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    North Carolina
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    I'm probably at school right now. So. Yeah.


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    Msi B350 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • RAM
    2x4Gb HyperX DDR4
  • GPU
    GTX 1070 Founders edition
  • Case
    Cooler Master H500P
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    500Gb SanDisk SSD, 1Tb HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 500 watt 80+ bronze
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    MSI Optix MAG24C 144Hz freesync curved, Sceptre 1080p 60hz
  • Cooling
    EKWB Fluid Gaming A240
  • Keyboard
    Razer Ornata Chroma
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    Mad Catz R.A.T 3
  • Sound
    Philips SHP9500S
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    Windows 10 (not registered)
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  1. So i just bought GTA5 and i went to download it but only get about 1-2 MB/s download speed But when i ran speedtest.net i get 10-12 Mbps. Is there something i can do to get the proper speeds that i get on speedtest.net? I use Etherne, is there a difference between Mbps and MB/s? Thanks
  2. So recently some of my family have been saying that my Netgear Powerline adapter that I use for my Ethernet is screwing up all of their wifi/internet speeds and I'm not going back to wifi as I can't play any games reliably on it, and to be quite honest i don't think the adapters are doing anything but whatever. So i'm looking to get a second internet provider for my house with its own access point just specifically for my pc and maybe a few other devices but will this affect the speeds or reliability of my internet? The person i spoke to over the phone for getting my second internet said that having 2 access points could hurt my ping in games but from what i can understand from my little experience in networking this should only hurt my wireless speeds and not my wired/ethernet speeds correct? TL;DR Will having 2 different internet providers with their own access points affect my Ethernet and WiFi Speeds on either router? Also my current internet has both a 2.4GhZ band and a 5 GhZ band if that helps. feel free to ask any questions on anything i may have missed. Thanks!
  3. So i have been helping a not very tech savvy friend install and set up his new SSD to help with his boot times and his game loading times. So far I've gotten the SSD installed with him but i don't have a software i can use to migrate the files etc, i have tried the Adata file transfer software but he couldn't figure out how to get it to work (as i said he's not very tech savvy) so can you guys suggest me some programs that aren't viruses/scams? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, so my step mom is saying that the powerline adapters that I use for my networking to my gaming rig are screwing up the internet for everyone else. I dont see how this would just happen out of the blue as I have been using them for quite a while now and I can't verify this is actually happening as she won't let me test it. So could you guys let me know if this is a common issue and are there any fixes for it or is she just pulling this out of her arse? EDIT: Problem has been resolved, she was just pulling it out if her arse
  5. There's not much you can do, you could try turning some stuff off on boot up but otherwise get an ssd, you can get a 120gb ssd for like $20 usd they are really cheap now
  6. Windows 10 has a tendency to get 100% usage on HDD's more so on startup
  7. So ever since Ek released the fluid gaming series I've wanted to watercool my GPU (1070 FE) but I havent pulled the trigger on it yet because the tops of the blocks aren't see through and I dont really want to drop $500 on a nickel loop just too see the water over my GPU. Anyways my real question is, will Ek be releasing plexi/acrylic tops for the 1000 series blocks or is there somewhere I can buy one that's not from ek?
  8. Hi all, so i have a MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard which has RGB capabilities, by default the RGB lights are set to red which works with my build so i never really messed with it until today. When i downloaded the software and tried to launch it (after a pc reboot) it gave me a prompt that said "This platform is not supported" and won't launch the actual program despite my motherboard chipset (B350) being listed as supported on the website. Thanks!
  9. If you are really looking to save some money you could try the 200GE, 2 core 4 thread Cpu by AMD, it's AM4 socket and super cheap and heard it could trade blows with a Ryzen 3 2200G if overclocked.
  10. So recently i got my hands on a new laptop (new for me anyways) it's the MSI Leopard gp60 2pe, and the gpu it has is pretty bad (Gtx 840m) so i wanted to try a external gpu solution with a gpu i had lying around. I wanted to use the GDC beast mostly because it's so cheap and it doesn't require a Thunderbolt 3 port. I saw on the GDC that it has a 12 volt psu port. I was wondering if i could use this to power my gpu since it doesn't need a 6-pin for power. Thanks and feel free to ask for more info.
  11. They could always pin a post to the top of general discussion saying to put all "help me plan a build" posts in New Builds and Planning
  12. Try a different Sata Cord and port as well as SSD power cord. One of them may be on it's way out
  13. Not really as there is already a forum on here for "New Builds And Planning"