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  1. Colors changing when launching a game

    It happens when I launch any game
  2. Hello Recently I got a new monitor (Samsung C24F396FH) and I have a problem. Whenever I launch any game the colors change a little bit. For example light gray turns to white. It's pretty good for gaming but when I turn off the game or alt tab the colors won't change again to normal. I need to change the resolution, refresh rate or somehow restart the monitor and there isn't anything to turn off this color change in settings.
  3. Monitor response time issue?

    Yeah that's the one im using
  4. Monitor response time issue?

    Maybe. Then i meant response time
  5. Monitor response time issue?

    Refresh rate is usually in miliseconds isn't it? But it's just how it's shown in my monitor setiings
  6. Monitor response time issue?

    Hello I think I have an issue with response time on my monitor. There are 3 modes to choose from: standard, faster and fastest. standard = very blurry image fastest = not blurry but there is a weird shadow thing that appears in motion (especially seeable in games) faster = something between these 2 My monitor is Samsung C24F396FH. Anyone had same issue and knows anything about it??
  7. Monitor refresh rate

    I have no idea
  8. Monitor refresh rate

    Nvidia. GTX 1060 6GB
  9. Monitor refresh rate

    After I put it in windowed mode it changes to 60hz lol
  10. Monitor refresh rate

    Didn't work
  11. Monitor refresh rate

    And I tried something yesterday. I opened cs:go with argument "-freq 72" and it actually was 1920x1080 @72hz so it looks like it's possible.
  12. Monitor refresh rate

    On my old 60hz monitor it didn't even show any other options than 60hz so I'm wondering why it does now and why I can't change it. If it's limited to 60hz then why does it show 71 and 72 there?
  13. Monitor refresh rate

    Hi Few days ago I bought a new monitor. It says it's 60hz but when i go to display options I can see 71hz and 72hz options(look the attached image). Whenever I try to change it it goes back to 60hz(even if I choose lower value like 50hz). It's connected with HDMI. My Monitor is Samsung C24F396FH. Is it even possible to get that higher refresh rate or not really?