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    Intel i7 6700K @4.5Ghz
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    GSkill TridentZ 3200Mhz
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Just installed it from the software manager and it's definitely an older version. It says Can I run an update for it though the terminal?
  2. Hey there, so I'm new to Linux. Been on Mac OS, Windows, and now I just installed Linux Mint Cinnamon. So far so good. Updated the main software, the linux kernel.. But with Mint it came with an old version of LibreOfice. So I uninstalled that and downloaded the 6.2.03 package from the website. But I am a bit unsure how to install the full suite at one time. I know installing software in the terminal is usually the way to go but since the version in the software manager is only 1.6, I'm not sure going through the terminal will update it to 6.2 Help! What's the best route here? Also if I do install it manually with the DGebi Package Installer, do I need to go through each package -core, images, ooofonts, ure..etc? Thanks!
  3. A device on the side; like a tasty snack. iOS isn't much of a pleasing snack anymore though.. But yeah, like, a device that has a 3.5mm audio jack, access to ios apps, more multi-tasking like playing Runescape while still watching or doing something..something that I can easily hand over to someone else without worrying that the won't rummage around or just a device that most people I know actually know how to use. (ios being simple).. Again, I don't need it but I can find uses for it. I really just need someone to convince me to not get an iPhone SE or whatnot.
  4. I need help. Help either convincing me to get an iPhone 6s/SE as a side device or help being convinced I really don't. I have a Pixel 2XL on Project Fi since Last year and I really enjoy it. I've had iPhones since 2010 but the buggy release finally got me to move to Android and I am very happy and glad. It does just all about the iPhone does and more. I don't like iOS for the most part but version 12 seems to be much more solid. And yet for some reason I am wanting to get an iphone for side stuff. I don't want to have a SIM in it so I'm not going to use it as a phone but for ios apps and facetime with family and whatnot. What do y'all think? I really don't need it but it could serve helpful here and there.. Should I try to get a SE or 6s or not? If I do end up doing so, what are good ways to get an older iPhone in good(trusted) condition in Japan? -I'm in Japan for the next 8 months. Thanks!
  5. Well that's disappointing. You can get a SATA M.2 enclosure for $30 but NVMe is behind and still expensive at the moment.. rats. Well if anyone knows of any solid and cheaper M.2 NVMe to USB enclosures out in the wild, I'd love to check it out. Don't want to not be able to use that replaced SSD..
  6. Hey, So I am wanting to update the SSD that is in my 2016 Razer Blade 1060. It has the Samsung PM951 NVMe SSD in it and I am wanting to replace it with the 970 Evo M.2. -that is possible, correct? And 2, I then will want to make the old M.2 a USB drive. The thing is, I cannot find any compatible case or enclosure for it that is less than $50.. Does anyone know of a solid m.2 to USB 3 enclosure that is compatible with the M Key? Not the B Key, not M and B Key, just the M Key (PCIe) -as far as I can tell. Thanks!
  7. Hey there, So I have a question of fan configuration and airflow/cooling. I have the Corsair Carbide 400C case and the H100i 240mm CPU cooler is up front with the two fans pushing air from the front of the case through the rad. I also have 4 other case fans and I'm not sure if I am building up negative pressure because the rad decreases the velocity(?)/amount of air directly through the case. I would love to have a full push/pull config on the rad but I don't have enough fans and it seems it would be quite tight for the graphics card and the 24pin motherboard power cord. I have a fan below the rad but I don't think it's doing much, pushing air through the shroud for the HDD and PSU. I feel like it could be used better elsewhere. So I'm thinking of moving it to the bottom half of the rad for pull and to help the GPU(980Ti) a bit more. Do you think that would help or make any difference? -I'm not looking for drastic temp change, just better airflow. So my question is: Is the config that I have right now sufficient and just keep the front fans on a higher speed, Or change the fans a bit and try for a 3/4 push/pull? Thanks!
  8. So the utilities are needed to install the drivers? I really don't want extra software if I don't need it.. I can't choose the specific file from the Device manager driver updater? That's what I thought.. it just seems impossible figuring out which ones are actually needed/beneficial. Chipset, audio, LAN, VGA, USB, SATA, utilities.. Everything's working fine, didn't need to update the lan or whatnot to get it to work but I'm just wondering if I should for better compatibility. Is there any way to get the core driver and not extra controller software?
  9. Hey there, so I recently built a new PC with the Asus Z170-A motherboard. I have Windows 10 installed as well with Steam and all the other main programs. I have an EVGA GTX 780(from my old build, waiting to get Pascal) and have the latest Nvidia driver installed. I'm also using the Asus PG279Q and Razer keyboard and mouse and have their respective drivers installed. So I think I have everything covered but the motherboard. I have a lot of questions.. So my main question is do I need to get and install the drivers from Asus' support site: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/Z170-A/HelpDesk_Download/ Or is the board good the way it shipped? And if I do, which ones? How necessary are each of the motherboard drivers? I updated the BIOS/UEFI to 2202 so that's good. I know I should at least update the chipset but I don't know what to download. The MEI, Chipset, and the Software utility? I don't want to install any more software utilities than I need.. Also why are the .zip downloads filled with so many files and .exe's?? All I want is the core diver. Not anything extra!.. If anyone knows how to manage motherboard drivers and what to look for, I'd appreciate some input! Thanks!
  10. Hmm ok, it will probably take most of the day tomorrow so hopefully I can answer back in the next day or so.
  11. I suppose, I have Windows 10 on a SSD and my games on a WD Black HDD. You think a fresh install could clear something up? I have a spare hybrid drive I could try using. My whole computer is new(i7-6700K, 16GB DDR4, etc.) except for the EVGA GTX 780(nonTi). Waiting on the 1080Ti.
  12. Hmm, yeah it seems alright with Mirrors Edge 1, but that's capped at 62fps. Divinity Original Sin seems ok as well. It's not huge or really obvious screen tearing when it happens either, I do have to look for it a bit. It is definitely annoying, especially in first person games. Do you think it would be hardware based or software/driver/API implementation?
  13. Not yet. Should I just go through the regular GeForce support links?
  14. Alright so I've settled with RivaTuner from MSI to help cap everything to 144Hz. But now I've got another problem, I'm getting screen tearing with games that are reaching close or at the 144Hz/fps limit. I haven't been able to try many games because my download speed is pretty much 1-5Mb/s but at least with Bioshock and Mass Effect 1, both playing at 1440p, Full screen G-Sync enabled, triple buffering enabled, max rendered frames at 1, and v-sync Off, I'm getting screen tearing. Any idea why? Does the GTX 780 not support G-sync in higher frame rates well? The G-Sync module in the PG279Q not working well? Or is it that G-sync as it's advertised as it always pushing the frames in sync even within the refresh rate of the monitor?