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  1. RTX 2080 has 8gb of VRAM no matter what model just like the 2070 (Super) but the 2080 ti has 11gb.
  2. Would changing the motherboard to a Z390 and hitting that 3200MHz mark fix my performance?
  3. It's an MSI H370 Gaming Pro Carbon by the way, I've tried but maybe I'm doing something wrong. I'Il be adding some images in a couple minutes.
  4. Ah as I'm unable to get 3200MHz XMP on my motherboard and as it locked to 2667MHz would it fix my performance issues mostly if I upgrade to a good Z390 board instead of my (MSI H370 Gaming Pro Carbon)
  5. Far Cry 4 for example, It's only at about 65% usage in 1080p on Ultra with about 90fps..
  6. Hello everyone, So I was wondering can the ram speed of my G.SKILL Trident Z (3200mhz rated) (2x 8gb) cl16 only running at 2667 bottleneck my system? As I'm running a RTX 2080 with an i7 8700 on a MSI h370 Gaming Pro Carbon and in alot of games am only seeing about 50% cpu and 65% gpu. (Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs) in 1080p
  7. Ah okay, I will be trying to return it and I will purchase a ASUS Rog RTX 2070. it would work fine for me.
  8. Hello everyone, So I've recently purchased a MSI Gaming Trio (non X version) RTX 2080 graphics card. But in gaming loads my graphics card get significantly hotter than I've seen on any of the reviews (80+ degrees) (also the reviews were for the Gaming X Trio RTX 2080 not the non x, (as those were the only ones I could find) I couldn't find any difference between them except a little downclock from the X version). So I've tried alot of things. (As I've previously posted about this) I've tried removing the front panel, side panel, and dust filter but these all had little effects of about -3 degrees celsius. (I'm using the S340 Elite with two corsair LL120 intake fans) Naturally I've also tried settings the fans on my graphics card to 100% yet it still ranges from 78-82 degrees. Is my graphics card faulty is the question I'm asking, or could it be that the MSI GAMING Trio non X (the one I have) has a cut down cooling solution? As my card is just two weeks old should I try and return it and get something like a Gigabyte RTX 2070 Super Gaming OC or a ASUS ROG Strix 2070 (I don't really need the added performance from a RTX 2080) ?
  9. I did have it installed, but I've removed it.
  10. Thanks for the very detailed answer, I am temporarily just going to leave the front off. I'm still considering what to do next as I've kind of spent my entire budget on my graphics card and I was needing to get dual channel memory, the cutting-a-hole part and adding that grate seems like a decent option but I still might end up just going for a less powerful graphics card as I can then end up getting memory and possibly a new case alongside it.
  11. I remember it being very compact, and my graphics card takes up 60% of my case right now.
  12. That case is very small right, would this even work and/or help?
  13. Yikes, the temperatures dropped to around 75-78 degrees with the panel off, compared to the 83 or so with panes on.... Have you possibly got any reccomendations for cases, or should I maybe drop down to a less powerful graphics card as the card is brand new and overkill for my use.
  14. No I'm not using watercooling, and I've cleaned the front dustfilter already.
  15. Hello everyone, So I recently purchased a MSI Gaming Trio RTX 2080 (The non X version) and it is running at 82-85 degrees on load. I was wondering, why is it running so hot, is it maybe because I picked the non X model? Or is this normal? My case is the NZXT S340 elite with two Corsair LL120 fans as intake and one in the back. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Alright thanks! I'Il be adding that to my shopping list, haha.
  17. Yes I had to pay 120 euros for mine... So I'm guessing it is the ram?
  18. Most of my games are having this issue, especially Far Cry 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. (Rise of the tomb raider never goes above 65 fps on my system at 1080p!) And I'm using MSI Afterburner but I've already tried using NZXT Cam.
  19. I would say just a wait a little bit, maybe plan out of your budget for a possible GPU upgrade but I would say just wait. Maybe some new cards might even be released with really good value.
  20. Wouldn't it be an option for you to wait untill a little more info comes out? Also what CPU are you running?