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  1. There shouldnt be much difference between a 8700k and 8600k as long as your not multitasking eg. Streaming n gaming. So you should be fine
  2. Hi I'm planning to preorder Acer's x27 monitor but was wondering if 2 1080ti running in SLI would be enough to run it at 4k 144hz. Anyone able to advice? Thks in advance ^^
  3. So 60gb is possible if all I want is to store my windows 10 system?
  4. Hi I'm putting together a budget pc build and looking to put my OS in an SSD for faster boot time. Whats the minimum i need for a Windows 10 pro 64bit system? Will a 60gb one do? or at least 128 or 256gb. Thanks in advance for advice
  5. So hybrid of ssd for os and HDD for the rest still seems the best solution for now.. thks ^^
  6. Hi I'm trying to choose a storage device for my budget build but unable to decide between the two. Should I go for Intel 32gb optane with 4tb of WD black HDD. Or should I go for a 4tb Seagate firecuda SSHD? Which one is better? Thanks for anyone's advice