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  1. GTA V is optimized like a pig on some and runs like glossed butter on others. My system don't mesh too well with GTA V either.
  2. Just forget the 1000 series exist and wait for Volta.
  3. Clock it to 3.5ghz or higher and you won''t bottleneck a 270 or 580 not even close.
  4. As much as you should not take the recent news lightly of intel having security problems, remember that it will truly affect very few people out of those with intel based systems overall. Don't spread mass hysteria and remain level headed, i am a bit biased to AMD right now and love them but it affects us users too, Athlon based systems outright do not boot after the update and it destroys both intel & AMD users.
  5. 580 will OC to 1ghz or very close, gains a lot. R9 270 has 1GB less is faster out of the box and OC's well. Trade off of GPU grunt vs Vram capacity.
  6. Not that bad no just like flashes of colored dots every now and then and a random crash to desktop.
  7. Games like Fallout 3, GTA V have graphical artifacts using MSAA. Also noted less GPU usage using 4K over MSAA?
  8. 30FPS. 60FPS. Is it worth the huge size for more frames? takes longer to upload.
  9. No difference noticed on my AMD PC. Friend has a i7 970 and has seen no difference either.