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  1. No errors were returned with memtest86. Today I had another occasion identical to one I had a few days ago. My computer would not let me click anything on screen and mouse movement became sluggish. I don’t think that it is a SSD issue because I swapped SSD’s thereby eliminating that theory. If it isn’t memory, nor a faulty drive, what should be my next culprit? MOBO? CPU? PSU? I was also having issues before the current GPU was installed so I can’t really see it being that either.
  2. Ryzen 3600 Asus ROG strix b450-f gaming MOBO corsair RGB ram 3000mhz gigabyte oc3 2070 super 512gb San Disk SSD corsair rm550 PSU
  3. So I built this PC about two months ago, and since I built it it has given me a few problems. On a couple occasions it has restarted randomly, (maybe happened twice) and on another occasion it began a disk repair every time I started the computer. (this seems to have been resolved by formatting my pc and re-installing windows). My queston is, should this be concerning, or should I consider occasional restarts normal? If I should not consider it normal, which pieces of hardware should I suspect first?
  4. So I have had an issue with my SSD as of late. When I boot it runs a disk repair that doesn't actually initiate, and then I'm returned to the windows log in screen. I cannot run dskchk in command prompt and my PC wont boot into safe mode. running fsutil dirty query in command prompt it returns saying the disk is "dirty". I've tried everything the internet suggests to clear the dirty bit with no avail. Will completely formatting the disk clear it?
  5. Well shoot. I just tried to boot into safe mode and found out it will not let me...??? I boot into safe mode and my computer returns a blank screen and after a minute or so just shuts off. Now I'm really at a loss.
  6. My PC out of nowhere is now running disk check on every boot. It does not look like the disk is fully scanned and repaired though. It says, "scanning and repairing drive C:" for a second and then goes straight to windows log in. I ran CHKDSK and it said no errors were found. I ran a dirty query and windows returned that the drive is "dirty". I'm not sure what this means or how to fix.
  7. Out of nowhere my PC has started running a disk check every time I turn on my PC. It only runs it for around 3 seconds. It says, "scanning and repairing disk (c);" and then goes right to windows log in. Why would it be doing this?
  8. So I got a new monitor, and the stand is so large that it brings the monitor way way too close to my face, I just got a monitor mount to replace the stand that came with it, the problem with the mount I got though is that to get the monitor back to where I like it, the arm of the mount extends past the back of my desk, which necessitates that I bring the desk away from the wall. I'd like to have my desk up against my wall, but also have this monitor not so close to my face. Is there a mount out there for someone like me?
  9. So I've got a ryzen 3600 and paired it with 16gb of 3000mhz c15 ram. This was before I knew the higher clocked ram the better for ryzen. Should I return this ram and go for higher clocked ram or would the return on the trouble of doing that not be worth it?
  10. So I’ve got a wireless Corsair headset, I notice that when I turn them on it causes a momentary hitch. Like if I’m watching YouTube it will pause for a second before resuming with audio on my headphones. Same with games, I’ll turn my headphones on and my game will stop momentarily and then will return to normal after the headphones are on. What causes this? Is it a problem?