them look like perversions of human beings. But if you have girls that look hot au nautrel this should work just fine. Not planning on buying a 4K monitor until they are 60Hz and affordable though.
  8. *predictable and childish remark that disregards scientific achievement in favor of looking through clothing*
  9. Hey, humor is subjective. Some people say video games is something for little kids, here we all think it's genius. I like the way they went. In mimicking Matt and Tray from South Park, who were allowed to do what they did because of the freedom to make parodies, Kanye's lawyers should have no leg to stand on. But they might find another angle from which to attack them legally.
  10. Lol, I have a cardboard box here, it's my concept of a time machine. The final product will be nothing like this. The ONLY thing similar will be; made by a human, flat sides, hard edges, stuff will be able to fit inside. There's a difference between thinking of a concept and building a non-functioning, apparently non-related thing to spread brand awareness as well as ??? from it. Concept products are great things, concept cars are made all the time, but at least they work as a car is supposed to... This is just stupid. "Look at this thing, it doesn't do anything, but we might release a product in the future that does the things this thing appears to do but it will be nothing like this thing, awesome right?"
  11. The things that make me dislike this: - It's Razer. - Proprietary connectors. - PC's are already modular. You literally screw in the PSU and motherboard, lay the CPU in a specially designed hole with arrows that line up and pull a little lever. Then you push in the GPU and RAM into the motherboard until it clicks (they only fit one way around), some more screws for the HDD/SSD then plug PSU connectors in the right slots and you are done. IKEA furniture is more difficult to build than a computer... Closed loop watercooling also requires like 8 screws, the thermal paste even comes pre-applied... GPU's should overclock as well on air as they would on this weird, non cooled, liquid. So you are paying extravagant fees for silent performance vs resonably silent performance. - Liquid cooling without an obvious way to cool the liquid. - Pre-builds and custom systems are a thing as are building services (buy components, pay 50 bucks for assembly). - It's big. - It's ugly (personal opinion) Linus was against the modular phone because "Why would Samsung sell components at a small mark up when they can sell an entire phone at a huge mark-up?" But now Asus and the like would love to make modules for this in stead of selling pre-builds and motherboards every CPU socket cycle... But whatever, lazy and/or stupid people tax has been around for a long time. Personally I wouldn't be caught dead with the thing...
  12. You are correct. We are talking in absolutes, dips usually occur during intense scenes with lots of things happening, precisely the moments you do not want to invoke the simulator sickness and disorientation associated with sub-60 frame rates on the Rift. Indeed. Max settings are, if not an absolute requirement, very much wanted for maximum immersion. Again, maxed setting combined with the fact that rendering the two images on the single 1080p screen is more intense than playing a game on a regular 1080p monitor makes the task difficult enough. 4K VR would of course be amazing, but will not be practical for years to come.
  13. What most people don't get is that it is crucial that the fps stays 60+ at all times while v-synch is enabled. Even the 780Ti can't do that with modern games that are maxed out. Then add the fact that you need to render two images on the screen, one for each eye, and the fact that the Rift doesn't work well with multiple card set-ups as they add additional lag because of the way SLI and CF render. Also, they want the Rift to be used by loads of people, not just hardware enthusiasts, if you need two or more high-end cards they can kiss that wish goodbye. People that want a higher resolution just don't get it, we can barely run 1080p... Anyway, I love these improvements, with even more improvements promised! I really hope they will manage to release the consumer version by the end of this year and that they keep the price (incl. international shipping) under the 400-450 dollar mark. As long as they manage that, I'll be very happy.
  14. I always though it was tacky, but then I never want for the flashy G@M3RV style. EVGA really wants to expand and power to them, competition is great. I just hope they bring quality, didn't like their case at all (no cable managing + window = ugly IMO).