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  1. Hi everyone! I've been looking into getting a new gaming laptop recently and wanted someone's opinion on which gaming laptop I should buy. After looking at the gaming laptop guide, and doing my own research, it seems to me like the HP OMEN 17t-cb100 is the best deal by far. It has an RTX 2080 super, 16gb of RAM and an intel core i7-10750H for roughly 2200 dollars. Again, this seems like the best deal by far compared to other retails and just wanted to see if anyone has seen other deals similar to this one. Or perhaps people have had a negative experience with HP that deters them from buying from them? I attached a quick copy of the specs sheet for those who would like more info on the laptop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! A PC recommendation from HP.docx
  2. Perhaps its a software issue but I just checked GeForce and the latest drivers for my GPU are installed.
  3. I haven't changed the original power supply but the 1060 did connect to the computer with no issues the model number for my prebuilt is XPS 8700 if that helps
  4. Thanks for the speedy responses! I believe that all my nvidia drivers are up to date, I'm using 1080p resolution and I don't quite know what my power supply is but its input voltage is 100-240VAC, input frequency is 50hz-60hz if that helps
  5. Hi guys, I recently started playing 7 Days to Die and noticed that my computer was only getting around 40 - 50 FPS on medium high graphics. As the holiday deals are going around i'm trying to identify what my main bottleneck is but i'm having quite a bit of trouble pinpointing what part to upgrade. This is my current system build: ---------------------------------------------- Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.60GHz 4 sticks of 4GB DDR3 SDRAM @1600MHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb A Dell 0KWVT8 motherboard SSD SanDisk Ultra II 1TB ---------------------------------------------- This computer used to be a pre-build but I did make a couple of modifications like replacing the graphics card with a GTX 1060 and changing out the storage device. When checking to see if I was being held back by my graphics card or CPU I noticed that my GPU was reaching close to 100% usage making me think that I need to upgrade my GPU but I don't see why I cant pull more than 40 - 50 FPS on this game. If you need anymore info on my build please let me know!