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  1. I am a budget gamer my cpu r52600 gpu rx590 now i want to upgrade my monitor from 75hz to 144hz .In my country i got 2 options 1.Msi O. mag241c(290$) or 2.viewsonic xg2401(335$) which one should i go for?
  2. thank you sir i will try to contact with xfx about this but i think my retailer sold my codes to others
  3. yes sir, i contacted the retailer they said their codes are finished i told them ask amd for my products Coupon Codes cause the offer is still running but they said try yourself retailer site :https://www.startech.com.bd/information/offer/info?offer_id=76
  4. I bought my xfx rx590 fatboy in 14th January but the retailer did not gave me my code how get my games please give me a solution about that please.is there any way to get it from your page? i can give you all the information about my gpu and others stuffs.the offer is still live now..
  5. brother is this one 75hz ?? i checked the specs but i did not found the correct refresh rate?
  6. which monitor is good for gaming , like rainbow six siege,pubg,csgo LG 22MP65VQ-P or LG 22MK600M ??
  7. thank you Good sir for the solution ,i will take it to the service provider for the thermal paste issue.. thanks again :D.
  8. i will do those think step by step as you told me to.thank you so much kind sir for helping me
  9. To make things easier on yourself in the future, you may want to consider updating your system specs (in your profile). 

  10. bro my laptop is a gaming laptop dell 7559 i know its an old model but i think it was ok by it's own for cooling it self so i game in it.