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  1. Last few days i've been trying to figure out which one is better.in my list i have z370 Asus Maximus X hero and gigabyte aorus gaming 7 I am not sure which one to choose Also i will be overclocking my i7 8700k so i need to choose the which overclocks more. It will be good if anyone can help me out.
  2. I've seen benchmarks with some games aorus Xtreme Vs Asus Strix it seems like aorus Xtreme is having more fps that strix, which is kinda disappointing because we customers are paying more money for a card which cannot outperform a cheaper card (I mean aorus Xtreme ) i think aorus Xtreme is having higher clock speeds and I decided to go with aorus Xtreme but I don't know which one to choose there are 2 variants of that card one is water force and another one is windforce idk which one is good for overclocking.
  3. I don't think so,in my knowledge Amazon have a website for India I think, or just Google , buy PC components online from "your country name"
  4. Get a 1080Ti which is faster than Titan xp
  5. I am still confused I don't know which one to choose some people says gigabyte aorus is faster it can be over clocked to very high clock speed but some says it have some issues, I want to choose the best one. From my list I have removed Zotac Amp Extreme Now I have 2 cards in my list those are GTX 1080Ti Gigabyte aorus Xtreme and Asis strix oc
  6. I still can't figure out which one is the fastest I think aorus is but Asus Strix will overclock more than aorus which means I will be able to get strix more faster than aorus but look at this aorus seems to have some problems https://hardforum.com/threads/auros-1080ti-xtreme-unstable.1929932/
  7. I will be choosing strix OC if I am going with asus, btw is it good to get a factory oc one and overclock it manually?
  8. Ok thanks, do you think that strix is better than aorus Xtreme? Does it worth to spend extra on Asus Strix OC?
  9. Yes strix is actually higher priced but I don't care about the money I only cares about the performance, btw Zotac amp extreme is having the highest clock speed right?
  10. GTX 1080 Ti,Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme or Zotac Amp Extreme or Asus Strix OC,which one to choose? I don't know which one to choose, I am really confused I really wanted to choose the fastest among these, can you guys please help me? I know these are factory overclocked but I will also me pushing it a little bit more than the factory oc I wanted to choose the fastest and the one which can be over clocked to very high clock speeds. I does even care a single for loss so please help me choose the fastest and the one which can be over clocked to very high clock speeds.
  11. TheDarkEvil

    Help Me spend my money

    If it was me I will just save up a little bit more for an i7 8700k and a new motherboard.