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  1. Vemund Kremund

    Custom notifications

    If anyone is interested, I found the program on my own. It's called rainmeter, and you can use it to customize your desktop and stuff with it. It's got a huge community and you can download a lot of presets or skins to use with it.
  2. Vemund Kremund

    Custom notifications

    I'm not sure if you got it, but I didn't mean notification sound. I was talking about the look of the notifications. Haven't actually tried what the guy was talking about yet, maybe I'm just stupd
  3. Vemund Kremund

    Custom notifications

    I think the standard windows 10 notifications are a bit dull. I just stumbled upon this video: , and this guy has some custom notifications going on. I searched around a bit, but I haven't been able to find anything similar. Do you know about any software for this? //Vemund Kremund