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  1. It is not available to use that restore point anymore cause the pc was updated more then 10 days ago.
  2. Hi Thanks for reply. Does windows automaticly store a restore point when updating? Cause I haven´t made any.
  3. Hi guys. Hopefully you can give me a tip or two. Some information: I run a macbook pro 2018 - 15 inch with bootcamp. So Windows 10 is installed. This worked fine for as long as i´ve had it. Out of nowhere, litterly nowhere, a certain and very annoying issue arises: My home wifi (in this example called HomeWifi) has been working just fine. My pc connects to it - I can ping, and it resolves to websites also (DNS is working) However, opening any browser, chrome, edge, internet explorer, firefox, you name it, the pages never load or just keeps loading half. If I connect to my phones tethering, it loads fine. Other devices on the same wifi works fine. I reset the network card, reinstalled drivers etc. Same issue. My laptop only works on any other wifi -> Or via ethernet on "HomeWifi". Im unsure how to troubleshoot, because if I connect my laptop to any other wifi it works fine. It is only this one. However, any other device on the network works fine. I also tried to let DHCP assign a new IP. All works fine, and everything pings as it should. Have any of you encountered issues alike? If I boot it up in OSX it also works just fine on the same wifi. It is just in windows - And all drivers are updated.
  4. Hi. For your issue, it really depends on how good you deploy your game. if its poorly done, you will of course need more ressources. For ECC. I would ALWAYS go for ECC if it's a server and it supports it. That way, you wont "loose" anything if power is lost. Google OVH/SoYouStart/Kimsufi. They have some great offerings starting cheap. I use them for my personal projects, and they work very fine Otherwise, getting your own hardware works also. You just need to take care of internet, DDoS protection and power. Also, always make your system scalable, so you can upgrade/downgrade as needed.